Stilettos and Diapers: Ending Of An Era.


Ending Of An Era.

A mullet era, that is. Callan's precious curls suddenly turned into a straight rat tail once we got to NC. The humidity is even messing with his virgin hair

Being the whack I am, I decided to cut it off myself, because that's what I did with Cooper. Obviously, Callan is much more of a wild man than Cooper was, so I was scared. (And poorly dressed. And had really greasy, couple day old hair.)
 photo c020b174-d654-439f-888d-c8c4ff6cbb6c_zpsad6f22e2.jpg
Little flashback to 15 month old Cooper getting his first haircut in our kitchen.

But Callan sat nicely and pointed to the baby in the mirror the whole time. 
 photo file_zpse9b59836.jpg
The tiny amount of leftover curl. Kind of heartbreaking. 
 photo file_zpsafc7becf.jpg  photo file_zpsb57d9881.jpg
Suddenly, he's 4 years old. 
 photo f408d2d8-d7df-44b2-9615-112723d434b4_zps07ef796c.jpg  photo 82a9607b-8768-4070-8f73-2e9ec85f1b6f_zps1814baca.jpg


  1. Good job mama. Just say no to the baby mullet! Lol

  2. I love it! I honestly love a fresh-cut babe. :)

  3. You did good!! =) So sad to cut the first curls but that heat in humidity isn't good on anyone's hair even babies! haha

    kate @

  4. yay! look how happy he looks!


  5. Love this. It's bittersweet, of course. Make sure you have your pictures backed up, yes? Don't be me, okay. Because I lost all these photos. *weep*

    Also, I voted for you in the H&M thing. Just thought you should know! ;)

  6. Ok, kudos for cutting your child's hair! I'm not sure I'd be so brave. (Yet, I brave cutting my hubby's hair who must look professional?! Maybe I'm a bit crazy. Ha!)

    1. Oh, and I forgot to say, it looks great!

  7. Yes, this weather we have been having is not hair friendly at all! I've been putting off JJ's first trim because it'll be one more reminder that my little guy is growing up. But I think we're going to have to schedule his first appointment at the barber shop and get some of this hair trimmed off.


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