Stilettos and Diapers: While the Mom cleans, the baby gets stuck in the toilet.


While the Mom cleans, the baby gets stuck in the toilet.

Our house is officially on the market. The 2 days prior to that, I was a cleaning torpedo. The morning the photographer was coming to take the pictures, the hubs and I were both cleaning like mad people. The boys were in the living room watching Mickey (or so we thought) and we were flying around doing all the last minute touches. 

Next thing I knew, the hubs was yelling for me and I ran downstairs to find this:

A screaming baby with a toilet around his neck. 

The downstairs bathroom door is normally shut, but I guess we left it open in our cleaning frenzy. I have no idea how he got the thing on his head, but we couldn't get it off. It was like his head grew 3" after he put it on. Before you go thinking how awful I am for taking a picture, this was after we had tried, unsuccessfully, to get it off and I was waiting on the hubs to get his tool box. We had to pry the sucker off with pliers. Poor baby has little cuts around his head and 1 ear is all red. 

I think the moral of this story is, to be a good Mom, I can't clean. It causes me to take my eyes off the boys for too long and it's unsafe. 

Now who is going to pay for a housecleaner for me? 


  1. Bless your heart!! Praying y'all sell fast!!

  2. Poor baby! Glad he's okay! But I totally agree... you need a house cleaner. We all do ;)

  3. I'm glad he's okay, but this is funny!!!

    Cleaning is overrated! ;)

  4. I've had my daughter get her arm stuck in the bars of a buggy. Kids get into a lot. Glad he's ok. I don't think he'll try getting a potty over his head again.

  5. Could be worse. He could have stuck something up his nose & landed you in the ER. Damn kids! :)

  6. Ooooh....that pic better be part of his wedding reception slideshow!!

  7. At least it'll make for a good story ;)

  8. Oh my - LOL! We sold our house a few months ago and by the grace of God - it sold in three days. I have 20-month-old twins (and another baby on the way) so I know exactly how hard it is to get a house in tip-top condition with littles running around. Good luck and hopefully your house sells very quickly! The less showings, the better!

  9. HAHA! That happened to my son about a year ago and I was totally freaking out! I got it off with saran wrap. After I got it off and calmed my son down I wish I took a picture. Poor little guy, I'm glad he's okay :)


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