Stilettos and Diapers: We've Have a House! Well, Kindof.


We've Have a House! Well, Kindof.

We are down in Charlotte right now and I couldn't love it more. This city is amazing! We still have our in DC on the market and will be back up to get our stuff loaded when it sells. For now though, we officially bought a house in Charlotte! 

We decided to go with new construction again and will be moving in towards the end of November. My fingers are crossed for Thanksgiving, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. 

This was yesterday in front of our home site! It's completely wooded right now and will have to be cleared out. We are hoping to keep a good bit of the trees. I think I will be spending many of our days watching the bulldozers there with the boys. 
The new house is perfect. The layout, the space, everything. The thing I think I love the most? The Butler's pantry. That's been a dream think of mine and I'm so excited it's there!
We spent Saturday picking out all the details of the house. The things you think of and things I never thought I would pick. How many lights? How tall do you want the baseboards? Where do you want the fan? What kind of door knobs? It was fun and completely overwhelming to spend 3 hours (which is apparently a quick time) just picking options. These are floors, 1 of the cabinet colors and the counters.
The cabinet choice was stressful. All those on the right were options and the ones on the left made it to the final round. We ended up with the middle two, I think! 
So for now, it's hotel life. I can't complain, because it's really nice. 

After we get back from vacation in a couple weeks, we'll hopefully be in an apartment. It's hard to find short term, furnished ones!


  1. So exciting, can't wait to see the building progression.

  2. We had a short term lease for 90 days due to relocation with my job. You can ask the apartment complexes that you are interested in if they work with someone who does corporate housing. That is how we found it and it worked out great. Good luck!

  3. So exciting! I'm loving the things you have chosen so far...and just think of the endless decorating possibilities once you are in! So much fun!

  4. ah! SO EXCITING. what a fun journey. im so glad you have your family to share these memories with!

  5. Yay, congrats!! So exciting!

  6. LOVE the stuff you picked out!!!! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  7. Awesome! Welcome to Charlotte. Didn't know you were moving here. I pretty much love this city. It's got darn near everything.

    You should check out The Charlotte Social: We're a group of bloggers that meet up once and month and talk all things blogging related and give local businesses some free PR. We're getting together Thursday night to go to a Knights game. It would be awesome to meet you.

    Good luck getting settled. I have a feeling you're going to love it here :)


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