Stilettos and Diapers: Peplum Lace {A Fashion Post}


Peplum Lace {A Fashion Post}

 photo d222f8fc-05ef-465e-872a-7c46df5d578c_zpsa71eacab.jpg  photo 5f49e43e-45b0-4752-a54d-4238cc55ad6e_zps37a173e2.jpg  photo 07600e63-1a01-47ec-a7ba-971cb5bbf9c2_zps99f97f09.jpg
My first pair of flats from JustFab. I love them and the go with everything! 
 photo file_zpscb08cbd6.jpg  photo c3ae79ab-f0d5-42bc-a7c4-bca1bb3b558c_zps6ff2ff06.jpg
Who can say no to a little photoshoot companion? Also, HOW is he that tall?!
 photo 77031393-0d1f-468f-a7f0-52149d08bac6_zps28b892ae.jpg
Top | Shorts | Shoes c/o | Accessories

I know fashion post have been a bit sparse around here, but honestly, I've been rocking the gym clothes nearly every day. It's been like groundhog day over here. I wake up, clean the house, drive all over tarnation while people come see the house, come home to make a million phone calls, fax hundreds of papers, make dinner, go to bed, repeat. 

Selling a house and buying a house, a kid starting school in a district you don't live in, vacation, packing up stuff you'll need for the next 3 months until your house is ready and regular life has proven to be a lot to take on at once. Oh and the hubs has been gone all week, so I'm doing it all alone. That's been fun. Thank goodness he comes home today! Tomorrow is his birthday and I'm throwing a little shindig here for him. Because who's too busy to make 50 mini BLT's?!?

I will leave on this note. I can always remember the pictures the hubs took, because I end up with ones that look like this. 
 photo c8bd79ea-654a-4f8e-9683-cff337a84bf9_zps8f5cb704.jpg


  1. I think the last pic is adorable - so is your photo companion! He is SO tall and I love his shirt! I love your shirt, too - saw it in Kohl's and thought about getting it. And those shoes! so cute!!! You look great, as always. Praying for you, friend! You have a lot going on right now!

  2. Cute outfit! Girl, I feel your pain with selling and moving! We just went through that...the staging/showing process was super difficult with a toddler! Hope you get an amazing offer really soon!

  3. Love your outfit and your photo companion. Praying for you and for a quick sell.

  4. Good luck! We're in a similar stressful situation. Sold our house quick, moved in with my parents (with twin one year olds), building a house and hoping it's done before baby #3 arrives in September. Selling, moving - so stressful! Hang in there!!!
    Love your neckelace!

  5. Such a cute pic with your little man!
    I hope your house sells quickly!

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  7. You look amazing lady! Love that top on you! :) Praying for a good transition! Love ya!

  8. Ummm, he has half your husbands genes. He'll be taller than you by third grade, lol. Btw I love the last shot. That's exactly the kind my husband likes best too.

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  10. Adorable last pic!!! Love it!!


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