Stilettos and Diapers: Pattern Pump {A Fashion Post}


Pattern Pump {A Fashion Post}

 photo 92ce52fe-3e0d-426a-ace4-88c4f8d1558a_zps833e0070.jpg  photo 81c60aef-ed88-4fab-82b4-31cae422986f_zps638929a1.jpg  photo file_zpsa569f0a1.jpg  photo 944e04dc-dbb5-4632-b7a7-712998828075_zpsd09bb4ff.jpg  photo file_zpsae0c67de.jpg  photo 59b8b401-72cd-4422-a753-cc9f6abfe3d6_zpsa938b0f8.jpg

I have a confession to make. I'm a little scared of patterns. I love a good printed maxi in the summer or a splash of polka dots, but too much and my eyes start to cross. I can look at pattern mixing on other people and think how cute it is, then see it on me and I look like I dressed with my eyes closed. 

I ordered these shoes from JustFab, because I love the design. I'm a big fan of mixing in just a bit of pattern and letting that be the stand out piece. 

What about you? Do you like to mix it all up or keep it simple?


  1. SO cute!! And also so glad I have all the components of this outfit so I can re-create it. :)

  2. Once again, you look amazing! You should have a side job in fashion! Love the look and would instantly copy the whole thing, if I would guarantee to look as good as you do!
    How about I pay you to come 'dress me' daily :)

  3. Oh my gosh. I NEED these shoes. Love and NEED these shoes. And that necklace is one of my faves! I really debated between that and the yellow flower the other day! Gorgeous as always!

  4. I'm the same as you when it comes to patterns.

  5. Absolutely LOVE those shoes!

  6. I love this whole look! The colors and pieces are awesome! The fact that you're gorgeous doesn't hurt either! ;)

  7. drool.
    this is so cute. and so hot.
    you sure know how to be super mom and wife! lucky hubby ;)

  8. Those shoes are fabulous!!! Are they comfy?

    I used to stick to a solid with 1 pattern and that was about it. Since blogging, I've experimenting much more with pattern mixing and love it! It's like doubling your close options!


  9. Need those shoes! I am so sad you left before we could have giant closet swap parties :( ha


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