Stilettos and Diapers: Island life on the Carnival Pride


Island life on the Carnival Pride

I just loved that we got to experience 3 different island stops while on the Carnival Pride. Cruising is like a bunch of amazing vacations all combined. I'm a fan.

First stop, was Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. Perfectly white sand, picturesque palm tree and lounge chair lined shore and crystal clear water. It was one of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever seen. 

 photo file_zps69d6975b.jpg  photo file_zps58db9118.jpg

 photo file_zps7b33fd0c.jpg
The beach naps...oh the beach naps. I guess it makes sense, seeing that I sleep like a log on the beach, too. It was heavenly to be able to lay there next to him for awhile! 
 photo file_zps7adb7ad6.jpg  photo file_zps339e06b1.jpg  photo file_zpsd0631913.jpg
The next stop was a private island owned by Carnival, Half Moon Cay. The boat had to stay out a bit and we were taken right to the island on smaller boats. 
 photo file_zpsd222094e.jpg
We loved this island because it was super kid friendly. There was this little water park area that the boys loved. We rented little cabana very close by so we could sit and watch them play. 
 photo file_zps585166b3.jpg
That is when I wasn't sliding, too. 
Carnival has a whole outdoor restaurant set up on the island and we got a huge BBQ lunch under pavilions. That is the spot of one of my favorite pictures of the trip. photo file_zpse6b18f59.jpg
After lunch, we went exploring a pirate ship turned bar. 
 photo file_zps51735412.jpg  photo file_zps7ca43b93.jpg
And back to the water slides! 
 photo 2bf443af-1bf3-4651-998f-ed8754eddfda_zps44c148b3.jpg  photo 98cc0bca-b30e-444d-8b38-846c818a63d7_zps0130e5ab.jpg
More amazing beach napping. I think I need to live on the beach until all my children are done napping. 
 photo 8f268bd1-7105-44e6-b519-409d3b03cad2_zps8b0e2c54.jpg
Last stop, was Freeport, Bahamas. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this spot. We had heard it is really touristy and has lots of shopping, which with kids doesn't really sound that fun. But, I was pleasantly surprised! 
 photo file_zps23b3c1e0.jpg
When we disembarked, the Carnival staff gave us little cards about Port Lucaya. It is an area with shopping and public beach access. We took a quick taxi ride over there where we ended up doing a boat tour excursion that was a blast. The hubs and Cooper rode on a huge banana float behind the boat. We saw dolphins, a boat supposedly from Pirates of the Caribbean and some amazing houses. 
 photo c1c7d0e6-84af-4de3-9afa-59822fb96ee5_zps3c82c882.jpg
As we started sailing back north, we finished the day with a cocktail on balcony. And let me tell you, Carnival is really good at cocktail making. 
 photo file_zps27c818c7.jpg
As you can tell, we didn't do much as far as excursions go. Most of what we wanted to do (snorkeling, horseback riding) wasn't really possible with the kids. Cooper could have stayed on the boat in Camp Carnival, but Callan was a bit young for that. That said, I don't feel like I missed out at all. We still loved every minute. When we go on a "grown ups only" cruise (which we are totally talking about!) we will take advantage of the excursions more.

Who is ready to book their cruise now? Carnival has many ports, each with different cruise options. You can literally book certain cruises for less than $200! When you think about all the food you get, the room, the places you visit and all the entertainment, the price is totally unbelievable. I already have my eye out on cruises out of Charleston for after we move! 

Thank you, Carnival for sending my family on vacation on the Pride. All opinions are my own. No additional monetary compensation was received. 


  1. What a fun trip! I just love all of the pictures of you and how much fun you had! Love it!

  2. Looks like such a blast,I love cruises and I've been on several but not a Carnival one. Hmmm we may need to plan one.

  3. Those water slides look fun and age appropriate too for the boys!

  4. This looks fantastic! I've never been on a cruise but now I'm thinking it would be a good holiday to have with my family :)

  5. come cruise with us in march!!! hehehe.
    ugh. i die. excursions or not - it always the best time! so much to do either way :)
    the beaches are so beautiful!!!

  6. & you are just the cutest mom ever. your boys are adorbs!!


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