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It's not often that I rock the preppy look. This shirt happens to be about 6-7 years old and is the hubs absolute favorite on me. He was super obsessed with all things Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren when we first met and filled my wardrobe to match his.
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A Saturday with the boys. As if I don't have enough men in my life, I wear more on my shirt.
Tee | Jeans | Shoes c/o | Bag c/o

Baseball momming it up with Daddy's hat. I think I got away with wearing it without him even knowing it was missing. 

This was the morning we left for our first house hunting trip to Charlotte. I do not recommend maxi skirts when there is a good chance you'll be in public bathrooms and rain. 

These shorts. I have several pieces of clothing that are just like wearable heaven. When I saw these shorts posted on Instagram, I knew I needed them badly. I've worn them to death and back. And they were $5. No really. You go buy some. 
Tee | Shorts 

I don't know what to do with myself here without my trusty #whatmollywore mirror, but I'm finding ways to improvise. Follow along on Instagram


  1. my shorts are so faded already! definitely resort to wearing them far too often! if i can do one thing right with my body come post partum time, its to get sexy legs again like yours. or the whole body.. id take that too ;)
    love your outfits mama!

  2. Looking good as always. Now you give me the idea of getting myself a long mirror too, since I seem leave the house with mismatching clothes... and i know the mirror would help too with reminding me of not leaving the house with my fly down.

  3. I'm loving the preppy look! So cute!

  4. You look adorable and I'm wearing my $5 shorts RIGHT NOW.

  5. Omg you are too stinkin adorable! My hubs used to be absolutely obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger too!

  6. You are so stinking cute. LOVE that beatles tee!!

  7. Oh you all are coming to the Queen City?! Yay!! I hope you guys like it here. Love your shorts in the last pic. The print is gorgeous!


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