Stilettos and Diapers: Beach Snaps


Beach Snaps

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We're in a complete state of relaxation here at the beach. I feel so blessed to be able to come here whenever we can and am so excited to be living a bit closer. This week, we're here with The Hubs family. We've been enjoying the ocean, wine on the balcony and fun with the boy's cousin. 

A moment of excitement happened last night, when someone pulled the fire alarm after seeing smoke from their ice maker. The whole building evacuated, leaving us outside from 1-2am. It was awesome. NOT. Moral of the story? Just don't buy Viking. 

The Hubs and I are going on a date night tonight! It will be our first in...I have no idea. A long time. Thank goodness for grandparents to baby watch! 


  1. There is nothing more wonderful & relaxing than a beach vacation! Enjoy your date night tonight.

  2. I hope y'all enjoy your stay at the beach! And hopefully there are no more errant fire alarms.

  3. i need the ocean.
    you and your hubs - i die. so cute you two!!!
    and i love your patterned dress!


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