Stilettos and Diapers: On moving and house hunting and a lot of crazy.


On moving and house hunting and a lot of crazy.

When we moved from NY to California, the house hunting trip was more like a vacation. Exploring, eating out, hanging out for a few days together, it was awesome. We were childless newlyweds that only needed to grab the wallet and car keys as you exit the car.

New York to Virginia was a little more challenging, but not bad at all. Cooper was 2, very easy going and he was very happy to check out the nearly 100 homes we looked at. 

This move? It's already made me grey. Well, more grey than I was last week. 

We're listing our house in Virginia for sale. We have all this last minute prep stuff to get finished before the open house next weekend. I've been so busy getting all that done, along with prepping for this house hunting trip.

We've seen about 25 houses in the past 2 days. It's been a ton. I know it's been hard on the boys, too. Eating every meal out, in and out of the car and minimal running around time. Add to that the fact that my youngest child? Well, he's no easy going one at all. 

He bolts every chance he gets, screams every. single. time. we put him in his car seat and yesterday, even rode the elevator of the hotel 6 floors by himself. I got quite the workout as I panted, cried and bolted down those 6 flights of stairs. 

Tonight we had the most challenging hour at a restaurant ever, followed up by the worst downpour I think I've ever seen. We decided not to wait it out, as Cal was making it know, to the whole restaurant, how pissed he was to be there. We were literally soaked when we got in the car and Cooper was crying miserably. So relieved to be back to the hotel, we started to gather our stuff to find that Cooper was only wearing 1 shoe. And we only brought 1 pair. I brought the shivering boys inside and the hubs went back out in search of the missing flip flop. He found it, thankfully, right in the parking lot of the restaurant. You know, where it was supposed to be. 

That whole house thing? Not too sold on any of them. So back we go tomorrow. Wish us luck. 


  1. Molly my sister hubs and 2 year old niece just moved to Charlotte area well SC border anyway. They did same thing y'all are doing now a weekend quick trip to house hunt!!! And exact thing happened similar. As it may not be as ideal for y'all with two kids in tow. They resulted to apartment/town home to rent until they found a house they were sold on. Anyway it'll happen. They have rented a few months and found the house. Moving completely in July! Hope this helps any even if sounded like I rambled! sorry! :-)

  2. Good luck, Molly!!! Praying for a better hunt tomorrow and a great find!!

  3. oh girl. that sounds miserable! Praying that you are able to find something you like soon!

  4. That doesn't sound fun at all! Crossing my fingers you find the one tomorrow!

  5. oh man. last week during our down pour i couldnt stop wondering what id have done if we had the baby already! i cant imagine. you are doing so well mama. i hope you find the perfect house soon soon!

  6. Oh man what a nightmare! Better luck today. I cannot even imagine doing all of that with two kiddos.

  7. Drop them off at my house for the weekend! ;)


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