Stilettos and Diapers: Great Style with Great Gas Milage: Mazda3 Review


Great Style with Great Gas Milage: Mazda3 Review

The latest in my fun car testing adventures was this Mazda3. I'll start by saying, it takes a lot to impress the hubs when it comes to cars. He looked out the window the day it was dropped off and said "hey, that's a pretty nice looking car". Surprised me, thats for sure. He has a thing for an aggressive grill like this one. 
 photo file_zps43348819.jpg
It is a really nice looking car, I think, and it is quite the luxury car as well. 
 photo file_zps3e7ffe73.jpg
The features are all really nice. The buttons are an easy push and the navigation's touch screen was simple to use. It has dual climate control, 5 setting heated seats and the keyless entry and start system. 
 photo 0faf75d8-3d52-412f-af3a-5c68de36b764_zpsfe919847.jpg
The car came with leather everywhere. Seats, steering wheel, shift knob and arm rest. 
 photo file_zpsc03639bb.jpg
One of my absolute favorite features of this car, was the Blind Spot Monitoring Sensors. If you put on your blinker to change lanes and there was a car (or object for that matter) in your blind spot, there is a beep and a light in the corresponding side mirror. In the DC traffic we get the pleasure of driving in, this is an amazing feature. I think cars flying up into your blind spot is par for the course around here. 
 photo file_zps4eebafc1.jpg
The Mazda3 is pretty spacious, especially for a small sedan. Although I never got the kids in the back, there was plenty of room for them. I love the large sunroof that opens up the feel of the car as well. 
 photo e5cc97d5-91f2-4f43-828f-3097a762bbf5_zps7d5cc2b1.jpg
As you can see on the back of the car, this Mazda3 was equipped with Skyactiv Technology. What is that? It's a technology that makes the engine produce more low/mid-range torque and less emissions while consuming less gas. Now before you go thinking this shoe loving gal is a total car geek, I'll just tell you that my Grandfather was a mechanic who owned his own shop that my Dad also worked at. I love the smell of diesel almost as much as I love shoes...
 photo file_zps5c32882e.jpg

Back to the Skyactiv Technology...basically, you'll get fab gas milage (32.9 was my average around town and I don't really drive that slowly) while polluting the environment a little less. Right now, there are several Mazdas available with the technology, but soon, all Mazdas will be made with it. 
 photo file_zpsf0586876.jpg
The Mazda3 is a smooth driving, comfortable car. It definitely didn't purr like a luxury car, even though I honestly felt like I was in one. It still had plenty of get-up and I was very impressed with the around town gas milage, especially given my love of jumping off the lights. 
 photo file_zpsaf16054d.jpg
Great job, Mazda! Zoom-Zoom. 

|I was given this car to drive in exchange for my honest review. I was in no other way compensated.|

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  1. what a fun thing to be able to experience! i hear good things about their SUVs for families.


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