Stilettos and Diapers: Who knew?


Who knew?

Who knew, that orange soda given to a sugar-filled-drink deprived child would result in "thank you's" for an entire day? 
 photo aef0c0a0-3669-4662-9308-eb4ab3ed35fc_zps91d6e63c.jpg
Who knew, that a last minute run to the store where $20 was spent on balloons would create such joy, even 1.5 weeks later?
 photo c862030f-a48d-4224-8215-185ae9b9aceb_zps873ce2e1.jpg  photo 078b41ba-2da3-4bae-b285-95a329d5b685_zpse3bff8f9.jpg
Who knew, that breaking the no "character shirt" rule would eliminate the fight to get out of pajamas in the morning?
 photo ea983f50-dd3d-4d6f-8e4b-793f03440d96_zps550334a5.jpg
Who knew, that the party theme I thought was the least exciting, turned out to be celebrated not once, but twice and went on to be the one someone has talked about the most?
 photo fd59e02b-07c2-4cb1-84c7-47b53ae0d17e_zps606b2bbc.jpg
Who knew, that my baby being 5 would be so incredible? 
 photo 90b2973d-d14a-4d23-a969-a6ccd3c9f4ca_zpsc6425de7.jpg


  1. He has the best faces! I'm kinda dying over having a character shirt rule.

  2. He has the best faces! I'm kinda dying over having a character shirt rule.

  3. My little man just turned 5 recently too - such a fun age!


  4. Amen to that no character shirt (or shoes, shorts, hats...) rule! Ha! He has the best faces and that is such a cute family picture :)

  5. Abby just turned 5, too. It's a fun and exciting age. I don't know if it's different for boys than it is for girls, but we could never have a "no character shirts" rule. My girls looove princesses and we have them everywhere....shirts, shoes, jeans, jackets, you name it.

  6. I just love the photo where he is dancing around with the balloons with the big grin on his face! That one is a keeper!

  7. What great photos, I hope 5 takes a long time to get around for us. I can't imagine having a kindergartner.

  8. Love. Such a sweet boy. That grin is precious.

  9. oh, the character shirts! I recently gave in to that battle, too...only at home though! your family is just darling! it's pretty awesome being a BOYmom, huh?!?! ;)

  10. I can't believe those balloons still have air in them??! I know the mylar ones last forever but the regular ones usually die so fast. You must have magic helium!!

  11. I love this post! I too fight my 5 year old on character shirts-I loathe them!!


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