Stilettos and Diapers: Waving the white flag.


Waving the white flag.

I'm just shaking my head at the events I've had the sheer joy of experiencing this week. Last Monday started out with screams and vomit in the crib at 5am. After a couple days, lots of snuggles and sweatpant wearing, the littlest one was almost back to normal. Just in time for me to get sick.
Well, when Mom is sick, you don't really get taken care of and you still have your job to do.  (Like you all well know) I had a couple days where I would feel better in the morning, then feel awful by the end of the day. I think the lack of sleep from the sick little didn't help either. When Saturday night rolled around, I had started to feel pretty miserable again, when the hubs told me he didn't feel good...

We all know sick husbands are worse than sick kids any day.

Back to nurse mode for me, Sunday sent me to the store for all of this.
Y'all. People's faces when you are walking through the store with these goods? Priceless. Like you have the plague. I mean, we kinda do

So this morning at 4am, when I felt a very hot little body get in bed with me, I wasn't surprised at all. The puke was soon to follow and just like that, whole family down. I mean, the stomach bug loves us. 

I've sprayed everything in Lysol. Wiped everything in Clorox wipes. Tried to keep everyone apart, but lets face it, that's near impossible. I turned my head for a second this morning and Callan is standing in Cooper's puke bucket. Only that child.

I'm pretty sure I've never been this tired. I guess my body didn't really get a chance to recover between taking care of everyone. I haven't eaten because I'm terrified that I will catch it again. If I don't eat, there's nothing to come up, right? 

I have all this sudden jealousy for the high schoolers who get sick, get taken care of by their Mommy and sleep for 3 days straight. Oh, precious, uninterrupted sleep. 

All that, and after 3 attempts at number picking, help from a stranger and tons of confusion, I didn't even win the mega millions. That may have made this 7 days and counting adventure a little brighter. 


  1. I hope everyone is feeling better! Snuggles are the best, but sad when it is with sick babies!

  2. Ah! There is sickness in my house too...and it comes way to often. I posted my top 3 ways to zap a cold here:

    Giveaway at

  3. Sure hope everyone gets to feeling better real quick and you get some good sleep.

  4. I'll take sick kiddos over Husband any day. Seriously when he is sick he is sooooo annoying I just want to bang his head with a frying pan. We Mom's are super heroes, super nurses for sure.
    Feel better soon.

  5. Oh no! I hope you are all well soon!!

  6. I hope you guys all get better soon! :( On a positive note you look great in the photo! Enjoy some ice cream, that always makes me feel better :)

  7. i hope everything clears up this week! feel better mama!

  8. We caught the bug last week as well. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  9. Oh NOOOO! I'm sorry you guys were so sick. Hopefully back to 100% for this weekend!

  10. That's rough! I hope everybody is feeling better!


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