Stilettos and Diapers: Little Lady's Got Style. {A Fashion Post}


Little Lady's Got Style. {A Fashion Post}

Meet Avery.
 photo a8f673fb-5301-4a2a-8944-d0abd84c4d12_zps696aa5a9.jpg
My sister frequently tells me that she really is my daughter and you better believe I'd claim her in a heartbeat. I mean look at this face! 
 photo d05c6d1c-5fa0-44aa-bdc9-fbe334f1d7ab_zps32bf43f3.jpg
Avery's a total fashionista, even at the ripe old age of 4. When FabKids asked if I had a little lady that wanted to try their clothing, I knew she had to be it!
 photo db6c5523-10f4-4696-a476-0912022c4521_zpsab213d3c.jpg
She picked this outfit herself. The polka dot romper with the striped tank and pink hair bow. Girl can rock some pattern mixing! 
 photo d16ec6c4-9c1c-4bf1-993f-fa8b5a12b21e_zps7146c2e9.jpg  photo 2cf1b64e-d41b-44da-8733-03469e53b08e_zpsc051c0bc.jpg
Yep. Totally an Auntie Molly pose. 
 photo 36720187-1332-47b1-b922-2555d3843612_zps15aa9b14.jpg
FabKids is a extension of the company, JustFab. You've probably noticed I'm completely obsessed with them and have grown my shoe collection by several pairs lately. I love the concept of FabKids. The outfits include 3 pieces and are all 1 price. You fill out a style survey for your little lady and there are monthly suggestions for you. If you don't like anything suggested, you can choose something else or skip the month altogether. 

With free shipping and free returns, you really can't go wrong! Added bonus, there is currently a new member special going on. When you purchase your first outfit, you get a second one free! I love the FabKids line and can't wait for them to sell boys clothes! 

And now I need a daughter, ASAP. This blog would totally turn into dress up documentation overload. 

{Linking up with Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday}

This outfit was received in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Oh my gosh, she is adorable! And I love that outfit, she is rocking it! I'm going to have to check out that site! Thanks!

  2. I was just thinking they need a boys' clothing line. It's ridiculously hard to find cute boy clothes. I hope its already in the works!

  3. Love this! How cute is she?? I'll have to check them out for Millie

  4. Oh, I just adore that outfit! I have a chambray shirt like it, I could buy the outfit and match my daughter! lol! :)

  5. Hmm... I do believe you need a daughter! :) She is so stinking cute - I'd claim her, too! Also love this concept - so fun!


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