Stilettos and Diapers: Leopard and Stripes {A Fashion Post}


Leopard and Stripes {A Fashion Post}

When Rachel was in town for the Nike half, she took some pics of me when we went to pick up our packets in Georgetown. Which, btw, is one of the cutest places you'll ever go. I love it down there! 
 photo a9934758-e72c-4e75-9e90-f300989ad360_zps7627a83b.jpg  photo 4bf88667-ba6c-462a-86b9-124232fced20_zps0791b213.jpg  photo 250d111f-2510-4f45-8fd5-826d8fa9ad60_zpsc16d99d2.jpg  photo 5a09ff1c-22e0-47cb-a8c7-5cb5463e8e80_zps2685cbaa.jpg

Gone are the days of wearing black and brown together being a feux pas. These sandals (that I happen to love) are proof of that. This outfit has a little of everything going on. Stripes, leopard, bright color, black and brown. But, it all works together. Step outside your box and try to mix some of your faves together! 

Happy Friday, Y'all! 


  1. I cannot pattern mix - I look stupid! haha! But you look adorable!

  2. Oh I love the scarf with the pink! Nice job pairing it all together!

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  3. You look adorable! I love the outfit

  4. I am in LOVE with your scarf. I own it :) I also have those shoes!

  5. Two of my most favorite things- leopard & pink. I am pretty sure that I will be stealing this outfit!

  6. I got black and brown wedges from Target. They're my favorite shoes ever because they go with pretty much everything.

  7. Lovity love love. :) As always. You're pretty. :)


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