Stilettos and Diapers: DIY: Monogrammed Glitter Bottles


DIY: Monogrammed Glitter Bottles

I hosted a little bridal breakfast the morning of the wedding we went to last weekend. Since we were traveling, I couldn't do as much as I wanted to food wise, but I wanted it to make it special. I got inspired by these glitter champagne bottles I saw as wedding decoration on Pinterest and got carried away. 

I found champagne bottles that were solid gold wrappers at the top, without any writing on them. (Kinda a tricky task!) I then spray painted the bottle black up to the neck, just to cover the label well. 
 photo 8ef79551-e4c9-44b8-9b00-2d9f6858cb03_zps07b79fc2.jpg
And for the magic. Krylon makes this glitter blast spray. You shake it really well and as you press, it literally sprays glitter out with the paint. The result was gorgeous bottles and a glittery patio. 
 photo IMG_3520_zps5b1192cb.jpg
Once the paint dried, I used a simple stencil and hand painted the brides new last name letter in black.
 photo ccee601d-0251-439d-b25e-da54031b69a4_zpsa31c82fe.jpg
Here was the finished product set up for mimosas at the breakfast! 
 photo IMG_3555_zps8a2da5eb.jpg
I LOVE the way these turned out. It took me about 10 minutes (without the drying time) and they really added to the decor of the breakfast! 
 photo 966ecdef-7fc4-4a47-a1e0-5f9d2b1b1aa4_zpsab6d5556.jpg
The bride actually has an empty one as decoration in her kitchen now, which makes me really happy! 


  1. What an awesome idea! I love these!

    I am planning a bachelorette party in Vegas in a few weeks and it is crazy hard to think of ways to bring decor with me that will 1) fit in a carry-on and 2) isn't crazy expensive since we have already dropped a lot just to fly and stay there.

    I've got to get on pintrest to see what ideas I can find! If I could take liquids I would so be doing these!

  2. those are awesome!!
    i love it

  3. ok, i'm obsessed with this! thanks for the tutorial! just pinned it!:)

  4. Very cute. I will have to try this at my next hosting party!


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