Stilettos and Diapers: 18 months later.


18 months later.

Happy 18 months, Callan Joseph! You are growing up so quickly and it amazes me at how fast you're learning.
 photo 40e5d2ae-a587-4c44-bdbe-419786a5e264_zps69bb1389.jpg
You are 30lbs, wearing 2T and 3T clothes. You wear size 7-8 shoe and are bigger than all the kids your age. 
 photo 13480c6c-3583-46e4-9936-ed8916ca5309_zps7851a113.jpg
You have a deep love for Mickey Mouse and can be calmed down from the biggest tantrum just by turning on the show. "Mimmy" goes practically everywhere with us. As well as your baby. You love that baby and as soon as you grab it, you're asleep within minutes. 

Speaking of sleep, you are a world different from your brother. You point to your bed when you're tired and are happy to be put in immediately. No snuggles or stories, just bed. You sleep through the night like a champ. 
 photo cd52f8a8-7207-4c40-9d7a-7fbf1f486aa3_zps0122b992.jpg
You adore your big brother. You give him hugs and kisses and always want to play with him. You can be heard yelling "COOPER!" through the house multiple times during the day.

You have a huge vocabulary. You repeat words constantly and actually remember them. You know several body parts and can say the words and point to them.  
 photo 1be88973-edd5-4cf8-b810-7ffbc3bd7b7e_zps87d0567b.jpg
You are a great eater. You had your first salad not too long ago and loved it. You eat all vegetables and fruit and love dipping everything in ketchup. You also love cookies, or "coco" as you call them. You're favorite foods are probably strawberries, black beans, bananas and cereal. 
 photo f455701f-f28d-4f3e-9928-92980a0a48a6_zps2054bacf.jpg
You love climbing on tables, the back of the sofa, up the stairs and anywhere else dangerous. Then you grin at me when I tell you to get down. You keep my hands full, but you are a little love. I get lots of kisses and hugs from you. 
 photo ff4f76aa-1a72-45b3-a1e7-76c6cd935d46_zps6a31c378.jpg
You make our family very happy, Callan. Thanks for being such a wonderful little man! We love you! 


  1. That shirt? Chase needs it! I think he is the same size Chase was at that age. Love a big boy! Jealous of the sleep!

  2. I love the color of that shirt - SO cute! I love this even more after meeting him this weekend - my little boyfriend! I loved watching you be a mom. You are such a good one, Molly! Happy 18 months, Callan! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. Love the last pic. Enough with the camera, Mom!

  4. Molly!!

    How precious is this post. Oh sheesh, your darling boy just made my day :)

    XO Jenna


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