Stilettos and Diapers: Surviving the Daddy-less weekend: iPhone edition


Surviving the Daddy-less weekend: iPhone edition

When I was at Blissdom a couple weeks ago, I knew the hubs had his work cut out for him staying home alone with the boys. But I also knew that I had prepped all the meals, left activities and that they weren't leaving the house at all. They were just fine. 

This past weekend, the hubs had a bachelor party for one of his best friends in NY and I stayed home with the boys from Thursday - Sunday. The house was filthy, I had a to-do list 17 miles long, and this warmer weather was making me want to spring clean like whoa. 

I decided to tackle 1 item at a time off my to-do list and do as many fun things as I possible could with the boys in-between. 

I started with my horribly disastrous closet. Which ended up looking amazing in the end, and all my necklaces are nicely lined up, instead of crinkled in a box.
I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese, where we met (but did NOT touch!) the big Cheese himself. They were so excited to see him...from a distance. 
The next nap time left me cleaning out Cooper's closet. I filled 1.5 rubbermaids with things that don't fit anymore. He has gotten so tall in 1 year! 
There was a froyo date, where Callan had his first solo bowl. (Which he ate every morsel of.)
Cooper had his first baseball practice. The hubs was super disappointed to miss his first one, but these dates couldn't be changed and the show must go on. Yes, his pants are on backwards. I had already learned by this point in the weekend to choose my battles. 
Cooper got to stay up late Saturday night and watch a movie with me. It was such a special night with one-on-one attention that we just don't get often. We made popcorn and donuts and ate too much leftover Easter candy. 
On Sunday, we spent a little time eating breakfast at Wegmans before grabbing some groceries. I may have let them watch some Mickey Mouse while I sat and drank my coffee. I was in need of some serious quiet time at this point.
Because pushing the double jogger on a run the day before wasn't enough, I decided to take the boys for a bike ride in the trailer. That's 70lbs of boys, y'all. I was exhausted by the time we got home and I can't really tell you how embarrassing it is to have to stop and push your bike up a hill. 
I had to finish just one more thing off my checklist before the hubs came home and cleaned out Callan's closet. 2 overflowing rubbermaids left his room and now everything is waiting in my landing, for the hubs to carry them to the basement. 
All in all, I survived the weekend and managed to somehow clean a ton of my house. Which felt so good. I'm on a total roll now and have cleaned the window sills, the blinds and all sorts of neglected things around the house. 

The weekend was way more of a challenge than I thought. It's emotionally draining to be the only parent to meet every single need 24/7. I commend you parents that do it day in and day out! 

Cooper did say to me on the last day while we were at the store, "Mom, I want to buy you some flowers because I had so much fun with you while Daddy was gone!" So I mopped my heart up off the floor, letting go of the jealousy I had of the special time they had with Daddy while I was gone, and bought a bundle of yellow tulips. 

Motherhood, in all it's ups and downs, is always worth every.single.second. 


  1. Molly, I think this was *exactly* the right post for me to read right now! I'm flying solo with two kids for the week, as Hubby is o/s on a business trip. And it is SO full-on! My house looks a wreck and I'm struggling to find the time to tend to it! Your post tells me that that's okay. Thank you :) x
    P.S. Your boys are just the cutest ever. Kinds of gives me a peek insight to my son in a few years time :)

  2. SOunds like you had a great time with your boys! Thankfully my husband had never been away over night before. I look forward to 4pm!

  3. That last sentence made me cry! I've been there before with the husband being gone a full week with two young kids. The special moments were so worth the down moments. I remember at night while going to bed feeling guilt that maybe I didn't meet all their needs that day.

  4. You were on a mission women!!! Great job getting chores done and giving the boys lots of mommy son time, so fun!! And love the idea of hanging necklace from the closet organizer, plus it looks so colorful!!

  5. I always clean out the closets in between fall/winter and spring/summer. Love how you have hung your necklaces by a shelf in your closet, I might have to do that soon if I keep buying new Molly Suzanne stuff! :) My son went through a MAJOR FroYo obsession last summer.

  6. It looks like y'all had a super fun weekend! You are super mom!

    I love your one on one movie night. It's so important to have one on one to make each child feel special. You can learn so much in just a short amount of time when there are no other interruptions :-)

  7. Go girl! Working Mother magazine this month was dedicated to single mothers. We are very lucky to have our partners in life, huh? How special that you had one-on-one binding time with your eldest son! Very sweet!

  8. You go, girl! You rocked your weekend! Absolutely loved your pictures. Way too cute.

  9. super mom! and what a sweet comment from cooper! melt.

  10. I'm thinking you burn like a billion more calories with those extra pounds! You rock!

    Also, the flower comment? Melts my heart! So sweet!

  11. Great Post! My little boy insisted on being called "super hero" all morning recently and on the way to school told me he was going to "save my day". Well that made my day and melted my heart to day the least! I love the jewelry organization. Do you have any before pics of your closet?


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