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Clean Eating: Stock Your Pantry

I've posted before about my general idea of clean eating. I don't claim to know it all by any means, but this is working for me and I want to share what I can with you! 

While most of my diet is produce, meat and some dairy, I do have my pantry stocked with some essentials. These are things that keep me from falling off the clean eating edge and make it more of a lifestyle than a diet. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Lara Bars: These are my absolute favorite on the go snack. Most of the varieties are made of fruit and nuts. That's it! My favorite flavor is the Coconut Cream Pie. Delish

Quinoa: I do eat brown rice, but since that gets old fast, quinoa is great to add variety to our meals. It's perfect in stir fry, as a side dish or in a casserole. I also use it for one of my favorite lunches, Mexican Quinoa Salad. 

Whole Wheat Couscous: This is another great rice or pasta substitute. I just made an eMealsrecipe with spinach that I will share with you soon. So good! 

Roland Organic Noodles: Organic wheat flour and sea salt are the only ingredients in the Lo Mein and Udon varieties. I get them in the International aisle of my grocery store and we love them. I add chicken, fresh green beans, carrots and teriyaki sauce to make some clean, at home Chinese food. You can use them in place of any kinda of pasta. 

Ezekiel Bread: This bread is a complete source of protein that uses 6 grains and legumes and no actual flour. They sprout the grains and make them into the bread. It is "heartier" than your normal bread, but I find it really filling. I like it with natural peanut butter after a workout. 

Coconut Sugar: I get this at Costco in a massive bag. I don't feel like you need as much as you would sugar, or maybe my taste is just adjusting. I put about 1 tsp in my coffee in the mornings and I use it in baking. 

Coconut Oil Spray: Instead of adding silicone to my foods, I've switched to natural coconut oils spray that I found at Trader Joe's. They have a great selection of clean foods! I've also seen different brands, too, so I'm sure you could find it in your health food store. You can also buy sprayers and use your own oil in them, but I haven't had luck with them actually working.

Honey: I use it for baking and I also drizzle it on plain greek yogurt for a mid morning snack. 

Oats: I make oatmeal with egg whites in it a lot for breakfast, and oats are the base for my protein pancakes. They're very filling, have lots of fiber and are heart healthy. 

Ak-mak crackers: I try to avoid straight carbs as a snack, but sometime you just need a little crunch. I love these crackers. I like to put hummus, tuna or a little cheese on them. 

We've been doing this clean eating stuff for a few months now and having these all in my pantry definitely helps. It's so true that if you're failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!  

In addition to having all the things I need in my pantry, I rely on eMeals to plan my clean dinners. You get a menu sent to you each week, full of new, clean recipes. I love the variety and the simplicity of the recipes, as well as the awesome time savings. Go check them out and try one of the many meal plans, all for around $5 a month. Totally worth it! And, if you use BLISS13 at checkout, you'll save 15% off your order! 


  1. Thanks for posting this!! I have been researching how to begin clean eating all morning! This helps a lot!!

  2. Okay I am totally checking out coconut sugar and the coconut oil spray. I like my stevia and all but sometimes it can taste a little funky in certain things (i.e. coffee).

  3. I'm pretty sure they sell NONE of this at my local stores :)

  4. I think you should keep the Taye Diggs milk ad on your blog forever. It makes my girly bits happy every time I come here. Just sayin'.

  5. This is my favorite post ever! I just posted about my clean-eating menu planning (or not-menu planning like I like to call it) and I have posted on Coconut Oil and Quinoa! I love your ideas (especially coconut sugar) and can't wait to try it.

    My Mexican Quinoa recipe:

    BTW, Your Amazon Widget is GENIUS.


  6. Oooh this is so handy. Thanks Molly! I really need to get on the band wagon. :D

  7. Hi MOlly,

    WHat cookbooks do you recommend for clean eating, if any? I am interested in eating a more clean diet than I already am.

  8. I've gotta try some of this. I'm really wanting to try (and like) quinoa. I'll have to look up your mexican recipe!


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