Stilettos and Diapers: Time wished away.


Time wished away.

It feels like yesterday that my little baby was born. That I heard that first cry. That I held that tiny wonder in my arms nearly every hour of the day. 

It feels like yesterday that he moved into his crib. Even though he was 7 months old, and it felt like he'd been in our room forever. 

It feels like yesterday that he needed me to bounce him to sleep. And bounce. And snuggle. And bounce. Then, he needed a little more snuggling during the night. Maybe once. Maybe four of five times. But he needed me. 

He'd pull those chunky baby thighs right up on my chest until he was just cozy for falling asleep and I'd stand there wondering how I was going to stay awake the entire next day. 

Then things changed. It seemed sudden. Those baby thighs are now bigger, toddler ones that waddle around my house all day. They don't want to be snuggled. As soon as I turn out the lights, they push, then shimmy. Then there's pointing, while he says "bed", and reaches to get in. I smother him in kisses before laying him down, wondering how this has happened. He's perfectly content, as rolls over and grabs onto his lovie. I take my time, making sure he's all tucked in and that's it

He's happy to be there for the next 12 hours without me

It shocks me how the time just slipped through my fingers. How I went from praying for us both to sleep, to slightly more than a hug before bed. 

I want to remember this feeling forever, so I don't forget that Motherhood is full of phases. Some are magical, making me swell with pride. Then some, make me question everything I thought I was doing right

But none of them should be wished away

They'll go fast enough, right by themselves, and I don't want to miss a second. 


  1. So sweet :) I think I'd give my left arm though for a good night's sleep at this point. 11 months old and we still get up at 4 AM for a feeding.

  2. It goes by way too quickly! And honestly? Even faster with each child you have.

  3. Wow. I feel the exact same way. Time goes far too fast & when my toddler takes a moment to snuggle these days I hold him until HE lets go. Cause it just doesn't happen do often anymore:(


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