Stilettos and Diapers: It's a snowy, winter wonderland.


It's a snowy, winter wonderland.

Hello winter storm in March! 

This is currently, my backyard. And we are expected to get another 5-8" today! 
 photo file_zps4741bd7c.jpg
 photo file_zps624e25b5.jpgI've got snowsuits ready and can't wait to take these boys outside! Only problem is, that the snow is super heavy and its supposed to get very windy today. We're expected to loose power, but I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen! 

Because I'm all sorts of excited for this winter wonderland, use code "SNOW" to save 25% off today at Molly Suzanne! Of course, due to the sheer panic that is Virginia + snow, your stuff won't ship for a couple days. 

I'm off to make snowmen! 


  1. Thanks so much for the coupon code! I got a new shirt for spring yesterday, more "in style" than I would normally wear. I knew your dew drop earrings in blue would look awesome with it so I just placed my order. I have been meaning to also tell you that I went outside of my comfort zone and ordered your oval stone earrings in red last week. I got them in and LOVE.THEM!!! I wouldn't usually buy an earrings likes these but you have inspired me! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful view!! You're probably tired of the snow, though. ;-)

  3. At least it looks beautiful, right?!? Although that warm sun would be so much better!

  4. So amazing! We live so close yet I only got a dusting of snow this week. Crazy eh?


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