Stilettos and Diapers: Bloglovin' is taking over.


Bloglovin' is taking over.

If you are feeling lost right now with the impending demise of Google Reader, you can go follow my blog on Bloglovin here! It's way better, anyway! 

Also, right now, you can import all the blogs you follow in Google Reader to Bloglovin, so do it while you can! 

Thank y'all for following, too. I so appreciate all the support of my wonderful readers! I have 6 ad spaces open and would love to swap with YOU! Select the 1-month flip flop ad in the contact/pr tab at the top. The first 6 bloggers to use the code SWAP get it FREE! 


  1. I've been using BlogLovin for over 2 years.. I love it way better than GFC!

  2. I am so lost as to how to make a blog here on BLOGLOVIN. I have a link on my Blogspot but still trying to figure this bloglovin thing out,

  3. is it easy to take them all at once over to bloglovin?


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