Stilettos and Diapers: An initial Blissdom brain dump.


An initial Blissdom brain dump.

I got home late Sunday night from Blissdom. There are so many thoughts swirling in my head about things I want to write, but I didn't get started writing post until now. Actually, I just stayed in my pj's all day today and hung out with the boys. I missed them incredibly! 

Shout out to the most amazing hubs, who not only kept my children alive, but totally rocked the single parent weekend. The house was even clean, with cookies and wine on the counter when I got home. All the sliced veggies were eaten and all the antibiotics given. He didn't want to work today because he said he felt closer to the boys and wanted to just keep hanging out with them. 

I'm pretty much amazed at his awesomeness. 

Back to Blissdom. I think the word to best describe what I got out of this year is connectionI talked to way more people than I have in previous years. I spent much more time talking to the wonderful sponsors. I spent time talking blog strategy and bouncing ideas off bloggers that I respect. 

I did learn things as well. I went to some of the Life Development sessions and have been giving my priorities some deep thought. I learned legal things that I need to implement on my blog. I even learned what all those buttons are on my camera! I will say that I feel more convicted this year as opposed hyped and ready to take over the world like last year. Not a bad thing at all. I spend way too much time scrolling through social media, being completely unproductive. I needed a pop on my hand to let me know I needed to straighten my act up. 

I'm going to share some things soon that I learned while I was there. Megan Jordan and Jon Acuff (who wrote this book you need to check out!) were a couple that really inspired me and I want to share what they taught with you. And of course, you have about a week of Blissdom fashion post coming at you. Beautiful scenery and a convention center of people who don't think twice about me posing in a public place? WIN! 

I have seen complaints about blogger cliques and mean girls at Blissdom. Yes, there are groups of bloggers everywhere you go. Do they come off clique-y? Sometimes, yes. Have I ever felt inferior around groups of them? Yes. 

I know I'm guilty of being more comfortable with my people. The ones that have seen me without makeup and still like me. I'm an introvert. I really struggle around new people. You may see me out there chatting, but I really have to push myself. The hubs friends say they hardly heard me talk for the first 2 years we were dating. I'm not shy once I really know people, but putting myself out there is a huge step for me. I like being behind the computer. I won the chance to play the Maytag Spin Cycle Relay and before going on stage, I literally thought I would throw up. I'm panicked in front of people. 

If my insecurities have ever made people feel like I was mean or unapproachable, I sincerely apologize. That is an impression I never want to put off. 

One of the reasons I applied to be a Community Leader this year was to break out of my shell. I wanted to have to MAKE myself talk to people. I had a job to do. I'm so grateful for that opportunity because I talked to so many more people than I ever have. And it was amazing. This community is amazing. I want to do everything I can to prevent any negativity that runs in it. 

Blissdom was an amazing experience for me, as it has been the past 2 years. I can't wait to share more of the great things with you! 


  1. I can so relate. Being a community leader was so far out of my comfort zone. I had to work hard to stay out of my shell.

  2. Oh Molly.. I sure hope I'm one of your people. :) You are one of the sweetest and most genuine people I know. I really just love you more than my luggage... and that's saying something, since it's houndstooth. :)

  3. Google Chrome thinks your blog is in Spanish. Why?

    Anyway, this is the first year I've read so much negative feedback. A lot of people really hated it.

    One one hand, if bloggers really are staying within their circles and not giving others a chance, I'm not a fan. On the other hand, these grown ass women need to get over themselves. Cliques are everywhere. Put on some big girl panties and make some friends or go home.

    Or put on some chevron, pastel jeggings + a bubble necklace...

  4. Love this! I have a post kind of about this same thing scheduled for tomorrow. I definitely saw some cliques, but I get it and don't blame people. BTW, you never made me feel like you were unapproachable. You were so nice and easy to talk to! I'm so happy I met you!

  5. Thank you for addressing the negative feedback... I was sort of taken aback by them. Blissdom was my first blogging conference and I went knowing not a soul, and I didn't feel left out at all. It's natural for people to remain with their friends because it's freakin scary to be on your own! But every time I introduced myself to someone, I was welcomed. I agree with Misty about puttin' on your big girl panties...

    Also, you are so funny and I'm glad you didn't puke before the relay! Funny thing is, I'm totally an introvert too and I saw you at the conference and was too scared to say hello! What a nerd I am.

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! Yay! That's my biggest (okay only) fear about attending a blogging conference some day. That it would feel super cliquey, but I still hope to go some day! Its funny I don't FEEL like I'm shy, not when meeting someone one on one, but when I think about going up to people in a room full that already know each other, ah that gives me major anxiety!

  7. Molly! I LOVED meeting and getting to know you. I am really baffled by all the mean girls stuff because I never got that vibe. Yes, people are going to hang with who they are close to, but I felt welcome everywhere!! I am looking forward to reading your blog more and I'm so happy blissdom connected us!

  8. I'd like to think I'm one of your people and I LOVE IT. You are one of the sweetest girls ever. I don't see how anyone could accuse you of being anything but sweet as pie.

    Part of me wonders if these negative posts were written for page views. We all know a good bitch fest will attract more comments than butterflies & rainbows.

  9. I adored meeting you Molly! You are truly such a sweetie! Not to mention...I was kinda jealous of your stellar outfits and your hair...I want your hair! :) My experience this year was good too and I feel terrible that some people had a negative experience. :( I definitely was WAY OUT of my comfort zone with the CL thing. Maybe that helped me open up some.

  10. Molly you are wonderful. Period. End of discussion.

  11. I wish we would've met!!! I enjoyed Blissdom although I wished the sessions were more actionable..meaning walking away with a to-do list a mile long. I didn't get that at Blissdom. Kinda sad. The best part was the hallway time. That was worth every penny! You have to make blog conferences work for you. You have to roll out your own red carpet. It's easy to stick to people you know and are comfortable with for sure. But in order to reach a new audience, you have to put yourself out there. ;) I wanted to be a Community Leader..that's awesome that you were able to have that experience! Hope to meet you sometime in the future!!!

  12. I think this is a great post. For a blogger who did not attend Blissdom, there was definitely lots of high and low reviews about it. I think I would have loved the connecting part and I applaud you for going outside of your comfort zone to be a community leader!


  13. It's good to hear about the good.. and the bad. Not everything is rainbows. And someone who's planning t attend one in the future should know EXACTLY what they are in for.

    NOW.. get to the clothes! You know that's what we're here for! ;o)

  14. I can totally relate. I always question if I'm in introvert or an extrovert b/c I am different in different situations. But in big groups or new situations I'm much more of an introvert. It is really hard for me to go up to someone I don't know and introduce myself or just start talking. I think it is great that you were a community leader so you could force yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone. I hope you feel like you accomplished what you wanted. I think Blissdom was amazing. I had such a great time and my only complaint is the lack of sleep. I am still exhausted and can't even get it together to write my blog posts!! LOL!

  15. Great recap! I enjoyed my first Blissdom and community leader experience too. I signed up for the same reason as you.

  16. You are one of the prettiest introverts I have ever met. :) Sorry I didn't get to talk to you - I did get you in a couple of conference photos, though! Kicking myself that one of them was a bit blurry. :) Oh well! NEXT YEAR!!!


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