Stilettos and Diapers: Blissdom: Things learned, Friends made.


Blissdom: Things learned, Friends made.

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If you missed my initial brain dump, you can find it here. But now we're on to the really good stuff. 

This was the view from our balcony. Which, is reason enough to have an amazing weekend, right? 
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It was actually my first time to go to the Newcomers meet up on Thursday night. It's a chance for new people to connect with others as well as the community leaders and it ended up being right up there with my favorite times of the conference. I had the opportunity to talk to so many fabulous people! 
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Some of the sessions I went to were a perfect fit for me. 

Scott Stratten kicked off the weekend on Friday morning. The thing that stood out the most for me, was him saying "you shouldn't do anything for your business (or blog) because someone said you should." Why do I do the things I do? To do what everyone else is doing? Each post I write, each review I say yes to should be because I want to do it, not because I feel like I have to. 

Anna Epp is an amazing photographer that did a Rock your camera session. Last year, during one of the evening events, I handed her my point a click and asked her to take a picture. She just looked like a nice lady, but I had no clue who she was. Of course she said yes and my roommate was gasping and poking me in the ribs the whole time. That event led to a twitter conversation, me getting a DSLR, then to me taking her session this year. I can't believe all the things I learned from that session! 

Megan Jordan spoke right to my heart. As she talked about multi tasking being a myth and the power of focusing on doing one thing well, I felt like I had a wake up call. She talked about time wasted scrolling the internet and "just one second-ing" your child's childhood away. My favorite quote of hers was "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." Wow. 

Jon Acuff is an incredibly talented speaker who told us that honesty is the most powerful tool in blogging. I could quote him all day, but "Fear only gets loud when you do things that matter" is still ringing in my head. He also said "The starting line is the only line you can control". So often we fear starting because we can't plan the finish. But we don't have to. The finish line shouldn't be in stone. 

Good stuff, right?! And that wasn't the half of it! I also have the pleasure of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. My roomies were, Heather, Rachel and Natalie. They are precious and I'm grateful for the friendships that the internet has brought me! 
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It was my first time meeting Heather and I want her to be my neighbor. She is a blast. 
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This is my travel buddy, Kelly. Who we found out after following each others blogs for awhile, that we live 2 miles apart. She has an insane wardrobe.  
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I got to chat with AP and Jennifer on a couple occasions. Sweet as they can be and such wonderful mommies. 
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The folks at Bissell did my eyelashes. Because you know, vacuums and beauty go hand in hand. Hehe. They were over-the-top, dramatic awesomeness. 
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I'll call these the ones with the hearts of gold. Mandy and Mandy are always such uplifting and encouraging women on their blogs and I was so happy to hug their necks! 
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Then there was this guy. And although the coffee he represents was delish, he made me giggle. But obviously, a picture was needed. 
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And who thought I would break my tradition and NOT get a pic with this studly man? Chris Mann is always so nice wandering around the conference chatting with us and not just popping in for his performance. 
Chris Mann Blissdom
And to top it all off, I got a super professional headshot taken while at Blissdom. 

There were so many wonderful women I met for the first that I wished I had thought to get a pic with! Natalie, Lindsey, Ashleigh, Meredith, Megan, Katie, Heather, RaechelLindsey and Leah - just to name a few! I highly recommend heading over to all the ladies I linked here. They are sweet as they can be! 

That wraps it up for me. Will I attend Blissdom next year? You bet. Well, provided a bump or a baby don't conflict with the schedule!

Now head on over and check out Jon Acuff's new book. No seriously. The hubs and I can win a trip to go to dinner with him and Dave Ramsey. The hubs just may cry if I don't beg you to click over! 
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  1. yay for the brief mention about a bump or a baby! ;)
    glad you had a good time!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. I'm so glad I got to meet you and hang out! You are so much fun!! I'm kicking myself for not going to that Megan Jordan session because I have heard nothing but great things!

  3. Girrrrrrrlll I just broke my "I will not read Blissdom recap posts until I write mine" rule when I saw the pageviews I was getting from you!

    And then I nearly shat myself (Can I say that here? No? Family-friendly blog? Apologies...) when I saw that not only was I linked, but all up in here, front and center and, um, the first non-roommate featured, but who's counting (I'M COUNTING!). I keep looking at that big glorious photo, and I get excited all over again. Seriously, my friend, you just made my freaking life complete and I love you forever ;-)

    I'm also loving the "I'll be here next year unless a bump or baby interfere" because I am thinking the same thing! Let's have babies a week apart again, mmmkay?

    (Is this a good example of a comment that should have been an email?)

  4. Gah! why didn't we do a photo!? I meant it..I seriously almost hunted you down on saturday so we could chat and take a photo. next year?! ;) Can't wait to do a post with your lovely necklace you gifted me with. I wore it saturday for part of the day after I took off my big one. loved it. It's going to be my go to one I think. chat with you later!

  5. Such a wonderful post!! I am loving going through everyone's post-blissdom recaps!! It really was so great meeting you! Wish we could have hung out a little more, bu next time for sure! You are seriously just as sweet in person as you are on your blog! xoxo

  6. So glad I got to spend time with you!!

  7. I love that picture of us.. I'm sad we only get to see each other once a year. Silly geography keeping us apart. It's not fair.

  8. I'm so glad we got to meet in person! I was so nervous and overwhelmed that I didn't get a photo with anyone :( Guess that means I'll definitely have to return next year!

  9. OMG! How ADORABLE is that headshot?! Blissdom looks so amazing! I want to go so badly... Next year, maybe? :)

  10. I'm so happy I was able to see you again, friend!! And did we not get a picture together? Sad! Next year, for sure :)


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