Stilettos and Diapers: Mom Solution: Paint your nails with cooking spray


Mom Solution: Paint your nails with cooking spray

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Flailing your hands around trying to dry your nails? Praying to the nap time gods to keep that babe sleeping so you you don't smudge them on a tiny blanket? Well, this weird little trick is for you. 

Spray your nails with cooking spray. 

I wasn't a believer at all. How? Why? So strange. But then I picked up a couple bright spring polishes and decided to give the hype a whirl. 

And it worked. 

Step 1. Paint your nails.

Step 2. Spray lightly with cooking spray. (I did this right over the sink)

Step 3. Rinse. 

Step 4. Wipe spray and water off skin with a paper towel. 

Step 5. Stand in awe that your nails are actually dry and do some kind of happy dance.


  1. HAHAHAHA there is no better ending to a blog post than a Sweet Brown reference.

    I SO need to try this. I paint my nails like, never, because really, ain't nobody got time to wait for them to dry. Benjamin could be in a 6-month coma, and he'd wake up as soon as I lay on the first coat. True story.

  2. I read this somewhere else too and wanted to try it, I don't keep cooking spray on hand (it kinda grosses me out for some reason) but I think I'll have to pick some up to try this!

  3. I have both those Revlon colors & I LOVE THEM!! I had heard this trick before and forgot...thanks for the reminder!.....Tales of a young mamma-they do sell a spray especially for it at Sally's beauty if the cooking spray grosses you out :-)

  4. Hmmm. That just seems TOO easy. Are you sure it works? Now I have to try this! Love those colors.

  5. I saw this on Pinterest, but never tried it. I totally will now.

  6. Painting my nails is so relaxing for me. And i adore the end result-pretty pampered hands. With 2 little ones i don't find time the time to spend on myself often :-( now if we could find something to help them from chipping!

  7. Just tried it right now
    Still scared to touch them lol

  8. Just tried it right now
    Still scared to touch them lol


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