Stilettos and Diapers: Blissdom Prep Series: Bringing a Baby


Blissdom Prep Series: Bringing a Baby

Blissdom 2012 found me with a baby, a little over 3 months who was nursing. I had no choice, really, but to bring him along if I wanted to go. So I did. 

He did great and I left with some tips that will help you prepare for Bringing Your Baby to a Blog Conference!

Theres no such thing as overpacking for a baby. 

Plan out daily outfits, then multiply. Keep in mind that you won't be able to make a quick run to the store if you run out of diapers. I brought a blanket, several burp cloths and bibs for each day, along with 2-3 outfits per day. And, I used almost all of them. The extra baggage fee was worth the peace of mind for me. 
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Bring your stroller and carseat. 

You'll need your carseat on the plane, as well as the taxi or shuttle to the airport. My little guy had reflux and slept in his carseat to be upright, so it was easy to let him sleep in his seat at night in the hotel, too. 

Your stroller will be an amazing asset at Blissdom. Your sweet baby can sleep through a dance party, while the cup holders hold a couple cocktails. 
 photo file_zps4e0710d3.jpg
You will make lots of friends with people that want to use your stroller as a coat rack. What? You said you wanted to meet people!
 photo file_zpsea86bcf0.jpg
Do NOT bring your stroller out on the first night kick off session. That is generally in the main open area of the Gaylord. Which is multi-level and elevators are few and far between. Just scope it out first and make your decision. Or have 2 trusty roommates haul your (empty - I carried the baby!) stroller up the stairs. 
 photo file_zpse2740b43.jpg

Wear your baby. 

I see a lot of women do this during the days. I preferred to have the stroller there for sessions, but it's whatever you and your baby like. I knew my baby didn't like to be worn a lot unless he was sleeping. So, I wore him at night. 
 photo file_zps38af0f27.jpg
Callan slept on me while attending his first concert. I mean, Rascal Flatts? It had to be done. My only tip if you're going to bring your baby out to a loud concert with wild, screaming, middle aged women? 
Bring some little ear plugs. 
 photo file_zpscbe9f0e9.jpg

Don't Fret. 

There will be lots of other babies there. If you forgot something, I'm sure there is another Mom happy to help out. Or locals with cars if there is a blow out and no more outfits. Remember most of the women attending are moms. They understand a little crying. Don't let it stress you. There is lots of open space around the sponsors set-ups, just outside the session doors where you can wander around and get a change of scenery. You just may end up chatting with a sponsor instead of hearing the second half of that session. Or? You may end up in your room, napping and getting your little one ready for the next session. It's okay. 

Nursing is welcome.

I nursed in several sessions. I planned my outfits so that I was covered and felt comfortable and used a nursing cover. I actually planned feeding times around the sessions, so that I was guaranteed a good 20 minutes of quiet while I was in there. It's all about the multi-tasking! I also brought my pump so I had a couple bottles for the nights out, when there was no way my dress was nursing friendly.

Be respectful. 

Do keep in mind, that although most of the women aren't bothered by a little crying, they also paid a lot of money to go to Blissdom. Don't let your baby be a distraction. I sat at the back of the room and left if my baby got too fidgety. And that actually only happened in 1 session. Make sure to bring some quiet toys, a favorite blanket or lovie and passies, if your baby takes them. 

I definitely got what I came to get out of Blissdom, even with a baby. My Bliss only looked slightly different than everyone else's. 
 photo file_zpsd852e23e.jpg
So don't skip Blissdom or whatever blog conference you are thinking of attending because you need to bring your baby. It can be done, and it can be a success! 


  1. Great tips! Thank you so much! My son will be 9 months when I bring him to BlissDom this year and I'm so nervous. I think the hardest part will be the flying. I've already started my packing list. So fun! :D Thanks for the boost of confidence!

    chocolate & carrots

  2. Thanks for the tips and what a cutie he is! I'll be a "local" girl this year but I'm still so nervous about everything I have to pack. You practically have to pack the kitchen sink when traveling with baby.

  3. I spy with my little eye my polka dotted night ever

  4. You go girl! I give you SO much credit.

  5. Thanks so much for this.. helped me not be stressed about bringing my 4 month old (by that time) to Blissdom13. So excited!!

  6. I totally used the stroller as a coat rack - thanks:) You did it all so seamlessly!


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