Stilettos and Diapers: The words I've dreaded since becoming a Mother.


The words I've dreaded since becoming a Mother.

Our Christmas adventures finally came to a close yesterday. We travelled to New York, back home, then to Ohio and as of last night, are home for a while. Thankfully. 

I'm kinda over traveling with kids. 

Everywhere we went was full of people; our families and several dogs. I've really overcome big dog fears in the past couple years, in part to my BIL and SIL who live nearby with a quite large dog. I'm proud of myself for being able to be in the same room with them and not climb up on the highest piece of furniture. But I don't necessarily like them. Nor do I think I ever will. 

The minute we found out Cooper was a boy, I was ecstatic. Followed by a my heart sinking at the thought of him one day wanting a dog. 

My MIL always tells me about the note my hubs wrote her, explaining how he would take care of a dog, if they got him one. He would feed it, walk it, everything. But what did I see when I went to their home for the first time? My husband didn't any more take care of that dog than fly to the moon. He didn't even live there anymore and his parents were left taking care of his dog. 

So while I was driving yesterday, I heard a little voice in the backseat. 

"I don't like dogs that irritate me. Sophie (my sister's dog) irritates me. She licks me." 

Phew. He doesn't want a dog. "Yeah, Mommy doesn't like dogs licking me either, Coop."

"But I do like the dogs that don't irritate me."

"Someday, I really want to have a dog."

It has happened. I've dreaded my sweet children looking at me with those big, sad eyes, begging for a dog. Begging for an animal that will cover my house with hair, ruin the hardwood floors I have an unhealthy love for and poop all over my yard. I just didn't expect it to happen yet. 

So the hubs tells him, "okay, we'll talk about it." No! Doesn't that means we'll do it?! 

Anyone have suggestions for a dog that doesn't shed, who doesn't have nails to ruin the floors and that a non-dog lover could potentially someday maybe kinda like?


  1. I have a Morkie (half yorkshire terrier, and maltese) she doesn't shed, she's less than 10lbs and is the best dog that I've ever had. And we've had a ton (I grew up with 4 brothers and sisters and parents that couldn't/wouldn't say no) And I also have a dachshund low in weight but sheds a little. Good luck with this new journey, hopefully you can get away with being dog free for a couple more years!

  2. Hey! I've always been scared of dogs too and I told my husband for years... We will never get a dog (even though he's begged and loves him some dogs ) so this past year, I broke down and said ok, we will look... But my criteria was... NO shedding, hypoallergenic, good with kids and adorbs (of course)
    So we found a maltipoo, which had all those things! And a year later... I am still obsessed with him.. Best dog and so smart and NO hair all over the house! Actually super easy to train too! I can send you a pic if you want bc he's the best :) and I was seriously like you... Ill never get a dog but I'm changed :)

  3. As long as you keep their nails trimmed, they're fine on the floors.

    Our German Shepherd was GREAT, but a beast with the hair.
    We've recently acquired a Pug who is much better with the shedding, is loveable, great with the kids but is an incessant licker.

  4. I don't like big dogs either!!! Even if they're the nicest dog on the planet, I just can't do it! We have a yorkie. She doesn't shed at all and we take her to get groomed when she needs it, so her nails are never long enough to do any damage. The ONLY issue we have had with her is we got her when she was 6 weeks old and she got into the habit of chewing on ALL of my heels. She ruined about 4 pairs of shoes, but she is the sweetest and so great with our two boys pulling her ears and messing with her all the time :)

  5. We have one of the best family dogs you can have: a golden retriever. I know, I's not a small dog or a dog that doesn't shed. However, it is one of the best breeds for a family with kids. Their temperament is very soft and gentle, they listen, and they're so easily trained (Colby was potty trained in about 2 weeks and learned tricks so fast. We don't need a leash for her, because she always stays by us and comes when she's called). Just a suggestion :)

  6. My miniature schnauzer, Wrigley turned my dog-loathing mother into doggy grandma of the year! My sister who also had a crazy fear of dogs,now has begged her fiancé for a schnauzer of their own!

    Schnauzers don't shed, are super smart, are great indoor pets that are as active as your lifestyle lends, and love kids. Wrigley prefers hanging out with my 4 year old any day of the week. Most nights I find him curled up on the rug in her room by her bed.The only thing that can be bothersome is their barking. They're vocal watch dogs, but with good training you can get it under control.
    Getting a dog is like deciding to have another child! Good luck :)

  7. A westie!! Seriously the best dog I have ever had. Well it is the only dog I've owned but now we are owned by two dogs.
    Anyway he does not shed, VERY smart we even taught him to ring a bell hanging on the door when he needs to potty. Email if you have any questions

  8. Awww we had labs growing up, but they are not small. We are pretty much cat people now :)

  9. A mini schnauzer! I'm not crazy about dogs but my husband had a dog before he met me and now we get along great! She is a great dog with kids and no shedding!

  10. What about a goldendoodle or just a mid-sized poodle? I have had poodles growing up my whole life (we never made them have the goody pom poms) but they are very sweet natured dogs and they don't shed! If you get a mix breed, make sure they are a bit older before you get one, to make sure they don't shed (some carry the shedding gene of the other half of their breed)

  11. My Mom was just like this too! My Dad always grew up with dogs, but is highly allergic. So when my brother and I started begging for a dog we ended up choosing a yorkshire terrier. Shes small, doesn't shed and she's adorable!

  12. I always try suggest people to do a survey to help you determine what kind dogs will fit into your family life style and also for your preferably for sizes, grooming etc. and best part about it, it will tell you all details about the breed.

    One day, one day... You'll be in love with your dog ;)

  13. bichon frise!! best dogs ever, and they are great with kids. the biggest they get is 15 pounds, but we have one that is only 12. As long as you crate train them, as with any dog, you'll have no problems!

  14. Hysterical. I know the feeling. We have our third lab (black, puppy) and there is no better dog for a family. Are they larger size, yes, but they love to play and run and are so smart. Our dog is now 4 months old and she doesn't shed as much as our yellow lab and was house broken by 8 weeks. The floors will live, just trim the nails. We have no scratches at all and she's constantly running and sliding and losing her balance. I'd never get any other type of dog. A boy wants a dog not a lap puppy!!!! And be forewarned, you will be the one taking care of it most of the time. However, they are so cute, who cares. Hubs job is to scoop the poop!

  15. What about a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix)? My family has one and he is small, intelligent, doesn't shed and is full of energy even at 10 and a half years! He's great with kids and so cute, plus they tend to live up to 15 years. My only concern is they can be hyperactive, but that could be a great thing with two boys. I also think it may just be our dog, it was my parents' fourth and I think they were over training dogs by that point. :)

  16. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

  17. My mom had a bichon and it doesn't shed and is hypo-allergenic and was very friendly and small.

    I don't like big dogs either, too much maintenance and I want a dog I can pickup and handle if need be. We have a long hair miniature dachshund (weiner dog). And even though she's a long hair she really doesn't seem to shed (weird) and she weighs maybe 10 pounds and is so remarkably good with our son since the moment we brought him home, she's like a mini mama to him and I can't wait to see them play together as he grows up. Personally I think female dogs do better with kids, maternal instinct and all.

  18. Another vote for Bichon Frise. I have two, and I work with the local Bichon Frise rescue group.

    Since you would be more cautious about a dog, I'd recommend a 1-2 year old puppy - so someone else does all the work of potty training (such a nightmare - its worse than a baby, outside all night every two hours!!) but you get the young, playful cute and cuddly. They are WONDERFUL with kids if you have kids first. The only time we have dogs signed over to us is when a couple has the dog then a baby, and the dog gets jealous. Luckily that didn't happen for me...poor baby would have had to go back to the hospital ;)

    Bichons used to be circus dogs, so are big entertainers - walking on hind legs, tricks, etc. HUGE people dogs.

  19. I've owned many different breeds, big and small. Anyone who tells you their dog doesn't shed is lying. There are absolutely some who shed less than others, but there will be dog hair. Period. Everyone's going to give you a different opinion based on the dog they love.

    Do your research if you really want to take the plunge. There are many websites out there where you can fill out a questionnaire on what breed is right for you. Take some of those. Here's one we used years ago.

    Ultimately, the scratched floors, accidents and pet hair will depend on you and the family doing your part. If you keep the dog's nails trimmed, your floors will be fine. I have a 70-pound lab and she's never scratched the hardwood. Are we lucky? Maybe. Ha!

    I personally don't like small dogs. They're obnoxious and yappy, in my opinion. I'd rather have a giant dog.

    IF there's a chance you end up choosing a dog your family doesn't love, I strongly suggest not going out and buying an expensive puppy from a breeder. You can always try out a dog from a local rescue.

    And there's my two cents. :)

  20. We have had bishon and they are great but need grooming and a lot of maintaining. We have a mini jack Russel terrier at the moment. He is so much fun. Grew up with jack Russel when i was a child. great dogs. Any of these would be great for the boys. loads of energy to run around with them.

  21. A BOSTON TERRIER! they are sweet, only lick if you train them that it's ok, their hair is like eyelashes too. no dog will ruin a floor if you keep up with their nail trimming. they are great with kids, crazy puppies, but mine is like a cat. i also vote for a larger version, a boxer, they are freaking awesome. i would never own a dog that i had to get hair cuts for. no thanks, i like short hair and smooshy faces...HONESTLY though, just look at different breeds, read their temperments. i promise you will find one...

  22. As someone who doesn't want a dog either (I grew up with a Bichon and my mom got stuck with ALL of the work), I hope your kids will be as happy as mine are with a Furreal friend LOL

  23. Oh man... If you find a dog that doesn't shed, let me know! I used to love dogs as a kid (owned one and raised one for Guide Dogs) but now? They are a pain... if we travel on vacation he usually goes, but that means finding dog "friendly" places or you have to get a sitter! And the hair! Oh the hair. I hate it! I keep threatening to shave mine and make him a hairless dog. He'd be ugly, but my clothes would be hair free. After this one, we say "NO DOG!" But I, too, dread the day my daughter asks for another one. Good luck.

    1. Poodles don't shed because they have hair not fur! On the flip side every two months or more they go and get groomed.

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  25. Ps I meant to mention they are non shedding and also hypo allergenic! :)

  26. I have to admit I dread that too. I'm just not into taking care of animals. Good luck finding a dog that meets your criteria, lol!

  27. I was ridiculously excited to get our puppy a couple years ago - my goodness, what an adventure. I do feel much better prepared for parenting now though after being up at all hours of the night, cleaning up accidents, disciplining him for getting into things he shouldn't, finding a dog sitter, but most importantly? Snuggles.

    Some dogs do shed less than others, usually they are the dogs with hair instead of fur. However, those dogs are usually higher maintenance as you have to have them groomed regularly. Also, make sure you aren't fooled by the "hypo-allergenic breed" declarations. It has been proven that yes, some breeds are better for allergy sufferers than others. However, is is not the dog or the fur/hair one is allergic to, it is the dander. This can actually vary by dog, within a single litter in fact.

    We have a Whippet and we adore him. He's a couch potato the majority of the time, loves people, and weighs 28lbs. His fur is short and we never have to groom him. He sheds, yes, but it's nothing outrageous and easily swiffered up. He's a speedy guy who needs a fenced in backyard though. But believe me, everyone loves to watch him run!! He runs his laps and then comes in and passes out on the couch for the majority of the day :)

  28. Oh man. Ha! Yes.

    We made the leap in September with a German Shepherd. The boys are elated. I'm exhausted.

  29. How fun! I would go with a small breed, and stick with a female!
    We have had 2 Great Danes and 1 chihuahua. Honestly, the bigger dogs are usually better with kids, but I'm not quite sure you want a dog that outweighs you in your house! ;)

  30. You should consider getting a dachshund. They are great with kids, they don't shed (very short hair) and as long as you trim their nails they won't scratch your floor. We had one when I was growing up and we had antique hardwood that never had a problem.

  31. I love dogs but would never get a shedding dog. We aren't THAT clean!

    Right now we have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Sweetest dog in the world but was a tough puppy. She's about 38lbs so not a teeny yapper but not huge either.

    Other non-shedding breeds I'd recommend are:
    Portuguese Water Dog
    Kerry Blue
    Old English Sheepdog
    Airedale Terrier
    Tibetan Terrier

  32. Get a hairless rat terrier, they are very smart, don't shed, since they don't have hair, and they are small.


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