Stilettos and Diapers: New from Molly Suzanne!


New from Molly Suzanne!

 My store, Molly Suzanne has some fun new arrivals I wanted to share with y'all! 

This is the gray version of the leopard ruffle scarf some of you were asking about from this post.
 Who's closet doesn't need a leopard skinny belt? 
If you like Molly Suzanne on Facebook, you can share this photo to win a $25 shop credit! 
And since y'all are awesome, Stilettos and Diapers readers can use the code STILETTOS for 20% off anything today only! 

Happy Shopping! 


  1. I LOVE your stuff!! WOW. Do you ship to Canada? What is the cost? Thanks Molly.

  2. Do you still have that scarf inleopard? I love it but didn't see it when I placed my order last week.

  3. LOVE the leopard skinny belt!! So so cute!

  4. I didn't know you had a store! Love your stuff...just ordered! Thanks Molly!

  5. I love it all!! Darn budget...I can't wait for our debt to be paid off so I can start shopping again ;)

  6. is this giveaway still open?? if so, i liked on fb and shared the giveaway!


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