Stilettos and Diapers: Black + Gold {A Fashion Post}


Black + Gold {A Fashion Post}

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Pants: Target (similar), Top: Kohl's, borrowed from my sis, (on sale now!), Shoes: Target (similar), Cuff: Molly Suzanne, Sunnies: Prada (gift, but here), Lips: Mary Kay Red Passion.

This was early this week while we were in Ohio and I practiced a little thievery on my sister's suitcase. I love being with my sisters and stealing clothes. It's much more fun than wearing your own! I will admit, this outfit is a little wilder than what I would normally wear. A bold pattern mix, if you will. But I loved it. And I can't get enough of these funky pants. A certain brother-in-law of mine did mention that he felt like he was in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he saw me. Oh well

We have a weekend with virtually no plans and I'm way excited about that. I will be able to enjoy it as soon as I get my butt in gear and put away all these Christmas decorations. Major procrastinator over here. 

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Looking HOT as always mama! Love your style...just wish you could teach me some pointers!

  2. I love gold right now. :) I need to order some of your jewelry soon!

  3. I haven't taken mine back... yet. Lol! I still think I can talk him into liking them if I do a solid shirt! :-)

  4. Love this! Your black hair looks so stunning against the winter white :)

  5. You wear evrything so well Molly! Beautiful!

  6. This looks fab on you!
    I'm too afraid to mix my prtints or color block.. HA!

  7. Nice shirt! Whoever picked that out has really good taste! :) lol

  8. I LOVE this on you! You look great!


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