Stilettos and Diapers: DIY: Chalkboard Label Storage Containers


DIY: Chalkboard Label Storage Containers

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I found these containers for $2 at Ikea and snagged them up. I knew they'd be perfect for all the new foods I've been buying for clean eating and I had a hankering to use chalkboard paint on something. Anything. Everything. 

(A lot of you have asked about the clean eating stuff and I will blog on it all soon...once I get it all figured out!)
file-2182 photo file-2182.jpg
I just did the old "cut off the label and tape it on the front" thing for awhile, before it's complete ghetto-ness was driving me batty. 
 photo file-1187.jpg
I decided to cut a cute shape out of labels and paint on the containers with chalkboard paint. Let's just pause a second to say, labels were an awful idea. Like, don't even attempt it. The sticky mess they created was pure torture trying to scrub off. Use a stencil. Or painters tape. Or freehand it. Seriously. 
 photo file-616.jpg
The actual painting process was simple. 2 coats, cure 24 hours, done. 
file-597 photo file-597.jpg  photo file-2220.jpg
Write on those puppies...
 photo file-993.jpg
...and voila! Pretty, pretty pantry. Which is begging for the rest of it to be organized. 
 photo file-1231.jpg
Now I'm off to cover anything else I can find in my house with chalkboard paint. So much fun! 


  1. Such a great idea Molly! I am really looking forward to your clean eating post!

  2. This is such a fabulous idea...I love it!

  3. That's so simple and easy and it looks so clean. I will be doing this, thanks for the idea :)

  4. I love chalkboard paint and look for anywhere/everywhere to put it! Great idea!


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