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Tomorrow, I will see these people. My family. It's been 4 months and my heart is full with excitement.
The kids are all bigger and my sis has a new baby bump for me to rub. If I'm missing, you know I'm either sipping coffee with my Mama or stealing swapping clothes with my sisters. 

Or off with the whole group in some kind of shenanigan like this:
I. Can't. Wait. 

Road Trip Survival Guide (from a family of traveling crazies)

Road Trip
It's no secret we travel a lot. We think nothing of a 7 hour drive to the in-laws, a 15 hour drive to the beach house, or driving cross country with a 2 year old. I've learned a few things along the way that have made our trips a great deal easier. 

To keep your kids smiling on your next road trip, here's some tips you may find helpful.


DVD player. We have one in our car now, but before that, we brought a portable player for Cooper. I just don't know how to travel without it. 90 minutes goes by much faster with the sounds of Toy Story instead of "are we there yet?" 5 million times. 

iPad. I love the learning apps we have so that little brains aren't turning into mush for the duration of the car ride. Disney and PBS make some of my faves. Just beware of carsickness...every now and then, Cooper will say he needs a break from looking down. 

Music. We make sure our iPods are filled with our fave music and take turns choosing the song. Cooper has his favorites and loves to choose his song, too. 


The alphabet game. Finding a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet in order. Our kids aren't quite old enough for it, but I sure do like to pass the time with it! 

I Spy. Cooper's really getting into this one. We do colors and objects.  


For the grown ups:
Trail mix
Protein bars
Sweet, chewy candy. Nothing says road trip like a bag of twizzlers. 

For the kids:
GoGo Squeeze Applesauce. I give these to both boys! 
Frozen Go-gurts. These defrost as the day goes on and provide more nutrients than most snacks.
Granola bars. Preferably ones without chocolate. You're car will thank you for that warning. 

Don't forget the Culturelle

I'm the only one in my family, so far, that doesn't seem to have a sensitive stomach. Eating out, being off your schedule and being exposed to other germs are all things that can put a major kink in your vacation. Culturelle is a probiotic supplement that helps reduce digestive upset and supports natural defenses. The Kids! Packets can be sprinkled into their drink and they won't know since its colorless and tasteless. Since 70% of your immune system is in the digestive tract, I'll do what I can to keep it strong and healthy! Culturelle is trusted by parents and the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians. 

Tips and Tricks

Freeze water bottles. Do this the night before your trip and you'll have cold water for your whole day. They also act as ice packs if you're bringing sandwiches or cold foods.

Stock your glove compartment. There is nothing worse than getting back on the interstate only to realize you have no ketchup or straw for your drink. I keep sauces from fast food restaurants for times like this. Taco sauce, BBQ and ketchup along with napkins and straws will ensure you're all happy campers down the road.

Baby wipes. Yes, even if you don't have babies. You'll be happy if someone spills stuff on the car floor or seat. Or themselves for that matter. 

Pack your car the night before. Don't start your trip stressed by packing your car when you're trying to leave. You'll be late, sweaty and irritated. Trust me. 

Hope you get some use out of the things we have proved to work for us! 

I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Polka Dots + Bubble Necklace Take 2 (A Fashion Post)

Last week, I wore my new bubble necklace with polka dots in a casual form

When I was getting ready for girls karaoke last night, I decided I wanted to wear the necklace again. I like it with the royal, so I went with basically the same outfit, only a dressier version. 
One of my fantastic neighbor gals, who pushed me to sing so I could check it off my 101 in 1001 list! 
We did end the night with a little Spice Girls Wannabe. Which was awesomesauce. Don't know that I'll ever karaoke again, though. I think its a once in a lifetimer for me! 

Top: Express, Pants: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: GroopDealz


Not much cuter than a baby in leg warmers.

BabyLegs have to be one of the cutest things of all time. I mean really. Who doesn't love little fire truck legs? My favorite time to use the leg warmers is in the fall/winter. They provide warmth while still allowing easy access for diaper changes.
Another added benefit, is protecting little knees while crawling on hardwood. My house is all hardwood on the first floor so this is a big plus! My in-laws house is over 100 years old, so when we were in NY, Callan wore these shark attack warmers. 
But there are more fans than just babies...

4 year olds like to rock them on their arms while watching football. 

Well, and their legs, too. How cute would these be with a team colored tutu on a little girl?! 
May be reason enough to procreate again.
BabyLegs contacted me about trying out some of their products. I had to send them a list of the ones I already had so they didn't send me duplicates! They also sent me some of their baby socks. They come in a variety of super cute designs.

The folks at BabyLegs are giving one of you a grab bag with assorted BabyLegs products! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! 

Don't forget to check out their site for the current sales going on. Until 8/31, all products are BOGO + free shipping on orders over $50! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Polka Dots + Bubble Necklace (A Fashion Post)

Top: c/o Oasap, Shorts: F21, Necklace: GroopDealz, Bracelets: Bridier Baubles, F21, Shoes: Walmart

I may have set up a little photo booth corner in my guest room. Trying to get the hubs to do a photo session is quite the challenge. Besides, I usually get dressed after he's gone to work and have any combination of spit-up, food or poop on me by the time he gets home. If I can work on some better lighting, you may be getting more of these DIY guest room fashion post. 

Happy Friday, Y'all! 


A New York Wedding

I loved my SIL's wedding. It was probably all the things I would do for my wedding if I did it again. Outdoors, BBQ, hay bales, burlap and peacocks.
Where we rehearsed and where the actually ended up taking place after a day full of rain. 
But it didn't seem to phase the gorgeous bride! 
Proof that I love the dancing...
But you knew he got it from somewhere.


Con Agra's The Dish: A Resource for Bloggers {GIVEAWAY}
I became familiar with ConAgra (on more than a "I buy lots of your groceries" kinda level) when I met some of their fine people at Blissdom 2011. They sponsored a lunch complete with a cooking demo by George Duran, cookbook author and host of TLC's Ultimate Cake Off.

Then at Blissdom 2012 ConAgra sponsored Girl's Night In at Blissdom 12, where they kicked off their Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign. To see a big company really trying to make a difference in the world is enlightening.
Now, ConAgra has started a great new site, The Dish, that was specifically designed for bloggers. With 4 main content areas, The Dish has something that appeals to everyone.

Seasonal Spotlight has everything you need to know to prep for that Holiday dinner or summer picnic.

Recipe Resource has top rated recipes that use easy to find ingredients.

You can meet the The Dish experts and contact them with questions or request for your blog in the Ask Our Team area.
And lastly, the First Look, First Taste section is exclusive content for bloggers. All you need is your blog URL to apply, and you will have access to the promotions and product information from ConAgra. This is also a place where you can request product samples and get coupons!

I found a whole article on how to grow fresh herbs on your windowsill that I LOVE! Having most of my herbs dead from the 100 degree temps we've had, I need all the help I can get. On top of all the food-related content and the fun videos from George Duran, I was surprised to find great blogging articles as well. Here is one on how to create a blogging business plan I thought was super useful.

I am very impressed with how ConAgra has reached out to bloggers. It is such a huge demographic that many big companies have yet to fully appreciate. And mercy is ConAgra a big company. I had no idea just how many brands are theirs!

So what should you do?
Sign up to become a member of The Dish.
Follow @ConAgraDish on Twitter.
Request samples on their First Look, First Taste section.

Then, of course, enter to win a $50 Visa gift card courtesy of ConAgra and BlogHer! To be entered for a chance to win, leave me a comment telling me which section of The Dish you'd find the most useful.

Rules: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:
a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
b) Tweet about this promotion with hash tag #sweepstakes and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.
This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 8/22/2012-9/8/2012.
Be sure to visit ConAgra Foods' brand page on where you can read other bloggersĂ­ reviews and find more chances to win!

SASTR Vlog Link-up with my Cooper!

Stop and Smell the Roses 
Linking up again today with Mandy at House of Rose Blog. Join her and her hubs in their Life Insurance Movement as they talk about how important protecting your family is. Both my Mom and my MIL lost their Fathers at a young age and their families were left in financially tough places. I know from them just how important life insurance is and our family is covered! 

Although this vlog has nothing to do with life insurance, it is things I am thankful for. Which may or may not include wine. 
Happy Wednesday! 



Most of you have probably already noticed the new look around here. I'm loving it! Thanks to Jenn of Munchkin Land Designs for her awesome work! 
Jenn was so very patient with me and changed things until they were just like I wanted them. If you are in the market for a new look, even if you just need a few aspects changed, Jenn is your girl. 

Y'all just happen to be lucky because she is offering all you readers 10% off anything in her store! Just use the code StilettosDiapers10% until August 27th! 

Next up, Stilettos and Diapers is now taking sponsors! If you have a blog, business or shop, advertise right on the sidebar under the sponsor tab. I am using Passionfruit ads to rotate through Stiletto, Wedge and Flip Flop sized ads. You can get more info here and under the Contact/PR tab above. Oh, and guess what? Since I'm squeezing the last bit of summer out and headed to the beach soon, you can get 50% off any ad until we get home! Use the code SUMMER at checkout! 

Coming up soon: A fabulous giveaway from BabyLegs, a $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway and a recap of the SIL's wedding. Oh and somewhere in there, I will get all theses suitcases unpacked...


Traveling fools.

We got home from NY last night. I missed my bed like whoa, so we decided to high tail it into bed instead of unpacking the car. 

So this morning, I woke up to this:

We can't open the entire back gate until we empty some things out of the glass, because stuff will fall out everywhere. The hubs somehow managed to pack massive amounts of crap into the car while still leaving space for us all to sit. Bravo hubster. 

I have 10 days to get it all out, do laundry and pack it all back up for the beach! 


Family Day at Cedar Fair

Earlier this summer, we spent a family day at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA.

First opening its doors in May of 1975, this theme park is home to rides that will cater to every member of your family.
We've never been before and I was surprised by how beautiful the grounds were. The entrance boast a grand fountain and a 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower. International Street is lined with restaurants and shops disguised in old world charm.
It took about 2 seconds for Cooper to realize this day was going to be AWESOME. He wanted to (and pretty much did) ride everything at least once. We started out in Kidzville where he loved the Red Baron airplanes.
I promise his shorts legs are the same length and that he has clothes that don't say "My Mom rocks". We're just letting him enjoy his guitar crazed phase. Ok, moving on.
Driving his own Hot Rod was right up at the top of the favorite list for Cooper.
The coaster in the background, The Dominator, was my fave. It holds the world record for the longest floorless coaster at 4,210 feet. I must admit, my stomach jumped into my throat a bit when the floor dropped out from under my feet. But, hitting 67 MPH with your feet flapping in the breeze is so exciting!
A coaster that had everyone talking was The Intimidator 305. It was voted best new roller coaster of 2010 by Amusement Today. I would consider myself pretty brave in the thriller ride department, but I just couldn't get my shaky self to go on this one.

What's the 305 stand for, you ask? 305 feet. UP.IN.THE.AIR. Oh, and once you're up there? Its a 300 foot drop at an 85 degree angle.
The hubs loved it. He's on that car somewhere on his 2nd trip of the day. He was all giddy and watery eyed when he came off the first time and almost immediately went right back on.
Maybe I was squeamish because we had just eaten lunch-- a pretty delicious lunch, I might add. We ate cheeseburgers and fries at Juke Box Diner. Cooper's Woodstock kids meal came in a red lunchbox with the Peanuts gang on it. It currently holds tons of matchbox cars and is being carried around everywhere.

The last stop was Planet Snoopy, where clearly, Cooper was sick of me taking his picture.
Wait, never mind. Snoopy hugs brought the smile right back.
Planet Snoopy has many different Peanuts themed attractions for the whole family.
At Joe Cool's Driving School, kids can actually drive their own little cars, without being in tracks. It was hysterical. They were all driving different directions, but I was impressed with the skill of the 3-6 year olds. Joe Cool really does give good driver's ed.
One thing we didn't experience was the WaterWorks part of the park, since it hadn't opened for the season yet. WaterWorks had water slides, rushing rivers, surfable waves and a 650,000 gallon wave pool. And I just love that the admission is INCLUDED in your Kings Dominion ticket price.
Speaking of tickets, if you buy online, a 1 day pass to Kings Dominion is $50. Did I mention that includes WaterWorks?! They even beat that good deal with a better one...season passes starting at $84.99. There are also season passes available that allow you to go to any Cedar Fair park.

King's Dominion is about 85 mils south of DC, making it a convenient day trip for many people. They do offer a campground as well as on-site and featured neighboring hotels to make your trip even more enjoyable.

I highly recommend you load up the family for a trip to Kings Dominion this summer. I know our family will be doing it again!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I'm not sure which of these boys had a better time!
Are you more likely to be found hugging Snoopy or riding the Intimidator 305?

In exchange for my review, I was given tickets to Kings Dominion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


DIY: Wedding Cake Card Box

Cake Card Holder
I made this cake card holder for my sister-in-laws wedding last weekend. I had some many people ask about it, that I decided to show how I made it. 

First up, find boxes that stack to just how you want the cake to look. Reinforce all the seams with duct tape. (Duct tape will be your BFF with this project)
Cut a hole in the bottom and middle box so that the cards can fall all the way to the bottom. Make sure your hole is smaller than the next level box. You will also want to cut your slit for cards now. 
Since I used burlap, I then covered each box with white paper so you couldn't see the colors through it.
Now for the fabric. You can use any kind you'd like. The burlap matched the theme of the SIL's wedding. Wrap just as you would a present, tucking the fabric into your hole and securing with...duct tape.
Make a straight cut in the burlap through the center of the card slot and tuck in. You can secure with duct tape and/or hot glue. I used both.
If you use a thinner fabric that folds nicely, you may be able to skip this step. Since the burlap is thick, I pulled the corners tight and hot glued each seam. It made for a much cleaner look. 
Now, hot glue each layer onto each other, holding firmly until they're set.
The fun part is that you can decorate with whatever trim you'd like. I used ribbon, lace, pearls and a twine wrapped wooden letter. I added a small piece of cardstock that said "cards" on it at the last minute. It helped lead people in the right direction! 
If you end up making one, I'd love to see your pictures! Happy crafting! 
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