Stilettos and Diapers: February 2012


BlissDom: Guilt, Priorities and Balance

If I had to use 1 word to describe my most common feeling in the past 4 months, it would be guilt

I feel guilt If I don't have dinner ready at "dinner time". I feel guilt spending time away from the kids to write. I feel guilt if I am a "bad blogger" and don't write for a few days. I feel guilt every time I walk into our bedroom and see the complete destruction.

After hearing Jon Acuff speak in the opening session of BlissDom, I realized why I am feeling all this guilt. 

My priorities are out of order. 

I was a little embarrassed when my eyes welled up, since he obviously was shining a spotlight my direction and speaking directly to me.  

Since having Callan, I'm finding it straight up impossible to do everything. I have to choose what is the most important and frankly, I've been choosing wrong. 

Just before I left on my trip, Cooper started telling me "no, not one more minute, Momma!" Breaks my heart to even type that out. He realized my priorities were wrong even before I did. And that, is ridiculously painful. 

Now, being a mother doesn't mean that 100% of my time must be completely devoted to the kids. I am a wife that loves to write, cook and craft. I am an individual that has dreams and goals. The struggle is finding balance

It's not fair to my children to be given half of my attention, while the other half tweets on about meaningless nonsense that definitely makes no difference in the span of life. I'm sure I wouldn't be guilt laden if I spent more completely dedicated time with them. 

If I, as Jon told us, would hang up and arrive.  

If I would play with them strictly for fun, without thinking about how it would make a great blog post. Or how the world would just love this instagram shot. 

Because my kids need to be my kids. Not my content. 

Jon told us to be selfish with time no one else is using. That time may be 5am. Bleh. Or maybe for me, afternoon time that the kids spend with daddy. It means prioritizing what I want to get done on the computer. It means less tweeting, less Facebook browsing, less pinning. 

I know this won't be an overnight change. I know I'm human and will never be perfect, but I am making a conscious decision to be present. To enjoy this time of my life with my kids and to not look back and realize I've wasted time on things that just don't matter. 

If you want to know more about Jon and his book, Quitter, go check out his blog. Trust me, you won't be sorry! 


Blissdom and a Baby

Like I told y'all before, I was a wee bit scared to leave Callan home while I went to Blissdom. He was a total trooper and, I think, quite enjoyed his first blogging conference. 

He was an angel on his first flight and took everything in with his wide eyed wonder look. 
My morning table only looked slightly different than other peoples. 

He slept great in the bed at the Gaylord Opryland relieving my fears that he might keep my roomies up at night! 
He grinned at just about everyone that talked to him and even had his first filmed interview. 
He was a night event trooper, sleeping peacefully in his swaddle while his stroller cup holders were used inappropriately. 
He went to his first concert...
And got his baby wearing Momma a drumstick. 
But before y'all freak, don't worry. He wore earplugs. 
There were so many babies there this year. Don't let having a little one keep you away! I may have spent several sessions standing in the back for fear he would wake and be noisy, but it really was great and I don't think I missed a thing. 

There is more Blissdom wrap up to come this week!


BlissDom bound!

My bags are packed and I'm headed to BlissDom today! 
I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my 3 month old, so Callan is tagging along and will hit state #9! He's already a world traveler. Hehe. 

I will be back Monday hopefully with some words of wisdom and bloggy tips and tricks to share with you all! 

Happy Weekend! 


Speedo and the Backyardigans

It's obvious to everyone that meets my Cooperman what a vivid imagination he has.
He often will ask if we can play "sword fighter and the princess" where I (obviously) am a beautiful jewel wearing princess and he is the handsome sword fighter that protects me. 

 He could play alone for hours, doing all different voices for his "friends". But, those friends are causing quite the stir around here lately. 

I've been asked to leave a seat because I just sat on his friend. When we ate out over the weekend, Coop very politely requested we pull up a chair for Speedo. We did because he asked so nicely and I don't think I'm letting it go to far...or maybe I am. Speedo and the Backyardigans cause us to hold the doors open a bit longer, to buckle "empty" seatbelts in the car and to put some extra plates on the table. 

 The problem is, these little buggers have 'tude. On the way home from Target yesterday, Cooper stuck a sticker on the car window. When I told him he knows better than to do that, he responded with "but Mom, I didn't do it. My friend Woody did." Riiight. 

Whenever something wrong is done, it's always his friends. (I knew my kid was an angel) 

Then when Cooper "turns into" these characters, the possibilities are endless. "Coop, why are you running through the house with youre shoes on?" "I'm not Cooper, I'm Speedo!" Apparently, Speedo is above the law. I have put Coop, along with all his friends in timeout, addressing each one of them. Ridiculous, right? Do I consider this an almost 4 year olds phase, or start a college savings fund for someone named Speedo?


Its wine time...on a budget. {2nd Edition}

Y'all ready for some more wine suggestions for this weekend? 

After a suggestion from Krysta (who constantly post AMAZING recipes!), we tried this: 

Apothic Red $7.99
Umm, amazing. And the price is right. Total winner. This California red blend has become a staple at our neighborhood get togethers because just everyone loves it. 

Hogue Late Harvest Riesling $6.99
(They do have a regular riesling that we didn't try as well as the Late Harvest)
I know a lot of you said you love muscato. So do I! My sister-in-law brought this Washington state Riesling when she was here last week. It is very sweet, just like a muscato. Only problem? Screw tops make me sad. I want a cork. I guess it would be perfect for a picnic! 

Chateau Chanteloup White Bordeaux $8.99
Now, I am totally not a French wine drinker. Just don't like them...I thought. Our Wegman's store has wine tasting every weekend and I just *happened* to be making a run in a couple weeks ago when a little cup got offered to me. How could I say no? This is a delicious white that I would say is like a fruity chardonnay. I couldn't find a picture of it online anywhere outside of this Wegman's ad. Don't know if that means its hard to find?
Now I just need to remember to take my own pics of the wine before I empty them out instead of searching online! 

I have a couple more suggestions from you to try still, but keep them coming! Tell me what's in your wine glass?


Bananas Foster Cake {RECIPE}

Last week was my MIL's Birthday and we threw a little family party for her. Her favorite dessert is bananas foster, but I wanted to have a cake. I found a recipe on Pinterest, but changed it up to make it ridiculously easy. And I made way more whipped cream. I love a high whipped cream to anything ratio.

Feast your eyes. 
I used a vanilla cake mix, baked in 2 8" pans, then sliced in half to make 4 layers. 

Caramel Whipped Cream:
1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream
4 Tbsp Caramel Sauce (yep, the kind you put on ice cream)

Then whip your cream back and forth, you whip your cream back and forth, just whip it. 

Whip with an electric mixer on high until you can' resist sticking your finger in it. Should be perfect by then.

Banana Topping:
5 bananas sliced lengthwise then into 1/2" slices
1 stick butter
4 Tbsp Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Rum

Melt the butter in a large saucepan. Add sugar and stir until its well dissolved and bubbly. Add bananas and stir gently. Cook for about 5 minutes until bananas are caramelized, then pour rum over everything. Mix well. You can continue to cook the alcohol off for a few minutes or remove it from the heat.

Layer cake, whipped cream, then bananas repeating for all 4 layers. Serve immediately so the bananas don't brown. (The cake and whipped cream can be made in advance.) 

Then serve. Wow your guest and take a bow. 


On Valentine's Day - Comparing 2 of my loves.

Over the weekend, I came to the shocking realization that my 3 month old can't fit in any of his 3 month clothes. I went to the basement and fished out the rubbermaid tote full of 6-9 month stuff. 

When I got Callan dressed this morning, I remembered a picture of Cooper wearing the same outfit I put on him. 

Only thing is, this was Cooper, October 2008 at 5 1/2 months old.
Callan, 3 1/2 months old is wearing the same outfit. 
And apparently, going to give his >95% brother a run for his money.


Errands with a chill {A Fashion Post}

Errands with 2 kids is challenging enough without adding in freezing cold, layers of clothing and winter coats. I hate wearing a coat only to be miserably hot in the store, but I don't have enough hands to carry it around. 

Here is my solution. And yes, I'm STILL wearing leggings. I'm a complete addict. 
Puffy vest, accessorized a smidge.
Paper tee, tweetable mittens.
Wedges = walkable height. 
Outfit Deets:

Striped Tee: F21
Puffy Vest: Target
Belt: Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Gloves: Target

Wow, can you tell Target is the only store that sells clothes that does't involve me getting on the interstate? 


Valentine's Playgroup

I used all my Valentine's ideas from Pinterest for this mornings holiday playgroup and I must say, it turned out fab.

{Rice Krispy Treat Pops} {Swirl Sugar Cookies}
{Heart shaped cinnamon buns}
{Heart shaped banana muffins}
I've been cooking up a storm around these parts with a surprise party last night and playgroup today. I hope I have enough energy for our actual Valentine's Day meal!

Here is the how to on the Krispy Pops! 

Make regular rice crispy treats with just a couple drops of red food coloring in the marshmallow mix. 
Hand shape into hearts while you push pop sticks into the bottom.
Melt white or pink candy melts and dip pops in. Add sprinkles while they are wet and stick into firm foam to dry.
I displayed the pops in mason jars on Valentine's fabric. Delish and cute decoration!  
Happy Weekend Y'all! 


I drank the kool-aid.

Or maybe I should say the hubs did...

This early Valentine's Day gift has arrived! 

Thanks hubs for falling in love with all things Mac! 


On a very special day.

Today, my sis, Casey is the big 3-0!
Destin, FL circa 2006

I could go on for days about how wonderful Casey is. Really. She is my go to for questions, advice and a listening ear. 
And, apparently, I'm a total boob in almost all our pictures
NYE 2011

She is an amazing wife that does it all and keeps her house running with incredible organization.
NYE 2011

She is a loving Mom to these 3 sweet kiddos and I have yet to figure out how she does it all.
Disney Cruise 2011

We will be running the Rock-N-Roll DC Half Marathon together next month and I'm pretty much positive I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for her busting her butt and sending me her running stats. She's keeping me going!

I never thought while growing up (and driving my sisters insane being the family instigator) that my sisters would mean so much to me now. As I locked them out of my closet, I didn't think I would be calling them to borrow their clothes from across the country. (Or just straight up stealing things and shoving them in my suitcase)

 I now know why my Mom always told us "be nice to your sisters; they'll be your best friends." 

Because they certainly are. 
Camilla, GA circa 2008

Thank you, Case, for being such an inspiration to me. I love you and wish you the very happiest Birthday ever! 


3 Month Fabric Photo!

As of February 1st, Callan is 3 months old! I just can't believe how fast time is flying by!
He is currently 15lbs and 26" long, wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes.
He is smiling, laughing and grasping toys. He is drooling tons and I think teethies are making their way out! He is nursing every 4 hours during the day and goes 5-6 hours at night. 
Sleeps best with loud noise, preferably 3.5 year old chatter and Disney Jr. 
I am LOVING the rolls he is getting on his thighs and how that belly is really filling out the onesie! 

Happy quarter Birthday my little man! 


Fugly to Fab - DIY Wine bottles to Valentine's Decor

Let's just say there is no lack of empty wine bottles around this house. What to do but craft something from them?!
I saw this pin that had no site attached to it. They used hot glue on glass to create designs...Fab idea! I put Love on one, OXOX on one and a heart on one for Valentines Day.
Then it was outside for painting. (And apparently I painted some of the patio, too...Sorry, Hubs.)
I did 4-5 coats of flat white spray paint to make sure it covered well but didn't drip. Each coat dried in about 10 minutes. 
And voila!
I tied felt hearts to decorative sticks with Valentines ribbon.
My foyer table all Valentined out. 
Happy LOVE Day!


Swing + Netflix = Shower

Need some help finding time to wash your 5 day old mom hair? Let me show you how.

Put sleeping baby in the swing. (This is the swings permanent spot)
Setup the toddler with a laptop streaming a never seen Netflix movie.

And just like that, you have a long at least 20 minute peaceful shower. 
You're welcome.
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