Stilettos and Diapers: Snow + Neutrals (A Fashion Post)


Snow + Neutrals (A Fashion Post)

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Coat: Kenneth Cole c/o GigaSavvy, Lace Tunic: H&M, Leggings: Old Navy, Boots: Target, Scarf: Molly Suzanne

I just got this toasty warm new coat and couldn't wait to try it out when we got to NY. After the 16" of snow that fell during the big storm this week, I was glad I had decided on the fully lined, wool option. I love the putty color because it matches everything! The fit is great and it's super comfy. 

Something about being out in all that clean, white snow is so purely magical. Not magical enough to live in it all the time again, but magical nonetheless. Isn't hubs hometown, NY adorable?

I received this coat in exchange for my review and my honest opinion. I was in no other way compensated. 


  1. Beautiful coat! Love it! Do you sell the scarf on your websire? I love it but didn't see it.

  2. Where are the scarfs at Molly Suzanne? I love it. Also, where is the hubs from, I'm in Brewster, NY?

  3. Could you get any more beautiful? I love the snow and am so jealous!

  4. Very cute outfit Molly! And yes that cute little town is only five minutes from! :)

  5. SO SO cute! I love the way you dress. Wish you lived closer so that you could help me redo my wardrobe post-baby. :)

  6. My coat is Kenneth Cole too! I would love a camel or trench coat eventually. Oh, and I'm really jealous of the snow. It still hasn't found it's way to OK!

  7. Loving that outfit!

    Happy New Year,


  8. Love the outfit! The white lace is perfection.

  9. I'm playing catch up here... ;)

    You are SO stinkin' adorable, Molly. Absolutely gorgeous and super stylish!


  10. Love Love Love the coat, I have a camel hair coat that I have adored for almost a decade now that I need to replace, and this one looks like a possible choice! I like the length and the A-Line cut. Your fashion posts are refreshingly attainable and fun!


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