Stilettos and Diapers: November 2012


Grand Opening is....

Today! It's time to shop, y'all! Molly Suzanne is now open for business. I am so thrilled that it's finally come together. Hope you'll take a look around and find some jewelry that you can't live without!

Here are a few pieces that I'm loving. 

Happy shopping and happy weekend! 


DIY: Spruce Alphabet Wreaths, Ballard Design Style

After realizing that a good chunk of our Christmas decorations were washed away by hurricane Sandy, I started looking for some new ones. One night, I found myself folding down almost every corner of the Ballard Design magazine to show the hubs. One of my favorite things, was their Spruce Alphabet Wreaths.

My mind started whirling and I whisked the boys off for a trip to Michaels. In a couple hours, these were hanging on my front door. 
It really was an easy craft. What I used:

1 - 36" piece of styrofoam 
$14.99 at Michaels, used a 60% off 1 item coupon.
1 - Spruce Wreath for the "O"
$3.99 at Michaels
3 - 9' pieces of wired spruce garland 
$2.99 x 3 at Michaels
Small decorations, if desired
The Celebrate It brand was 50% off and I spent less than $3 total on them. 
First, measure and draw a line to split the styrofoam in half. This will make 2 18" pieces.
I freehanded the "J" and the "Y" and then redrew until I was happy with the size and spacing.
Using an exacto knife, cut along your lines. 
I used a big kitchen knife for the deeper cutting. Not advised! It was hard. And my knife is dull now. Go with a bigger razor blade or a knife made for cutting styrofoam.
Then, you'll have the "J" and the "Y" ready to wrap. 
Photobucket I stuck the end of the garland into the top of the "Y" to get started. I started the "J" on the bottom since those were the more obviously seen places, and I wanted to make sure they were covered.Photobucket
Then you just get to wrapping. Don't fuss too much about exposed styrofoam, because you can move the pieces around to cover it. I cut the third piece of garland in half, twisted it right onto the piece already wrapped, and kept going. 
This is what mine looked like, wrapped without any decorations. That is how they're sold at Ballard Design. 
Then I added the little sprigs of color. I bought the pine cones and golden ball mixes in the earlier picture, but I liked them just like this, so I left those off. 
I just used Command strip hooks and hung them on a piece of the garland that I looped in the back. 

And there you have it! Mine are a bit fuller, so you could cut the styrofoam a little more narrow to achieve a thinner look. 


A little partying: Jingle Bell Rock Blog Hop

Oh, Christmastime is here! Along with all the fun can come a lot of prepping and planning stress. A group of us Mamas are hoping to help you out, by giving you tips and tricks for every aspect of Christmas! Have some tips you want to share? Link up with us! 
Twice a week until Christmas, there will be a different category of link-ups.

Whats more? There will be several giveaways! Like really good giveaways. For you, for your baby and more! You don't want to miss it! 

Get your post ready to link-up! 


Thanksgiving and a moldy Christmas

Thanksgiving weekend was awesome. So much time with my little family all together could be nothing less.
We had to cancel our plans to share Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors because of the sickies. Callan had a stye in his eye and a cold I didn't want to share. It ended up fine, though. We hung out at home, snuggling, watching the parade and drinking mimosas. Last minute prep wasn't bad, either. It was only me and about 7 other slackers shopping at 10pm on Thanksgiving eve. 
I shopped Thursday night and early Friday morning by myself, scoring some great deals. The boys joined me all day Friday and we finished buying everything on our Christmas list. We met my SIL and BIL for some tree cutting later in the day and the boys had a blast. 
Just a little grass sniffing. 
Friday night, the sickies had been fully passed to me. I woke up after 11 hours of sleep to find the hubs had pulled out all the Christmas stuff! We later found out that somehow the large rubbermaid tote had taken water in our basement flood from Sandy and it was full of mold. The tote had our handmade stockings, tree skirts, decorations, some ornaments, linens and more. It was so hard to put that stuff in the trash. I may have cried when the dumptruck picked it up. 
But, we dried our tears, got a tree and shopped some more. All day Saturday and Sunday to be exact. Didn't find exactly what we needed, but some stuff to get us started. I lit the tree, since the hubs refuses because he doesn't "know how". Puuulease.
I let them decorate and it was magical just sitting back and watching. 
Photobucket Photobucket
75% of our few tree ornaments are 4 year old height, but I don't have the heart to move them. I think it looks gorgeous. 
Even with a baby gate around it. 


New shopping love: Kohl's + Giveaway!

One of my new top places to shop is Kohl's. I've shopped there before, but not too much. A couple months back, I got these booties there that happen to be some of my current faves. It was then that I realized what great things Kohl's has.
Like their line with Lauren Conrad. I would wear every piece. 
Then, when I saw their amazing sales online for Black Friday, I went a wee bit bananacakes. They had what I was looking for to complete almost half my shopping list. And some cute Christmas decorations. And some fun stuff for me thrown into the mix. 
They also just redesigned their online toy department so you can shop by age. I was looking for Callan some age appropriate toys and this feature made it so easy.

Needless to say, I have 7 shipping notices that were emailed to me over the weekend. Weee! I love getting stuff in the mail to go stash away for Christmas! 

The kind folks at Kohl's offered to give 1 reader a $50 gift card! Just in time for some Christmas shopping! Who am I kidding. This one's all for you to spend on yourself! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Kohl's for providing the winner's gift card. I was in no way compensated for this post. All opinions are mine. 


Christmas Cards anyone?

I'm running a little later than I'd like to be this year, but I will be ordering my cards very soon! Do you still need to order your Christmas cards? Head on over to my review blog to enter a giveaway for a $50 credit to Shutterfly! 


Furry Vested Fashion

Y'all better believe I'm somewhere right now, Starbucks in hand, trampling someone for the last pair of $5 leopard jeggings. I love Black Friday. I don't miss one. Like ever. And even though I practically bought Kohl's out since their online sales started Wednesday, there's still stuff to buy. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! 

Here's what I wore to a work meeting this week and I just might have this adorbs fur vest over my shopping outfit now! Yet another Hazel and Olive piece that I'm obsessed with!
I'm in love with all the jewelry coming to my shop soon! 
These Kohl's booties are this season's faves. Check back Monday for a Kohl's giveaway so you can treat yourself to some for Christmas! Wait, everyone doesn't buy themselves Christmas gifts?
Vest: c/o Hazel and Olive, Corduroy skinnies: J. Crew (via Instagram shop my closet), Shirt: Ali & Kris (via Instagram shop my closet), Booties: Kohls, Jewelry: Molly Suzanne

Are y'all ready for Molly Suzanne to open yet? Because I am! I'm crossing my fingers for Monday. Yes, Cyber Monday! Follow on TwitterFacebook and Instagram so you don't miss it! 


Does your family have a SportsFreak?

To say the hubs is a sports freak, would be an understatement. There is no way, under any circumstance, that he would miss his beloved NY Jets play. And since we haven't lived in NY for 6 years, he pays who even knows what, to make sure all his games are broadcasted here. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so thankful. So very thankful. And today, I'm counting all my blessings. 

For my family, friends, health, home, this wonderful life God has blessed me with, and so much more. 

10,000 reasons for my heart to find. 


Celebrate the 1 Giveaway WINNERS!

Did you win one of the 10 fabulous Celebrate the 1 Giveaways? Here is a list of the winners, who will also be contacted via email. Congratulations! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway (These are actually 2 different Amanda D's!) a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway was chosen by Winner is #70, Sarah of News from the White House

If a prize isn't claimed within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen. 

I am not here. No really.

I'm taking over I Love you More than Carrots today while AP's off galavanting the west coast. I am pretty jealous because she's right where I used to live and mercy do I miss it! 

Head on over because I'm talking about Motherhood's greatest life lesson. I've learned that moms can survive and actually function quite well on very minimal sleep. Although that is a cold, hard truth that I'm still not prepared for, it's not the greatest thing my boys have taught me. 

Thanks, AP, for letting me guest post! Happy vacationing! 

Home Made Simple and Guest Baskets

Remember this post where I told you all about how I make guest baskets when we have company? Well, I wrote another version of it for the site Home Made Simple! If you're expecting or going to be company this holiday season, check it out for some pointers! 


Scents of the Season

It's amazing how certain scents can bring floods of memories. Just the other day in the grocery store, I passed an older lady and instantly my eyes burned with tears. I smelled my Granny, and how much I miss her made my heart ache. Scents are memory filled, be them sad or joyful. The sniff of a candle, the aroma in a home, the smell of the salty ocean. They all flood my mind with memories

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A fall finisher. Pumpkin patch fun.

I feel like fall just started and yet, here I am, getting all Christmas-y and dreaming of this weekend's tree hunting experience. Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and I'm super excited about cooking (and eating) massive amounts of food. The Christmas spirit just hit early this year! I'm about halfway through my shopping and I may have listened to pandora's Christmas station already...

Anyway, when I was still in fall spirit a couple weeks ago, we had a family pumpkin patch outing. Don't judge Callan's feet. I left his shoes by the back door when we left. But honestly, he never leaves them on anyway. 
There's a farmer's market near us that puts out pumpkins and has all sorts of fun stuff for the kiddos. Including this big slide that makes my heart beat kinda fast to watch the boys go down. 
I have some cute pictures of Cooper from the past couple of years in this tube. I want one for the basement. Both boys just loved it and we had to pry them out. 
They also have a train ride. And when I say train ride, I mean 'plastic buckets on wheels with animal heads on them' ride. 

We did stock up on lots of gords and pumpkins to complete my fall front porch. That will be gone this weekend. 
Maybe next year, I'll start decorating for fall much earlier so I can savor pumpkin and light cardigans before silver bells and wool coats. 


Insta-Fashion, Fall Style

It's been awhile since I Insta-fashioned! As you can see, my kids are getting in on the action lately. Cooper loves his camera time. Here are some of my latest fall #OOTD's.

Church bathroom shot anyone? Your kids don't let you sit in church, do they? 

Top: Old Navy, Polka Dot Skinnies: Old Navy, Booties: Kohls, Ring: F21, Necklace, GroopDealz
Cooper, Royal Skinnies (He picked out!): Old Navy, Shirt: Carters
Callan, Romper: Carters
Shirt: F21, Skinnies: F21, Shoes: Target, Necklace: GroopDealz
Shirt: Target, Leggings: Old Navy (The best ones!), RainBoots: Target, Bracelet, F21
Oh, matching brothers! 
Cardigans: Target, Shoes: Target, Jeans: Baby Gap & Gap Kids 
Shirt: Gap, Sweater: Old Navy, Polka Dot Skinnies: Old Navy, Booties: Kohls, Necklace: Molly Suzanne, Cuff: Molly Suzanne
Top: Ali & Kris (via IG shop my closet) Royal skinnies: Target, Bangles: Molly Suzanne, Booties: Target, Nails: Essie Miss Fancy Pants

Don't forget about the Celebrate the One Giveaways ending soon! 

Peek-a-whoo ends tonight! (2 winners!)
Gia Bella Hats and Such ends 11/17
Shabby Apple ends 11/18
Your Life Long Memories ends 11/19
Molly Suzanne ends 11/20

Happy Friday!
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