Stilettos and Diapers: Politics: Elephants. Donkeys. And Rock Obama.


Politics: Elephants. Donkeys. And Rock Obama.

Religion and politics. These are the things we aren't supposed to talk about, right? 

I have strong opinions on some of the stuff. But I? I hate confrontation. I admire my hubs because he could win any argument, sells millions on a regular basis and isn't afraid of getting in anyone's face. He is a New Yorker, after all. 

I just can't do it. 

And I'm not talking politics around here. Why?

Because I like my friends. In real life. On Facebook. On Twitter. Y'all. 
Am I going to change someone's views by telling them mine? Probably not. 

And I'm not willing to fight with friends over it. 

I love that people are passionate. I don't love when people bash other people. I've changed so many friends to "do not show up in my newsfeed" on Facebook. Not the friends that link an informative article every now and then, that many could find useful. (I actually like that) But the on and on, all day long just being straight up mean? Don't want to see it.  

It seems that around election time, someone mentions the sky is blue and its suddenly a jab at Obama. Then another will chime in that the very thing will turn black if Romney is elected. 

For real? Save the drama for your mama. 

Now, I'll sign a petition or call a senator in support of things I believe. Because those things can make a difference. Fighting with people about what direction is right? Just doesn't. 

I do believe everyone should vote because every vote counts.
Our founding fathers paved a way for us to have this freedom and I think everyone should take advantage of it. 

I try to educate myself, although it is really difficult to dig through all the muck to find actual truths about these people. Cooper told us last week that he wanted to be 'Rock' Obama for Halloween. Then when he looks like him he could say "I approve this message". I'm surprised he knew that for someone who watches TV channels without commercials! 

This will be a political as it gets around these parts. I've already decided everyone that I'm voting for, so now my attention can be turned back to where it belongs. Making sure my outfit coordinates with my boys while we hit the mall. 


  1. Couldn't agree more! It gets brutal around this time and people just get nasty. It's actually pretty sad, but I'm like you...keeping strong to my beliefs & keeping those strong beliefs {mostly} to my self.

  2. That is impressive that Coop knows who our president is. The last time we voted for president, Domnic was his age and he just kept tugging on my leg while I was voting saying, "vote for Abraham Lincoln, Mommy!" Sigh....if only that were an option. lol

  3. I think it's sad that family and friends can talk about who they're voting for and still get a long. Why can't we just agree to disagree and still maintain the love?

  4. That is so cute that Cooper said that! I have very strong political views too, but I don't post crazy things on Facebook. I hate when people do that! It makes me wonder why I like my friends or family, and I don't want to think those things either. I think Pinterest has made it a little worse because there are all those snarky ecards and people post them and it gets a little out of control.

  5. I hear ya. I am pretty passionate about these things too, but I choose not to talk about them with pretty much anyone but my husband because things are too controversial. I shy away from confrontation and even if I have facts, I don't want to get into it with anyone. I know why I believe in the things I believe in. That's all that matters. :)

    Lately it's been difficult to even talk about my pregnancy related decisions on my blog without someone getting all controversial on me. LOL! :)

  6. I could seriously french you.

  7. I TRIPLE HEART YOU MOLLY!! I hate the political posts!!! :) I think we should all concentrate on making sure we are dressed appropriately for any occasion. Much more useful than politics. ;)

  8. While this election and politics is important...I totally keep my views to myself for the pure fat that I might get my head cut off facebook style if I say how I really feel. I look forward to the debates just to see with SNL will come up with:)


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