Stilettos and Diapers: Mom 411.


Mom 411.

There isn't a time that something goes wrong that I don't immediately think "I need to call my Mom". 

Mom's always know what to do

Just this past week, I've called my mom for multiple incidents. 

Callan hit his mouth on the chair and his lip is bleeding. Yes, I'm a nurse. No, I can't remember anything that I'm supposed to do and I feel like a horrible Mom. 

My boob hurts. Pretty sure its a clogged duct. Do clogged ducts make you feel close to death? Should I just drink wine and go to sleep? Okay then. 

Is it normal for my 4 year old to want to be spending so much time in the bathroom, umm, hanging out? So when I tell him to stop touching it, do I have to say the word penis?

You know how Callan gags himself? Well, he's thrown up 3 times today. Is there such a thing as baby bulimia? Should I stop telling him he's a chunker?

My biggest concern is where all this vast knowledge comes from. I mean, I'm a Mom, but I can't answer these questions. There sure didn't implant me with the chip holding all the smarts when I left the hospital.

So I'm just hoping that someday, I'll get my act together and can be Mom 411 for my kids. Or that they have really smart Mother-in-laws they can call instead. 


  1. Mom's always know what's best. Everytime I get sick, I want my mom (I'm 27 for gosh sakes!) or when a cooking question comes up it's always my mom to the rescue.

  2. lmao, i call my mom, and sister (who is a mom) all the time. even about the stupidest things. i think the majority of the time i do have an idea what to do, i just want their opinions on my decision lol

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  3. I talk to my Mom just about every single day. Sometimes I even talk t her 4 & 5 times a day! I love being close to my Mom as an adult. Momma ALWAYS knows best!

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one! I often feel like there is no way I am (late)20-something year old for as much as I call my mom for things. I have no idea how even on the other side of the country, she still knows me so well, and knows what to say to help me get things under control. I also call my parents for different things. When I need major emotional support I call my mom, but when I need to hear it as it is, my dad is the one to call. They are supportive, but each in their own unique way, and I value each of them so much!
    I am sure C&C will always look to you to be their mama bear, even when they have their own kids!

  5. So funny! I have those kinda conversations with my mom too. I think by the time we're their age we might have this Mom thing figured out... I hope.

  6. So funny! My Husband and I have the conversation daily of "Why do you talk to your Mom so much" well because I need advice or someone who understands - unlike you a lot of times. Just being honest, they do not get a lot of the Mom duties we have! I am so thankful for all of the Mom advice calls that I am able to send out to my Mom so often!

  7. No worries you'll have the 411 by the time they have kids of their own. It all comes from experience. Motherhood is a learn as you go process I'm learning. However, in the meanwhile, it's great that our moms are there for us to go when we need it.

  8. It must've been one of those weeks, b/c Cam busted his lip & bit his tongue :X Those little 11mnth old babies are putting their mommas' to work.

    Oh & its totally norm for big dude to be playing with his *cough* penis. Mine is 5, and when I tell him to get his hands out of his pants, he persists on telling me he's scratching his junk......this is happening way too early.

  9. I used to call my mom for EVERYTHING, and they best part was...when I would call her to tell her how horrible my girls were being or how sassy they were she would practically drop the phone because she was laughing so hard :)

  10. Yes!! I think it's something all of us do! And the gagging thing, my younger son does this too and he thinks its hilarious...ugh.

  11. I'm a gazillion years late commenting on this, but I have to comment on the bathroom issue, and specifically the horrors I have for when Benjamin is older and I have to start giving "it" a name. And by "it," you know I mean penis. #IDontWannaSayIt!!


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