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Hair How-to: Curling Iron Waves

About 2 years ago, my stylist sis-in-law showed me how to curl my hair. I was curling in all the wrong directions and this made all the difference in the world. I curl 3-4 days/week and it takes me only about 10 minutes now that I have it down pat! 

Tools needed:

Hair clip
1" curling iron (I just use a Conair adjustable temp one from Target)
Hairspray (I suggest an aerosol and I use Loreal Elnett)
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1. Grab the top half of your hair and clip it on top of your head. Spray the bottom layer with an hair spray. 

2. Take a small section in the front.

3. About 1/3 of the way down the strand, clamp the hair in the curling iron.

4. Turn away from your face. (That is the key to the whole look. Always curl away from the face.) Hold for a couple seconds. 

5, 6, 7. Slide the curling iron down, then twist back up to the starting point. Repeat as necessary, leaving about 1" at the end uncurled. This usually takes me 3 twist.

8, 9. Continue curling until all your hair is in the front. Spray the curls. 

10. Let down the top layer and spray it. 

11, 12. Repeat the same steps as the bottom layer, always curling away from the face. 

13, 14. If you have long bangs, clamp them in the curling iron at the very end and curl them back one twist. 

15. Spray to your little hearts content. I tend to go a bit heavy. You can run your fingers through your hair before you spray if you want to loosen up the curls a bit. 

Here is the finished result on a few different occasions.

The key points are that you start about 1/3 of the way down your hair, you leave about 1" straight at the end and you always curl away from your face! 

Happy curling! 


  1. pretty, pretty! also? i love that you took all those pictures of yourself. hot mom. that is all.

  2. Love it!! Thank you for taking the time to take all those pictures. Looking fab.going to try this for sure.

  3. Love it! You have beautiful hair!



  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Your hair is always so fab!!

  5. I curl mine with a flat iron... It will last all day/night!


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