Stilettos and Diapers: Oh the indecisiveness.


Oh the indecisiveness.

The planner in me is so antsy to get Halloween costumes prepared for this year. The past couple years have been so fun getting Cooper all dressed up. 

2009, he rocked the penguin. Tiny heartbreaker. 

In 2010, Cooper had 2 costumes. 

Hello indecisiveness

He was a lion,

And a chicken.
There was also a monkey costume bought that year, but saved for 2011.
And that was when he was Stewie from Family Guy when we were all dressed up for our neighborhood Halloween party. Then he was the monkey for our church trunk or treat. Followed by my fave, the Angry Bird for actual Halloween night. 
Making 2011 our biggest year, at 3 costumes. What in the world

This year, I said we are deciding on 1 costume for the boys and they need to coordinate. I had something like this in mind...

But guess what? 4 year olds don't want to be flying houses or boy scouts. They want to be this:

 Or this:
 Meaning to coordinate with little bro, he would have to be something like this:
But the biggest problem, is that he can't decide what brightly colored, plastic masked, every other kid in the neighborhood will be wearing costume he wants to wear. Or maybe I want to be Mario, Mom! Or what about Dracula?!

I have successfully passed along my indecisiveness to him.  

I just know when we go shopping, he will want 1,587 different costumes. 

And I will want him to wear anything but his choices. 

But you know? I'm happy to see him so excited to be a plastic Avenger. Just like I was so happy to see his big grin at his first pair of light up shoes. 

Oh the things I said I'd never do. 


  1. Ha I'm totally trying to discourage the super hero of the week jasper wants to be, last week spiderman this week batman. I find them so boring! Just like I'll try to talk Tindra out of being a generic snow white or Cinderella. Boooring! We shall see if I succeed..

  2. I always just kind of smile at moms that want that coordinated cute halloween costume look....good luck with that. Boys reach that age, and they want to be super heroes plain and simple. I always pick the cutest costumes I can find when they are little because I know it won't last. Whatever he decides you know he'll be super cute!

  3. I try to coordinate costumes, but now that they are getting older, they want to be all different things. I am glad I am not the only mama that buys more than one costume. I only have Blake's costume this year...the older ones can't decide.

  4. The old man from Up costume is the CUTEST! So so creative! I am plum out of ideas for my little guy - he was a hot dog in 2010 and then a lion in 2011. Oh what to do?!

  5. I totally feel you on this!! We went to the party store a few weeks ago and Reagan wanted them all. So we left with nothing... Then he decided he wanted Woody (which kinda annoyed me because he was Buzz last year)... But ultimately I decided to let the kid be what he wanted to be! So Woody it is.

    I personally love the UP costume- but I agree- prob not a 4 year old's first choice!!

  6. i love the UP costume. i love it alot; and the little boyscout too. heartbreakers right there!

  7. One of my mommy regrets was NOT having the kids dress up as The chipmunks a few years ago. It was the last year that all 3 went trick or treating together & it didn't even dawn on me until I saw N dressed as Alvin that I should made the other two Simon & Theodore.

    Oh well.

  8. Up is one of my most favorite movies ever. What a sweet idea!

    However, as you said, kids don't always like what we do.

    McK picked out an outfit for her first day of school that I would have NEVER put together and NEVER wanted her to wear that first day. But ya know what? She was happy, so that's what she wore. And I realized it wasn't that big of a deal after all :)

  9. Yep. Finally gave up this battle. So we spend like $70 a year on plastic outfits that never make it though the night without tearing, breaking, or ripping into shreds. But their happy so that's all that matters, right?! LOL

  10. I love the UP costume it's so adorable.. I saw a little kid last year that went as a homeless man and his card board sign said Will Work For Candy! Haha.. Everyone at the Trunk or Treat was laughing..

  11. Oh good lord.. we haven't even thought about Halloween costumes...

  12. That's ok, little girls only want to be princesses. Luckily, we have just about every princess dress in our dress up box, so I don't have to buy anyone a costume!

  13. That's ok, little girls only want to be princesses. Luckily, we have just about every princess dress in our dress up box, so I don't have to buy anyone a costume!

  14. Cooper as a lion is possibly the cutest thing I have seen in weeks. My mom was adamant about having us in unique, handmade costumes growing up so I have a feeling I will be the same one day. This included a 2nd grade ventriloquist doll, a 4th grade Wednesday Addams, etc. I did, however, lose just about every piece of these costumes while out trick or treating so having a store bought costume was probably the more practical option. He's going to look so cute in whatever he ends up in & I can't wait to see what that is!

  15. Welcome to having a kid that has their own opinion. Lily is the only child I'm dressing for Halloween this year!

  16. well, at least they give you some kind of an idea, be it many... my 3 year old daughter told me she wants to be "custard"....after a lot of thought i finally figured out she was talking about Strawberry Shortcakes pink polka dot cat... you know the one... the one they don't make a costume for! and my 5 year old wants to be Barbie, who i was ok with until i realized that i was pretty much dressing her up to look like a toddler and tiara freak... great...


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