Stilettos and Diapers: Road Trip Survival Guide (from a family of traveling crazies)


Road Trip Survival Guide (from a family of traveling crazies)

Road Trip
It's no secret we travel a lot. We think nothing of a 7 hour drive to the in-laws, a 15 hour drive to the beach house, or driving cross country with a 2 year old. I've learned a few things along the way that have made our trips a great deal easier. 

To keep your kids smiling on your next road trip, here's some tips you may find helpful.


DVD player. We have one in our car now, but before that, we brought a portable player for Cooper. I just don't know how to travel without it. 90 minutes goes by much faster with the sounds of Toy Story instead of "are we there yet?" 5 million times. 

iPad. I love the learning apps we have so that little brains aren't turning into mush for the duration of the car ride. Disney and PBS make some of my faves. Just beware of carsickness...every now and then, Cooper will say he needs a break from looking down. 

Music. We make sure our iPods are filled with our fave music and take turns choosing the song. Cooper has his favorites and loves to choose his song, too. 


The alphabet game. Finding a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet in order. Our kids aren't quite old enough for it, but I sure do like to pass the time with it! 

I Spy. Cooper's really getting into this one. We do colors and objects.  


For the grown ups:
Trail mix
Protein bars
Sweet, chewy candy. Nothing says road trip like a bag of twizzlers. 

For the kids:
GoGo Squeeze Applesauce. I give these to both boys! 
Frozen Go-gurts. These defrost as the day goes on and provide more nutrients than most snacks.
Granola bars. Preferably ones without chocolate. You're car will thank you for that warning. 

Don't forget the Culturelle

I'm the only one in my family, so far, that doesn't seem to have a sensitive stomach. Eating out, being off your schedule and being exposed to other germs are all things that can put a major kink in your vacation. Culturelle is a probiotic supplement that helps reduce digestive upset and supports natural defenses. The Kids! Packets can be sprinkled into their drink and they won't know since its colorless and tasteless. Since 70% of your immune system is in the digestive tract, I'll do what I can to keep it strong and healthy! Culturelle is trusted by parents and the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians. 

Tips and Tricks

Freeze water bottles. Do this the night before your trip and you'll have cold water for your whole day. They also act as ice packs if you're bringing sandwiches or cold foods.

Stock your glove compartment. There is nothing worse than getting back on the interstate only to realize you have no ketchup or straw for your drink. I keep sauces from fast food restaurants for times like this. Taco sauce, BBQ and ketchup along with napkins and straws will ensure you're all happy campers down the road.

Baby wipes. Yes, even if you don't have babies. You'll be happy if someone spills stuff on the car floor or seat. Or themselves for that matter. 

Pack your car the night before. Don't start your trip stressed by packing your car when you're trying to leave. You'll be late, sweaty and irritated. Trust me. 

Hope you get some use out of the things we have proved to work for us! 

I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Great tips! My kids love the iPad on trips!!!

  2. I'm a new follower of your blog! I love, love, love this post! I will definitely use these tips!!

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  3. I agree that packing the night before is a great idea.

  4. GREAT tips!!! I never knew about Culturelle! I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind with lots of traveling coming up in the next couple of months with Liv! :)


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