Stilettos and Diapers: Family Day at Cedar Fair


Family Day at Cedar Fair

Earlier this summer, we spent a family day at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA.

First opening its doors in May of 1975, this theme park is home to rides that will cater to every member of your family.
We've never been before and I was surprised by how beautiful the grounds were. The entrance boast a grand fountain and a 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower. International Street is lined with restaurants and shops disguised in old world charm.
It took about 2 seconds for Cooper to realize this day was going to be AWESOME. He wanted to (and pretty much did) ride everything at least once. We started out in Kidzville where he loved the Red Baron airplanes.
I promise his shorts legs are the same length and that he has clothes that don't say "My Mom rocks". We're just letting him enjoy his guitar crazed phase. Ok, moving on.
Driving his own Hot Rod was right up at the top of the favorite list for Cooper.
The coaster in the background, The Dominator, was my fave. It holds the world record for the longest floorless coaster at 4,210 feet. I must admit, my stomach jumped into my throat a bit when the floor dropped out from under my feet. But, hitting 67 MPH with your feet flapping in the breeze is so exciting!
A coaster that had everyone talking was The Intimidator 305. It was voted best new roller coaster of 2010 by Amusement Today. I would consider myself pretty brave in the thriller ride department, but I just couldn't get my shaky self to go on this one.

What's the 305 stand for, you ask? 305 feet. UP.IN.THE.AIR. Oh, and once you're up there? Its a 300 foot drop at an 85 degree angle.
The hubs loved it. He's on that car somewhere on his 2nd trip of the day. He was all giddy and watery eyed when he came off the first time and almost immediately went right back on.
Maybe I was squeamish because we had just eaten lunch-- a pretty delicious lunch, I might add. We ate cheeseburgers and fries at Juke Box Diner. Cooper's Woodstock kids meal came in a red lunchbox with the Peanuts gang on it. It currently holds tons of matchbox cars and is being carried around everywhere.

The last stop was Planet Snoopy, where clearly, Cooper was sick of me taking his picture.
Wait, never mind. Snoopy hugs brought the smile right back.
Planet Snoopy has many different Peanuts themed attractions for the whole family.
At Joe Cool's Driving School, kids can actually drive their own little cars, without being in tracks. It was hysterical. They were all driving different directions, but I was impressed with the skill of the 3-6 year olds. Joe Cool really does give good driver's ed.
One thing we didn't experience was the WaterWorks part of the park, since it hadn't opened for the season yet. WaterWorks had water slides, rushing rivers, surfable waves and a 650,000 gallon wave pool. And I just love that the admission is INCLUDED in your Kings Dominion ticket price.
Speaking of tickets, if you buy online, a 1 day pass to Kings Dominion is $50. Did I mention that includes WaterWorks?! They even beat that good deal with a better one...season passes starting at $84.99. There are also season passes available that allow you to go to any Cedar Fair park.

King's Dominion is about 85 mils south of DC, making it a convenient day trip for many people. They do offer a campground as well as on-site and featured neighboring hotels to make your trip even more enjoyable.

I highly recommend you load up the family for a trip to Kings Dominion this summer. I know our family will be doing it again!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I'm not sure which of these boys had a better time!
Are you more likely to be found hugging Snoopy or riding the Intimidator 305?

In exchange for my review, I was given tickets to Kings Dominion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Um, that would be hugging Snoopy. I have a serious love for The Peanuts. Is this park related to Knott's Berry Farm at all? Their theme is the Peanuts too.

  2. I have been once to King's Dominion. In the late 90's. My boyfriend (at the time) was in the Navy stationed in Norfolk and we made a day trip. It was my first time on roller coasters an I LOVED IT!
    Looks like your family enjoyed it.

  3. Now I wish we would have gone when we lived around DC. Looks like fun.
    And I simply adore your little man's face, he is too cute


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