Stilettos and Diapers: The emptying of my bank account on some fabulous finds.


The emptying of my bank account on some fabulous finds.

You probably have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of GroopDealz. They have seriously blown up all over twitter, Facebook and blogs as of late. It's the same idea as Groupon and all those other daily deal sites, but the difference is their deals are from Etsy type sellers. 

I may have sneakily bought a few things with my PayPal account (yay, it gets even more dangerous!) lately. 

This peacock necklace at $8.75:
The wanna be J Crew bubble necklace everyone and their mother is wearing for $19.99: (I got yellow!)
 And these gorgeous lace shorts in cream for $14.99:

I get emails every day with stuff that I want to buy. With most of it 50% off or more, you just can't go wrong. Lets face it, it's way easier to buy stuff from the comfort of your iPhone than taking the kids out shopping! I'm going to start keeping my eye out for good Christmas gifts. Go shop now


  1. I bought the lace shorts, too. I am dying for them to get here!

  2. I love the peacock necklace! I can't wait for my turquoise bubble necklace to get here!

  3. Awww those are so cute I might have to give in and buy one...

  4. Love the lace shorts... just got myself a pair recently. I'm so going to have to check out this site!

  5. I have place that necklace 5 times on my cart and then delete. I want it but I am saving my pennies for this ridiculous search of a place to live in NYC. UGH.

  6. I am loving this site, too! Such amazing deals on the cutest things!!!


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