Stilettos and Diapers: Mixup (the web)


Mixup (the web)

I wrote after Blissdom 2010 about the Love Bomb team and their complete awesomeness. Now, the founder of that group, Nate, has started a new site, Mixup (the web). 

What is Mixup?

Nate says "I’m bringing together some of the most interesting and talented web personalities to have some fun, go head-to-head, collaborate on projects, and produce creative, high-quality content."

Part of that go head-to-head bit, is me in a fun little fashion face off with my sweet friend, Summer, where we show off $30 outfits and you can vote for your fave look. 

So go check it out, vote for your favorite, and follow Mixup! 


  1. You're adorable as always. And I voted for you of course!

  2. I love Nate. And I love you. I'm sure it's nothing but pure awesome.


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