Stilettos and Diapers: Family of 4 Pictures!


Family of 4 Pictures!

One of the first friends I made blogging was Rachel. We had our first meet up in 2010 and were roomies at Blissdom '11 and '12. This month, we took our friendship to the next level when she came to my house and we ran a half marathon together. 

While she was here, she was kind enough to use her mad photography skills to capture our growing family. I am IN LOVE with her work! If you are in the Birmingham/Cullman, AL area, make an appointment asap! 
How did we become 4 when it seems we only met a hot minute ago?
 My sweet Cooper!
Coop rocking the "to infinity and beyond" pose.
 Even though Callan isn't looking, I think this is a framer. (Who am I kidding? I'm framing them all!)
 Total sweetness, that boy.
Those eyes make me want to say yes to whatever he wants.
My new head shot. Haha. This will be going on all my bloggy business stuff.
This was a nearby winery later in the day.
 Where I clearly had a glass too much.
 I told Rachel that this pic embodies our friendship. Always so many laughs!
 Thank you, my sweet friend, for all of these pictures. But most of all, though, thanks for being an amazing friend. I'm so glad you weren't the total internet creeper I was scared may be waiting on me in Nashville. 
 Internet friends are real. True story.


  1. Great pictures. And I love the one of y'all laughing.

  2. What a GORGEOUS family! Seriously, beautiful.

  3. These pictures are all so beautiful! I love Coop's face in the first one! You guys make cute babies!

  4. She took amazing photos!

    I love all of them and agree that they should all be framed :)

  5. They are all gorgeous! Love them all! Such a beautiful family!!

  6. Wow. Every single photo is AWESOME! Love the one of you and Rachel laughing. Also the family one is cute even tho your little one is looking down!

  7. Oh yay! I love them all, but the expression on Cooper's face in the first one is priceless.

    You have a beautiful family!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rachel did an amazing job. All the pictures are awesome.

  9. great pictures. Cooper's eyes are beautiful!

  10. Great pictures! Internet friends are the best...I met three of my best friends on a message board while planning our weddings. It is awesome having the internet as another way to meet wonderful people!

  11. These are just gorgeous! Nice job, Rachel! And Molly, your family is so adorable.

  12. GOrgeous pics!!! It's so funny because I read Rachel's blog too and never realized (until Blissdom pics) that you two were RL friends! So cute :-) And girl...could you have more perfect teeth? I know that is a random comment but really. Gorg.

  13. I love this friendship story! And Molly, my goodness, those boys are the cutest! Coop reminds me so much of my little guy. I know I've said it before, but it is so true!

  14. what a lovely story. She did an amazing job with the pictures

  15. I'm just glad I finally got y'all talked into it! :) I agree with Jen.. you do have perfect teeth!

  16. Beautiful photos. Beautiful family! They are definitely all framable.


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