Stilettos and Diapers: Speedo and the Backyardigans


Speedo and the Backyardigans

It's obvious to everyone that meets my Cooperman what a vivid imagination he has.
He often will ask if we can play "sword fighter and the princess" where I (obviously) am a beautiful jewel wearing princess and he is the handsome sword fighter that protects me. 

 He could play alone for hours, doing all different voices for his "friends". But, those friends are causing quite the stir around here lately. 

I've been asked to leave a seat because I just sat on his friend. When we ate out over the weekend, Coop very politely requested we pull up a chair for Speedo. We did because he asked so nicely and I don't think I'm letting it go to far...or maybe I am. Speedo and the Backyardigans cause us to hold the doors open a bit longer, to buckle "empty" seatbelts in the car and to put some extra plates on the table. 

 The problem is, these little buggers have 'tude. On the way home from Target yesterday, Cooper stuck a sticker on the car window. When I told him he knows better than to do that, he responded with "but Mom, I didn't do it. My friend Woody did." Riiight. 

Whenever something wrong is done, it's always his friends. (I knew my kid was an angel) 

Then when Cooper "turns into" these characters, the possibilities are endless. "Coop, why are you running through the house with youre shoes on?" "I'm not Cooper, I'm Speedo!" Apparently, Speedo is above the law. I have put Coop, along with all his friends in timeout, addressing each one of them. Ridiculous, right? Do I consider this an almost 4 year olds phase, or start a college savings fund for someone named Speedo?


  1. No advice. Just cracking up!

    Presley is 14 months. She was watching sesame street this AM while we were finishing getting ready for work. I peek over at her and she is laughing at the show. 14 months, really...what was she even finding that funny?

    Then I read this....I know what my future holds....Lots of hilarious imaginations...and antics. That surely will test my patience.

  2. I have no advice.. just keep doing what you're doing.
    Maybe tell him that even friends like Speedo still have to use manners.

  3. He and Blake are SO MUCH alike. They would totally be besties!!....and we would be in big trouble!!

  4. I like what Natalie said about manners and Speedo! McK had some imaginary friends when I first came along, but thankfully, they were polite and well-mannered ;)

  5. I have no advice, but oh my word this is hilarious. Now, ofcourse, if Brayden starts doing this, I probably won't think it's quite as funny :)

  6. So cute! I miss my son's "friends", speedy and Thomas. They stuck around for a few years. He is now ten, and I can assure you, speedy and Thomas are long gone. So, sit back and enjoy Coopers friends, because one day they will be gone and you just might miss them :)

  7. My 19-month-old doesn't have any imaginary friends yet - but mine was Richard Simmons! I know, right? My poor mom had to buckle him into the car and hold the door open for him at the grocery store :)

  8. I am laughing hysterically. I second (or third?) what Natalie and Lindsey said about the manners thing. And.. I also had imaginary friends. PoPa (poe-pa) and Pee. Yep.. cool names. My sister still makes fun of me.

  9. He will definitely outgrow it. Let him enjoy his friends and keep your sanity. You will turn around one day soon and have an almost 9 year old like me! Then you will wish your imaginary friends were back!

  10. LOL. Moo had an imaginary friend already but thank goodness that didn't last long.

  11. Haha!! I love it. Start that college fun for speedo :)

    I had imaginary friends when I was little. Once I was around more kiddos my age I think those friends faded away. Just a phase...


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