Stilettos and Diapers: The one where I got all hopped up on pain killers.


The one where I got all hopped up on pain killers.

What do you get when you mix a Momma that rarely takes medicine with prescription ibuprofen, percocet and muscle relaxants? 

One freakin hot mess, I tell ya. 

We went to New York over the weekend to see hubs family and let his grandpa meet Callan. I woke up in the middle of our last night and my lower back went into full blown spasms. Apparently, I slept wrong or the mattress wasn't firm enough, but whatever it was wreaked some serious havoc on me. 

I hobbled around rest areas, bent in half and looking like a 90 year old who had the best botox in all of life, but we made it home. And the pain came with me. 

I do pain pretty well, I think, but this time was just too much. I figured since I could barely walk and I couldn't stand up straight, I really needed to go to the Doctor. She gave me prescriptions that I'm sure would make a druggie woozy. Told me to take it as prescribed or else and to not lift anything. (Oh, because that's easy with a 12 week old) She then told the hubs, "be careful, she's going to be loopy." 

And, loopy I am. 
So while I lay here moderately numb, surrounded by chocolate, salty snacks and prescription bottles, y'all say a prayer for the hubs. Pretty sure if he had any desire to be a stay at home Dad, its gone. Forever. 


  1. Haha feel better! With my spinal fusion I was on every type of pain killer and muscle relaxer out there. A month later I'm still on 1-2 percs a day & can't even tell I'm on it - no bueno! Back pain is the worst and I hope you get better soon...careful lifting Callan!

  2. So sorry! Wish I was there to help. Take care of yourself!

  3. Oh Molly, hang in there! I am so sorry. Are you going back to the dr? What did she say the deal is? Hopefully temporary?

    I wish I could help you. I'd take Cooper off your hands so it's just you and Billy and Callan. Are you nursing through this?

    Thoughts and prayers...

  4. Poor thing! I had that same thing recently and it is not fun AT ALL. Try using a heating pad...that worked for me. Hopefully you'll get used to the drugs. LOL. New to blogging worls and love you space. ;)

  5. Dont you just love when doctors tell you that you cant lift anything with an infant? Had the same experience. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. feel better. I am the same way, any prescribe pain killer drives me nutty.

  7. Enjoy the ride my friend!!!! :)

  8. Very funny. I am the same way. I hate taking anything that alters how I feel, but if I have too, I actually really enjoy it. ;)

  9. Hope you make a quick recovery! My son is 2 weeks younger than Callan (loved reading your pregnancy updates while I was experiencing the same things at the same time, BTW!) - I can't imagine caring for him while in that kind of pain, let alone two kids! Sending well wishes your way.

    I'm just getting started in the world of blogging - your blog has been my #1 favorite for years!! (I feel like I'm commenting on a celebrity's blog right now... oh geez, what a nerd...) - nothing is better than when I see a new post from you in my Reader account!


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