Stilettos and Diapers: Its wine time...on a budget.


Its wine time...on a budget.

Having lived very close to Napa for 3 years, we developed quite the taste for some good vino. Now that I'm a mom, wine has quite the place in my life. Nothing bad ever came of a glass or 4 of wine immediately following a long, drawn out bath/bedtime. 

If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm cheap frugal. My choice in alcohol is no exception. Now, I'm not going to buy gross wine just because its cheap. Will I finish a glass of wine that isn't that great? Absolutely. But I'm not going to buy it again. 

Here are our top picks for budget friendly and delish wine:

Wente Cabernet Southern Hills $10.99
(We happened to live about 10 minutes from this vineyard in California!)
This is my current fave red. We're both a fan of big, full bodied reds like this one.
Cupcake Red Velvet $8.99
Another big red, but this one is a bit chocolaty.
Stone Cellar Cabernet $7.99 (1.5L)
This wine is always on our counter. Its our every night go-to. Its the cheapest on the list since its a double bottle.
Alamos Malbec $7.99
We pretty much only drink California wines, but started drinking this Argentine Malbec after it was suggested by Wine Spectator. 

Cupcake Chardonnay $8.99
 The first thing that made me pukey when I was pregnant was the smell of red wine. I only drank white right after Callan was born and this is my fave.
Sutter Home Moscato $4.99
This is a super sweet wine and also the first wine I liked. We went to the Sutter Home winery in Napa quite a bit to stock up on this back in the day. Now, I will mix half of this with half of a chardonnay. Its a watching Real Housewives with girlfriends kindof drink. 

Have a hankerin for the bubbly? 

Barefoot Muscato Spumante Champagne $8.99
Made from the same muscat grapes as the moscato wine, its sweet and makes perfect mimosas for Friday morning playgroup. I've got all my neighbors hooked!
All of the prices are what they are at my Wegmans. (Best grocery store ever!) 
We try lots of different wines and do buy some fancier ones for special occasions, or to bring to parties. Thing is, I like these more than some of the expensive ones we've tasted! 

I'm always open to having a new favorite. Tell me whats in your wine glass! 


  1. Good lord now I feel like some wine...

    Does the Cupcake Red Velvet taste anything like red velvet cake? I have a bottle sitting in my cabinet, but haven't tried it yet. I can never pick up on wine "flavors" (nutty, fruity, oaky, etc.) - I had wine once that was supposed to have notes of bacon, which I tried desperately to taste, but couldn't taste it at all...

    I like Mommy's Time Out pinot grigio - delish, and can't beat the name!

  2. Yum! I love Cupcake. Another good wine is Ménage a Trois California Red for $7.99.

    I'm in the middle of a wine comparison blog post. Follow me if you're interested in checking it out. Cheers!

  3. Sutter Home Moscato (or any Moscato) is a fave! We also have a local winery we like. I also recently had Ruscato at Olive Garden and that's a new favorite. I have a hard time with full bodied reds and prefer lighter wines. Gotta love wine on the cheap!

  4. I too love all of the Cupcake wines! I'll have to try the Barefoot bubbly!

  5. Ive never been a fan ofreds. Hubs loves them. The dryer the better.
    I have discovered I like a Sweet Red but my go to bottle is always a reisling

  6. You know what makes a good friend? Someone who tells you about the existence of Moscato... best wine ever!!

  7. Um, the Alamos Malbec is my fav right now!!!!!!!!

  8. We've really been loving the Cupcake wine right now!
    Nothing Nothing wrong with a glass or a few after a trying day, I always say ;)

  9. I always wish I liked wine more. I still haven't found one that doesn't make me pucker.

    P.S. Because I love your blog so much I've given you an award!!!

  10. mmm LOVE cupcake! One of my favorite 'cheap' wines is Relax riesling. SO good, you definitely need to try it..and thanks for making me crave the one (okay one OF the things) I can't have!!! Come oooon April!!

  11. We like Klinker Brick. It's a delicious red and economical.

  12. Great list! We will have to try some of these... well, Scott will until late July. :)

  13. I love Chateau St. Michelle Riesling. And yes I did try it because of my name!

  14. YOu are making me want to drink.............stop it!


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