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Maternity Fashion - On the cheap

I have bought very few maternity clothes during this pregnancy and people have been shocked at how many things I wear that are non-maternity. I decided to break it down for the preggos out there that are trying to decide what is really essential for the maternity wardrobe. 

Must Haves:

A basic white maternity shirt
Go ahead and buy a maternity one. It will be long enough to last to the end and you will wear it constantly. I have this one from Target, and I got it on sale early in the summer. You can wear it alone in the summer or layered with cardigans for fall/winter. A couple neutral colors wouldn't even be a bad idea.

I don't care if you love them, (me) hate them, (the hubs) or have never worn them before. You will want them. You will live in them. They will be the most comfortable thing you wear...outside of your husbands boxers. I have 3 pairs of black ones and a couple other colors. None of them are maternity and my fave ones were $5 at Old Navy. Just make sure the waistband is low and not too tight. 

Long layering tanks
I have a white and a black maternity one that are this one from Target. In the first trimester, I wore them to make them the "baby fat" smoother. Now, I am still wearing a lot of my regular shirts, but they are a smidge too short. I wear the tanks under pretty much everything so I don't give a belly peep show. 

Maxi Dresses

These are just crazy comfy. The one in the middle is maternity, but the other 2 aren't. All still fit me now. Maxi dresses are perfect in summer and are still a big fall trend with a cardigan or jacket over the top. 

Forget about it:

Some things I think are just crazy to buy. 
Regular cardigans/open sweaters can be worn just fine with your maternity tank or shirt underneath. I can't find a reason to buy maternity ones. 
Shorts I found much easier than pants, but look for non-maternity ones with the wide elastic/drawstring waistband. I bought a few pair at Old Navy this summer and they will still be great to wear when I'm not pregnant. (See the white shorts in the layering tank pics)
Maternity Sweatpants are an oxymoron. Everyone has big, comfy sweatpants that are perfectly fine for pregnancy. I am wearing some now, along with a regular zip front hoodie, opened over my maternity tank. You just have to make sure they are low, or you can fold them under your belly. 

Maybe Splurges:

Jeans are personal preference. My favorite jeans happen to be a very low rise and have spandex in them. I wore them comfortably until I was about 7 months pregnant and still do now with the Bella Band. (I have this Target version) I do have these under belly maternity  jeans that I love and they didn't break the bank. Of course, there are many people that love their designer jeans, just a maternity version. I am way too cheap for that! 

A Winter Coat is another either way kinda thing. I wore one open with my first pregnancy. With baby #2, I found a maternity peacoat on clearance (at Target, of course!) for $16. I bought it because I knew it was a classic piece I could wear for every pregnancy.

Tips and Tricks:

When you're totally board with your clothes and feel like nothing fits, accessorize. Add scarves, jewelry, leg warmers, or belts. I love how skinny belts over the belly look. 

Be creative! Try something that you don't expect to look good. It may become your fave outfit. The length is the hardest thing to compensate for, but I love layering my long tanks underneath. Just beware that if you wear regular tops, they may become permanently stretched out. This only happened to a couple things for me. I bought a few different tops along the way that were on clearance, just a size bigger than my normal. It is way easier to find a deal on regular clothes than maternity. 

Obvi, Target is my maternity store of choice. I love Liz Lange's clothes and Target's prices. 

When you put something on that totally doesn't fit, move it to a different section of your closet, or into another one altogether. You won't remember what fits and what doesn't and you don't want to end up sitting on your bedroom floor in your skivvies crying about nothing to wear. (Been there) Oh, and speaking of skivvies, plan on buying 3 new bras. About 1 per trimester as you get bigger. You do not want to be uncomfortable as your belly and boobs meld into one giant bump. 

Your changing body is a lot to take in sometime, so you should feel cute as much as possible! 

Hope my random advice helped some of y'all fellow or soon to be preggos! 


What I'm wearing: 38 weeks pregnant

This could be my last maternity fashion post! This time next week, I'll be snuggling my baby without a care in the world! 

Notice the lack of wedding ring? I've been too swollen to wear it for about 2 weeks now. Such a weird feeling!
My side braid didn't stay well anymore since I got my hair cut and added some layers. Now I just to a partial french braid to grab in all the short pieces.
Its a good thing that I'm holding that shirt down because I think some people at the grocery store got a belly peep shot. Nothing is long enough anymore!
How far along: 38 weeks! 7 days left people! 
Size of Baby: As long as a leek, with average babies 7lbs 19 1/2in long. 
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs still! I have a Drs appointment this afternoon, so that number may go up. We'll see. 
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture. 
Gender: Baby Boy "C"!
Movement: Less than before. A lot more slow movement where I can see bits pushing out the sides of me. Totally freaky! 
Sleep: Ehhh. Non-awesome. I am napping almost every day, though.
What I miss: Being able to pick up Cooper like I normally do. It is just so uncomfortable. We are doing lots of couch snuggling, though! 
Cravings: Nacho cheese. Still. Which doesn't explain the weight consistency. Where is it going?! 
Symptoms: Fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and exhaustion. All things that mean the end is here, right?
What I’m looking forward to: The baby is coming in 1 week! My mom will be here Wednesday and I think we'll be squeezing in some coffee drinking and shopping before Friday. I just can't believe this is it!!! Thank you all so much for your reassuring words about the c-section. You seriously settled my nerves and I'm ready for go time! 

Outfit Deets:
Leggings: Old Navy (Non-Maternity)
Cardigan: Old Navy (Non-Maternity)
Sleeveless Sweater: Old Navy (Maternity)
Leg Warmers: Target
Shoes: Rocket Dog from Macy's
Necklace: Julie the Fish

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


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You can order hats and flowers in holiday colors, to match special occasion outfits, sports teams and more. The possibilities are endless! These would make great Christmas gifts, too!

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All opinions are mine. I was in no way compensated for this giveaway.


Life through a 3 year old's eyes

Pretty sure Cooper wants to be a photographer. He's always loved taking a turn with the camera, but last week, I just gave it to him and let him take pictures of whatever he wanted. I imagine these to be all of his favorite things. 

Cootie Bugs
The Wonder Red tattoo from PBS that he asked me to put on my foot. Which, by the way, is still there...5 days later.
Pictures on the hallway bookshelf
His new Dr. Seuss Hat
His beloved Toy Story bag
Can anyone guess what this is? 
The XXL Michael Scott shirt bought as a joke for the hubs from my Bro-in-law is now a fave maternity shirt.
Day #2 with the camera brings us to Cooper's room.
Daddy getting ready to hang up some pictures.
Monkey canvas' for the boy's bathroom and a hanging airplane for his room.
The fan that he helped Daddy hang up. Love that he loves the projects with Dad! 
Buzz Lightyear after an apparent crash landing.
The view from his bedroom window.
And lastly, some of the cutest tootsies around! 
I started a folder on my computer labeled "Cooper's Pictures". He tells me, "Oh, that's the one I took!" He is so proud and I think I'll let him snap away on a regular basis!

BTW, sorry if all my pictures being off center are making you crazy. I'm about to get a remodel and I'm hoping she can heal whatever my little blog's sickness is!


The baby is coming out how?!

I'm starting to get kinda freaked out about this scheduled c-section. For those of you who wonder why I am having it, it's because I make massive babies. I spent 39 hours in unmedicated labor only to get to 6.5cm. Then I totally started going the wrong direction. When they told me I was 5cm and baby's heart rate was dropping, I was ready for a c-section. Cooper was 9lbs 2oz and never was going to get his huge head through my hips. 

This time around, the Dr suggested I have a repeat section. With the size of my hubs, the likelihood of me having a normal size baby seemed pretty slim. Then when all the ultrasounds measured him at 5 weeks big, I knew natural labor was out of the question. 
Even though deep down, I long to give labor another try.

At least before, I tried. I went through the pain, the breathing, the waiting. This time, I feel like I'm cheating. Just going in and having the baby in my arms within 2 hours. 

But I'm also scared

Last time, surgery was necessary for a healthy delivery. I didn't have time to think about it. This time, I'm going in knowing I will be put under anesthesia and cut open. I have had way too much time to freak out about it. Now that the time is getting really close, I'm freaking even more. I'm sad that I don't get to do the "womanly" thing and delivery my baby. 

On a positive side, I am happy that I will have on a full face of makeup and all fixed up hair when I meet my little man for the first time. (Because he'll really appreciate it.) And I know I will be grateful to hold my healthy baby. I just wish things could be a little different. That I wasn't nervous. That my body could do what it is supposed to. 


What I'm wearing - 37 weeks pregnant!

This is the first week I actually thing my belly looks completely poppable. It's so freakin massive.
But, I LOVE my mustard-y maxi! 
Red lippers. Not sure I'm feeling them, but I had to try! 

These are some of my fave fall shoes. Got them on clearance at the end of the winter last year. Just ignore the fact that I am rocking a leaf and a piece of grass on them.

How far along: 37 weeks...only 2 to go!! 
Size of baby: Same size as a stalk of swiss chard. Weird. I'm measuring 40 weeks, so this man is probably around 8lbs now. 
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs. This is my 3rd week without weight gain. Not sure how my belly is getting bigger, but don't worry, it is. 
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture. 
Gender: Baby Boy "C"!
Movement: Much less than before. I think he's just getting crowded! I am doing kick counts now.
Sleep: Pretty good. Just waking up TONS to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Not feeling exhausted. I am first trimester tired, or even worse. I could literally sleep all day.
Cravings: Nacho cheese. You know those little things they give you with the chips at Taco Bell? Heavenly.
Symptoms: Outside of being tired and getting out of breath really easy, I'm doing fine. The achy hips and some swelling isn't so bad and I know I only have 2 more weeks of it! 
What I’m looking forward to: Baby being here. I think that's what everyone is looking forward to at this point! 

Outfit Deets:
Maxi skirt - F21. Actually a maxi dress cuffed at the top and tied. (Non Maternity)
Tank - Liz Lange for Target (Maternity)
Jacket - Kohls (Non Maternity) 
Shoes - Target
Cuff - F21

Happy Weekend Y'all!


Have corks, will decorate.

We started collecting wine corks when we lived in San Francisco. Our frequent trips to Napa turned us into wine lovers. I used to keep them in a glass jug on the counter as decoration. Then that jug turned into 2 and well, then we just looked like alcoholics. So I put them away. Really, its been like 5 years of collecting, so its not a ton, but it sure does look like it. 

I saw these cute cork monograms on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot. 

First, I just cut a W with an exacto knife out of cardboard.
Then, I started hot gluing corks onto the cardboard. I knew this was going on top of my cabinet as decoration, so I used all the cheapo corks.
Being stuck on the couch has made me try way too many crafty things, but I'm totally having fun. Just wait until you see Cooper's Halloween costume! Eeek! 


Fun times at the pumpkin patch!

Who doesn't take a million pictures of their adorable children at the pumpkin patch?!
Prepare for overload.
Wherever he goes, he always brings the faces.
And, apparently, Daddy does too.
Love my sweet boys!
My heart stopped every time he climbed the 15 foot ladder by himself up to this slide.
Gahhhh. He shouldn't be big enough to pull that alone! 
One of our last pictures as a family of 3! 


What I'm wearing - 36 weeks pregnant!

Le bump in all its glory.
Its been a couple days of pouring rain around here so there was no choice but to wear the rain boots. This is what I tromped down the street to playgroup in. Also what I took a lovely nap in, then took these pics. 
Leggings as pants. Yes, shame on me. I can't even tell you how much more comfortable these are than any other pants right now, though.
Baby got bump.

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: Crenshaw Melon. Seriously, who comes up with these comparisons!?
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs. I gained nothing last week either! Yeehaw! (For the fretters...I'm still eating and eating tons.)
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture 
Gender: Baby Boy "C"!
Movement: Lots of movement and hiccups. He dropped down this week so the movement is more tolerable.  
Sleep: Really good. Cooper has been doing great with the staying in his room lately. Last night, though, I woke up to go to the bathroom around 4am (good times) and there he is in the bed with me. Apparently, I am sleeping so good that I didn't even hear him come in!
What I miss: I really want to shop and buy cute fall clothes! I've bought a few things for post baby, but have no idea if they'll fit or how they'll look on my post baby full figure.
Cravings: Nothing really. Hubs is eating all healthy so we've been eating tons of salads and veggies. Maybe that is the reason for my lack of weight gain...
Symptoms: Well, the heartburn is gone HALLELUJAH! Since he dropped, I can eat more and feel better afterwards. Its awesome. Downside is my hips feel like they are literally coming off my body. They are really achy! Cooper never dropped until I went into labor so I wasn't really prepared for this.
What I’m looking forward to: The nursery is finished, so now I am just ready for little man! I will post some pics next week. I love his little beachy theme!

Outfit Deets:
T-shirt - Liz Lange (Maternity)
Leggings - Old Navy (Non Maternity)
Cardigan - Old Navy (Non-Maternity)
Rain Boots - Target

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


My escape...toilet style.

There are some things that baffle me. Things that I never thought I'd understand. Things that are kinda nasty. One thing that fits in all those descriptions:

Toilet sitting.

You know the kind where people go in with a pile of magazines, their iPad or crossword puzzles. The kind where people come out smelling because they've been in there so long. (Seriously, why do they want to soak up all that stench?) 

I happen to be married to someone who loves to chill in the bathroom. He could go missing for 30 minutes. An hour. Its INSANE. What is going on in there?!? 

I am blessed (or cursed?) to only have to go in there 1-2 times a week. My intestines are steel, lemme tell ya. Once I went 3.5 weeks and had to get prescription laxatives. Too much? Oh, okay. Moving on.

What dawned on me this week, is that no one messes with anyone while they're in the bathroom. Its like an automatic private time. Which got me thinking. Why do I have to be actually pooping to have some peace and quiet? 

Which is why I am sitting on the toilet right now. 

I'm thinking those really fluffy toilet seat covers that my grandma has would help since I am sitting on the lid and all. The stank sucker-outer is drowning out any of the chaos going on outside the conveniently locked door. Its peaceful. So peaceful, that I don't even care if the hubs thinks I suddenly have IBS. I'm going to give myself at least 30 minutes of toilet time a day. 30 stank free minutes with my laptop or iPad, or maybe even a box of chocolates. 

Whatever I want. Its my toilet time.


Out of the mouth of babes = heartbreak.

Over the weekend, I was putting Coop down for his afternoon nap. We were doing the usual - books and songs followed by total smashing cheeks kissy fest. I snuggled him into his sheets next to Big Bird when he said something that made me weepy.

"Mommy, do you still love me when I'm nasty?"

6 million thoughts raced through my mind. Why is my child questioning my love for him? What have I done to make him feel this way? Am I too harsh or quick to discipline? Do I not tell him I love him enough? 

I reassured him that of course I love him and I always will. (If he only knew the major amount of crap he could do and still have my love.) I told him that when he's nasty, it makes me sad, but I love him no matter what. He said "okay" and went right to sleep. I on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. (Or looking at pictures of my sweet little man trying to think of where I went wrong.)

When the hubs came home, I sadly told him what happened. His response to me wasn't quite what I expected. He said "So what. He just wanted to know if it was okay to be nasty to you." 

Humph. Guess I let it get to me a bit much. He's learning. He's figuring out life and and where he stands with us. What he can get away with. Just how many times he can say "No, I'm in charge, Mom" without me calling his Dad.

I know I will never be able to explain to him just how much I love him. Just like I never fully understood when my parents told me over and over, until I became a Mom. To think that God loves us all like we love our children; its a humbling thought. 

I may have a child that puts on a stink face *almost* every time I tell him to do something lately. One who knows that I hate to take the iPad away as a punishment, because lets face it, it totally screws me. One who sings Kid Rock, shakes his bootay and knows every character on Family Guy. 

But I love him like crazy. And I will try my hardest to make sure he knows it every single day. Because that's what Mommy's do. 


What I'm wearing - 35 weeks pregnant

Has this week been a total dragger for anyone but me?! I'm so ready for a couple days of the hubs being home!

The weather here this week is crazy. 60 today, 80 by Sunday. But I am loving the little bits of fall clothes I am pulling BOOTS!
I am simply massive at this point and felt the best this week in this fitted black dress. Super comfy, too.
Can't decide if I love this high bun trend or not. I knew I would need to wear the looser version and not that tight Kourtney Kardashian kind. It would make me look like a pin head. Still not sure if I dig it, but hey, I tried. Besides, it shows way too many grays. 

How far along: 35 weeks down, 4 to go!
Size of baby: Average baby: 6lbs 20in. I'm certain this bruiser is bigger than that.
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs. That's right, no gain this week! (Even though I ate an entire box of pumpkin donuts)
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture 
Gender: Sweet baby boy...who's name will start with a "C". That's all you're getting! 
Movement: Just tons. And the hiccups are so strong that it shakes me when I'm sitting down. 
Sleep: Really good. We told Cooper he has to stay in his room until the sun comes up and he seemed to have no problem with it, thank goodness.
What I miss: Having clothes to wear. I have like no winter clothes that fit, but I REFUSE to buy anymore maternity clothes for only 4 more weeks! 
Cravings: I'm back to my salad cravings. Smothered in caesar dressing, of course.
Symptoms: Heartburn like whoa...again. It went away for awhile, but its back with a vengeance. 
What I’m looking forward to: I'm just so ready for this little man to get here. I'm at the point where everything is ready, we're just waiting for him! 

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Gift from my SIL (Maternity)
Boots - Madden Girl from Macy's
Scarf - Street vendor in NYC last year
Earrings - Gift

Happy Weekend, Y'all!
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