Stilettos and Diapers: July 2011


What I'm wearing - 25 weeks

Yesterday I had a Drs appointment. The Dr measured my belly, looked at the chart, looked concerned and measured again. Looks like this baby is trying to give his big brother a run for his money. I'm still measuring 5 weeks ahead. I am going for an ultrasound in 3 weeks so they can tell exactly how big the baby is. I know there is no way that I am off with my calculations, so I don't want them to push for me to deliver too early. They were talking about 36 weeks, but I think the hubs and I feel more comfortable at 38. We'll see what the u/s shows, but its looking like we may have an October baby! 

Onto the clothes.
 I feel like I am totally running out of things to wear, but I have no desire to buy more maternity stuff. 
Wedgies! I am loving that this style is in so I don't loose my balance in high heels. 
 Remember this post where I revealed that this same "skirt" is not a skirt, but a maternity shirt? And now that I look back, I was like a second pregnant there and didn't know it. Must be a magical shirt. Hehe. 
 I'm a happy preggo, short and stout...

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: Same size as an eggplant
Total Weight Gain: 19lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes and regular one still, too.
Gender: Boy! A sweet, nameless baby boy.
Movement: Oh, yes. The hubs was laughing hysterically last night because he was kicking him so hard! Then he stopped and said, "Wow, that must be kinda painful on the inside, huh?" Ummm, yeah
Sleep: Good and often!
What I miss: Nothing now. I am overall enjoying being pregnant.
Cravings: Cheesecake frozen yogurt. Thank heavens we just got a froyo place 2 minutes away!
Symptoms: Hot, tired and breathless.
What I’m looking forward to: Baby!!  

Outfit Deets:
Top: Liz Lange Maternity for Target
Skirt: Motherhood
Shoes: Jonathan Martin from Ross
Cuff and Ring: F21
Purse: Nine West from Ross

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


Cooper's Big Boy Room Wall Art

When I saw this awesome big boy room at Thrifty Decor Chick I knew I wanted to find the same artwork. I just love all the vintage airplanes!

I went to and found these prints for $3.99 each. I got some basic white 14x18 frames at Michaels for $10 and some textured poster board for $2.50 a sheet. 
I set Coop up with some crayons, coloring books and of course, Goldfish, and went to town.
 I used the back of the frame to cut out a "mat" to the perfect size. Make sure you push down on the frame back so the exacto knife cuts a straight line.
 I cut the size of the poster out leaving equal space on all sides and using the same frame back for straight lines. 
 All I could think about before that first cut was Handy Manny saying "measure twice, cut once". Haha...such a Mom.
 I put a small piece of tape on the top and bottom of the back of the poster to hold in place, then put it in the frame.
 I am so happy with how they turned out! The first one says "From the Gulf to New York" which the move I made to be with the hubs. New York is where hubs is from and San Francisco is where Cooper was born. 
As soon as we get the room painted, they will be hanging on the wall. Can't wait! 


Baby #2 - 24 weeks!

Hello preggo heat exhaustion. The heat index here today is 120. Redic. Yesterday, I had my second bout of heat exhaustion and I literally thought I was going to have to go to the ER. That crap is no joke. Being pregnant in the summer is much harder than the winter! 

Anyways, today its day old hair, only wearing mascara, and y'all just be grateful I'm not walking around in my bathing suit. Hehe.
Coop's sweet kung fu moves going on next to me. 
 How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: 1.5lbs, 12.5 inches and the size of an ear of corn! 
Total Weight Gain: 16ish lbs. 
Maternity Clothes: Nothing I'm wearing in the pic is maternity.
Gender: Boy!
Movement: Lots and lots. I had to get up and walk around one night this week because he was kicking so much that I couldn't sleep!
Sleep: Typically really good. 
What I miss: At the moment, being able to go outside without coming close to death.
Cravings: Popsicles. Pretty sure this has been the only constant one from the beginning.
Symptoms: The heat exhaustion has made me uber tired. 
What I’m looking forward to: 15 weeks or LESS from today and we'll have a baby here! 

Outfit Deets:
Shorts: Target
Tank: Ross
Shirt: F21
Sandals: Target
Bangles: F21

Oh, and by the way, last week's outfit was completely from Target! I couldn't write back to you no-reply commenters!

Happy weekend y'all! 


Caprese Chicken Pasta {RECIPE}

After a little clean out of my fridge yesterday, I realized I had some mozzarella balls that needed to be used. A bit of brain racking and out came this:
 I sauteed chopped chicken breast in olive oil and when it was cooked, I added in sliced cherry tomatoes just to warm through. 
 Meanwhile, I chopped mozzarella balls into quarters. 
 I found Barilla makes a new pasta that is made with veggie puree and I used the zucchini and spinach one.
Toss everything together with some parmesan cheese, salt, garlic powder and basil.
Make sure you mix everything while the chicken and pasta is warm so the cheese gets a little melty. Serve with some more parmesan cheese on top. 

Here are the approximate ingredients:
(Sorry, I'm really bad at measuring and remembering what I put in)

2 chicken breast
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cup mozzarella balls, quartered
1/2 box pasta, cooked
1/2 Tbsp. dried basil (or to taste)
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt

I didn't have any, but I think fresh basil chopped and tossed in would be delish!


A 3 year old's shopping list and a plan.

While looking like this:
Cooper struck up a convo for the baby book.

Coop "Hey Mom, I need to go to Target."

Me "What do you need?"

Cooper "I'm going to fly, so I need batteries, fire and some buttons."

Me "Where are you going to put the batteries?"

Cooper "In my butt"

I should be a terrified Mother about now, right? I really don't want a Doctor visit that includes a diagnosis of burns or a compacted anus. 


What I'm wearing - 23 weeks!

I just can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! In 16 weeks or less, I will have a baby! 
 I love this outfit for many reasons. Nothing is squishing my belly and I don't have to wear layers. The heat is overwhelming all of a sudden!
 My sweet Cooper grabbed his camera and took his own pic right as the timer went off. Love him. 
 My fave wedges. I should totally get some more because I wear these all the time!

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: 11.5in or the size of a large mango!
Total Weight Gain: I think I'm up to 15. My scale and the Dr's are so different, but I'll know for sure next week...eeek!
Maternity Clothes: I've been sleeping in the hubs boxers every night.  They are sooo comfy. I just bought myself some so I won't keep emptying his drawers! Mostly comfy pull on shorts and tank tops while I'm home during the week. All about the comfort. 
Gender: Bouncing baby boy!
Movement: Still tons. Huge kicks and little tickles. If I set something on my belly, he'll kick it off.
Sleep: Still good, still loving my body pillow! 
What I miss: Running. Honestly. Can't wait to get back into it!
Cravings: Flav-or-ice pops. Ohhhh, love. 
Symptoms: The breathing is tough and that probably won't change for 16 more weeks!
What I’m looking forward to: Beach vacation next month. So ready to dig a hole in the sand and lay on my belly! 


Hubs b-day celebrations.

We started hubs birthday with a surprise picnic at a local national park. It was perfect shady weather!
Coop took full advantage of the wide open space to throw any and everything.
Obligatory self portrait.
Later that day, hubs sis and bro-in-law came over for dinner and Carvel ice cream cake. (Hubs fave!)
Actual Birthday day was low key with presents,
Dinner of filet mignon, mashed potatoes, green beans and wine. I treated myself to some sparkling grape juice. When you close your eyes, it kinda taste like wine. NOT. 
Then we had a little cake just the 3 of us. This was a raspberry lemon cake from Wegmans. It was AMAZING. I am going to try and replicate it this weekend. I need to eat it daily. Need to. 
Blowing out the candles!
After Cooper went to bed, we watched the Home Run Derby and ate chocolate covered strawberries. 
Super fancy night, huh? Hehe. 
Hubs says it was a great birthday, despite the fact that he turned 31. I'm pretty happy that I'm a few years behind him. Hehe.   


Someone's got a Birthday around here!

To this amazing guy (who will probably never read this post),
Who is a wonderful partner to share my life with,
 An incredible Father to this little one, 
 And a best buddy and role model to him as he grows,
I am so blessed to have you as a husband and I love you dearly!

Happy Birthday, Billy! 


Baby #2 - Week 22!

Y'all ready for some more of my quality blackberry pics? Alrighty, then.

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: Just over 1 lb, size of a spaghetti squash! Although, he measured at 25 weeks at the 20 week appointment...hold me.
Total Weight Gain: 13lbs
Maternity Clothes: A mixture. I just found shorts in the regular part of Old Navy that are drawstring, but not totally massive and I bought 3 pairs. (Ones I'm wearing in the pics) I really hate the maternity shorts!
Gender: Boy! Coop is so excited for a brother!
Movement: TONS! I honestly don't remember Coop moving anywhere near this much.
Sleep: Good. I always wake up achy, but I'm sleeping through the night.
What I miss: Not feeling like a whale in the pool.
Cravings: Fruit, ice, popsicles and lemonade.
Symptoms: I'm having a hard time breathing already. My short torso paired with a measuring 5 weeks big baby means there is no space between my diaphragm and his little feet. I do a lot of lying down with my hands over my head!
What I’m looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! Hubs is painting this weekend and then its full speed ahead with the beachy surfer theme!
Happy weekend, y'all!


Baby Sam's nursery inspiration!

Lets start by saying we're still not naming the baby Sam. He just doesn't have another name yet. We're pretty set on the first, but I don't want to say for sure until we get the middle set!

His poor little nursery has been the multipurpose room in the house. When we moved Cooper into his big boy bed, we went ahead and put the crib across in the nursery.
Along with an extra guest bed and random crap, as you can see.
 I had no clue what kindof theme to go for until I was shopping one day and found this:
 You can see the colors better here.
We're going for a beach/surfer theme with these pastel boy colors. I am so excited! I've ordered a print, found bedding I love and we just bought paint! Can't wait to see this room come to life!


4th of July - Red, White and Booze Bunco!

I hosted our neighborhood monthly bunco night on the 1st and I was so happy to be able to do a 4th of July theme!
Red, White and Booze. The "B" couldn't stand for Bunco because no one ever ends up playing, just drinking. So this was my unused bunco table. Haha.
I went a little red, white and blue crazy!
14 women, lots of wine (for everyone but me!) and chatting until 1AM = Good times.
I had to get the hubs to taste the sangria to make sure I made it taste good!
 All the food was rocking the color scheme.
 Caprese salad has been a little preggo craving, so I was happy to make these.
 This is my sis-in-law's trifle recipe and my go to summer dessert. Its easy peasy.
 Isn't salt water taffy the cutest?!
 I made Buffalo Chicken dip and Rachel's Mexi-corn dip which was delish, but I forgot to get a pic!

This was our "before we run out the door" 4th of July picture. Shadowy, unflattering and including Coop's famous lion face, but its a rare family pic nonetheless.
 Then I forgot the camera when we went to our friends party and to see fireworks. Then I ruined those white pants when I fell off the side of a driveway and landed on my baby belly! I totally freaked out, but aside from a bruise on my stomach, scraped up hands and lots of soreness, everything is fine. Good thing I haven't said no to any dessert. I have some extra padding!

Hubs had off the 4th and 5th off so we've done lots of hanging out and shopping over the past couple days. Hubs painted the kitchen and hallway and we got lots of goodies for the baby nursery! Can't wait to get it all together to show you!

Hope y'all had a happy holiday weekend!
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