Stilettos and Diapers: January 2011


Now I know why they call it Blissdom.

I knew I better have an amazing time at Blissdom when my 8hr 45 min trip drive took me 12hrs in this weather:
2 hours in, the hubs called and said the power went out and it stayed out for 40 hours. He made pizza on the gas cooktop and cleaned poop that Coop spread on his crib. Man, I owe him.

I arrived at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville.
And hug out with the best roomies ever, Natalie, Neely and Rachel. I was scared, excited and giddy when we walked into the ballroom.
It was filled with laptops, iPads, blackberrys, iPhones and some of the most amazing women ever. And then there were the sponsor booths. With food. And swag.
I tweeted about Red Lobster and their lobster bisque so much that "lobster" became one of my most frequently tweeted topics. No joke.
ConAgra was a big sponsor and they kept us snacking and did a couple yummy meals for us. Along with Blue Bunny and their addictive ice cream cones (that I may or may not have eaten 5 of), I am pretty positive I gained a few pounds.
Jockey gave me some performance pants from their new sport line that make my booty do awesome things. If I was a single girl, I'd be wearing those suckers on a first date.
I won a new Roomba from iRobot and I am completely thrilled to not have to sweep all these hardwood floors! Once I get it in the mail, I will tell you all about it!

Then there were the wonderful women who make Blissdom happen. Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones, Paula Bruno, and Megan Jordan who planned this entire conference and still found time to put on an inspiring Wizard of Oz skit.
I will have more post this week with pics of some of the fun things we did (like dancing until the wee hours and being in a FLASH MOB) and lots of the fabulous things I learned. I came away excited, inspired and with many new friends. I highly recommend you all get yourselves to Nashville for Blissdom 12!


Blissdom bound!

I can't even believe I'm going. I can't even believe today is the day. But believe it or not, today I'm Nashville bound!

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010
I have been so excited and now I'm freaking out a bit. What if I can't talk to people in real life like I talk to them online? What if I have a wardrobe malfunction? What if I meet a bloggy idol and I say something completely redic?

I am going to miss my boys so much, too! I have meals ready for them, and I know I'll talk to them a lot, but I'm so not used to being away from Cooper. I will be the girl sneaking off at bedtime every night to chat on the phone for sure.

My sweet roomates Rachel, Natalie and Neely are going to be so fun to hang with! Oh, and Michelle Branch, Crystal Bowersox and Mat Kearney are preforming for us. Amazeballs.

So, I hope to come back with tons if new knowledge about his whole blogging thing and lots of online frinds that I can call friends IRL!


Real men eat quiche.

Its recipe time! First off, I think you need a disclaimer.

1) I will never take amazing food porn pics. {Unless, of course, someone gives me major photog lessons}
2) I am a recipe adjuster. I come up with a bunch myself, but I like to take recipes and make them my own.
3) I do lots of substitution for healthier ingredients, but I love butter. {Holla, Paula Deen}

The end.

Spinach Bacon Quiche
The players

Fry up the bacon and set aside. {I use turkey bacon.}

While its cooking, slice the onion very thin.

Then saute in butter, butter, butter. While the onion cooks, beat eggs and cream.

Add shredded swiss cheese.
When the onion is translucent, add in spinach.
Make my fave pie crust and push into pan.
Cool veggie mix for 15 min then add into egg mix.
Then pour into uncooked pie crust.
When its done cooking, it should be lightly browned on top.
And cooked until only slightly jiggly.

1/2 lb bacon (I used turkey)
1 stick of butter (Told, ya)
2 onions
5 oz fresh spinach
7 whole eggs
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
2 cups grated swiss cheese (I use reduced fat)
Salt and pepper to taste

Loosely cover with foil and bake at 400 for 1 hour. Remove foil for last 10 minutes of cooking.

The crust I use for everything:

1/3 cup butter
4 oz cream cheese
3/4 cup flour

Cut until mixture resembles small pebbles. It isn't a great roll out crust, but perfect for pressing into a pie pan.

I made this for dinner, but it would be perfect for breakfast or brunch. The hubs was uber skeptical, cause it is quiche and all, but he not only ate it, but enjoyed it. Awesome.


Someone's getting frenched.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I seriously overuse the word "french".
For example:
2 strangers have gushed about my newly styled hair today. It was all I could do to not french them.
There's a Verizon truck in my neighborhood. If he gives me internet, I'll french him.

Hubs thinks its weird.
Okay, most everyone thinks its weird, but it stuck. And I'm weird. So it works.

Well, last night, the hubs (with help from his friend on the phone) fixed my computer. The computer that has been dead for 4 months. The computer that has put a serious damper on my blogging, online shopping and facebook stalking. It involved moving everything to an external hard drive, deleting the entire operating system and installing all new drivers.

And then I frenched him.

So while I still have craptastic internet, I have my pretty green laptop back. I want to replace it with a Mac eventually, but I'm glad I'll get more than 2 years out of this sucker.

Moral of the story:
Never buy a Dell and french anyone that can fix one for you.


Productivity has a whole new meaning.

Maybe I was the only one who dreamed of being the next June Cleaver when I was 8 years old, but I'm here to tell you that all my dreams have been crushed.

When the hubs came home today, I happily announced (in all seriousness) that I folded a load of laundry, have 2 loads going, showered and went to Target.

Then I cried.

How did this happen? What DID I do all day?

I used to work 4 10 hour shifts a week. On my weekday off, I cleaned the whole house, grocery shopped, did all the laundry and ran all the errands. I cooked every night and still found time to work out and hang out with the hubs.

Being a stay at home mom, I thought, wouldn't change much. You just take care of the baby in place of working. Haha. Dead wrong. EVERYTHING takes longer. My grocery trip takes all morning. By the time I get breakfast done, both of us dressed and out the door, I have 2 hours before I have to be home for lunch and nap time. We stop to look at toys, to diffuse tantrum bombs, to pick up items thrown out the cart and to open multiple snacks to keep him busy.

Then when we're home and Coop comes up and says "you play in the base-a-ment with me mommy?" I know I better just let that toilet ring become a piece of art.

And I think I'm finally getting to the point of that being okay. I'm just going to be proud of my laundry and Target day. Who cares if my white socks turn black waiting on the floors to be mopped? Singing the ABC's 65 times a day is much more important.

{BTW, I can't even believe how nice y'all are about the recipe post! Thanks and I will be getting on that asap!}


Time for some opinions, folks.

I love cooking. I usually make dinner at least 6 nights a week.

Then I keep us safe from any chance of possibly loosing weight by making all sorts of sweet, fattening goodness. Not only because I want to eat it, but I love the mixing, batter licking and amazing smells filling up my house.

Oh, and it has all been made worse by my fantabulous new Jenn-Air appliances. {swoon}

So, my question to all you fab readers of my randomness is,

What do you think about me posting recipes?

Once a week? Once a month? Never?

I want to write about all the things I do and love here on my blog, but I also don't want to bore y'all with things you have no interest in.

So let me know. Delurk people. Tell me whatcha think.


Irreplaceable friends.

We had the most awesome time spending this weekend with our amazing friends, Lance and Maggie. We first met a little over 4 years ago when the hubs started working with Lance. We were both moved to California after they went through training together and we all just clicked.

We spent lots of time together while we were living out there. They were the first people after our family to meet Cooper. We were at their wedding in Texas. We have spent countless nights at each others houses and many hours exploring California together.

The last time we saw them before we moved to DC, I sobbed on my front porch when they drove away. Today, when they were heading out of the driveway, the waterworks started.

We toured DC, went wine tasting, ate way too much food and drank way too much wine...and I didn't take a single picture. The camera went everywhere I did, but I guess it was just too much of a good time to bother with pictures. Here are some of my faves from the past few years instead.
We are already planning a summer trip to Minnesota to see them in their new place and I can't wait.

When you find friends like these two, you just can't let the frienship go.
Because some friends are simply irreplaceable.


Wreath {DIY}

After I stripped my house naked from all the Christmas goods, I decided I needed a new front door wreath.

I googled forever until I found a tutorial on Songbird's & Buttons that I loved and decided to give it a shot.

You'll need:
2 sheets of 4 different colors of felt
Grapevine wreath
Hot glue gun
Cut the felt into strips. (I cut mine into 4 strips per piece)Roll each piece halfway, then twist the remaining half and wrap the roll.
Hot glue in place.
Roll 2 pieces on top of each other for the multi color flower.
And that's all folks!

I got one nasty hot glue burn, but outside of that, it was super easy!
I used colors that are pretty neutral, but wouldn't it be so cute in pink and red for Valentine's Day?


Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me!

I can't believe its been 2 years since I started this little blog baby of mine.

It all started in an effort to relieve boredom during nap time, to find encouragement on the days I thought I'd pull my hair out, and to not feel like I was a lone fish in the ocean of stay at home motherhood.

It not only has given me all the things I hoped for, but more. Much more. I have gotten to know the most amazing people. Some of which I talk to more than my own mother. I get advice on everything from discipline to shopping, home decorations to what car to buy.

It gives me an outlet for my love of writing, allows me to simply share my daily life, and I get to talk about whatever cranks my tractor.
Yeah, I just said that. I'm from the south.

So, happy 2nd birthday, my blog baby.

Y'all, here's you an excuse to just say yes to cake, cupcakes and anything else of the sweet/fattening/calorie filled variety.

You're welcome.



Trying to catch me ridin dirty.

I fell in love last week with these riding boots.
I was doing my daily weekly Target run (which always takes me through the shoe department) when I saw them tucked in the corner all alone.

Then the magic happened. They were an online item that I guess got returned on clearance for $10.24. I knew they had to be mine.

So I tried them on. And the right shoe fit. But I couldn't get the left one on. There is no zipper or button and those suckers were stiff! (Hello, no wonder they were returned.) But, obviously, I bought them determined to make it work.

When I got home, I told the hubs about my find. Then I told him I couldn't get the left one on.
And he laughed hysterically.

I had to break the heel in a bit, but finally got them on and wore them around the house for like 3 hours. Like a complete idiot. Seriously, who buys shoes that don't go on?

Now every time I wear them, they get easier to get on and I am so freakin happy I bought them. Hehe. My sis even offered me $30 for them when she was here. Which I refused!

These pics are a bit funked of me, but my little sneak in the picture potty training man looks so cute. Who would've thought I would spend my days saying "don't pee on Buzz and Woody"?And this one kills me. I'm going to show it at his wedding so he remembers the day I was the only woman in his life. Ahhh, that Mommy and son bond is pure amazing!
Outfit Deets
Skinnies - F21 (Can't take these off. Wearing them completely out and I don't care)
Sweater - F21
T-shirt - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Target
Necklace - Target

Now thats how to do it cheap, folks!
Outfit total: $42

Happy Friday, Y'all!


You know you're the mother of a boy when...

...You go to grab your wallet at the Doctors office and all these eyes are looking at you.

Hubs just found a few inside of one of the couch pillow cushions. I stepped on one yesterday in the shower.

These suckers are everywhere.


2010. The Continuation.

Hubs and I took a road trip to Michigan for our friends wedding.

And got to hang out with some of our fab friends who I miss terribly.

Hubs turned 30 and possibly shed tears.
Went on a vacation in Destin with my family.

Tagged along for the hubs work trip to the Gaylord National Harbor hotel.


Apple picking in NY

Then we literally labored our Labor Day weekend away on this patio.

Hubs is awesome in his job so we went on an amazeballs award trip to Vegas.

Then my sweet friend, Erika and her hubs came to visit.

We took lots of time to explore our new city and found we love DC.

Met my family in Ohio for the Pumpkin Festival.

My little lion on Halloween!

I turned 26 and got an every other weekend nursing job. (Which I am seriously loving)

Our 5th Anniversary trip to NYC. (3rd solo trip of the year!)

Still trying to figure how this spot ended up in Manhattan.

Saw my bestie from when I was a teenager for the first time in 10 years.

We got the first snow at our house. (Which Coop LOVED!)

Pre-Christmas Christmas in NY with the in-laws.

Our first Christmas day at our house.

Post-Christmas Christmas when my fam came up.

And a morning after Happy New Year from my sweet little man!

2010 was amazing, fabulous and perfect. So excited to see what 2011 holds!

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