Stilettos and Diapers: I've been the bathroom.


I've been the bathroom.

I've been an absent blogger. Yes, I have an almost 4 week old, so I have the perfect excuse. But he's not the one keeping me busy. 

Its this guy
And this room.
It started the day before Thanksgiving. The day before we were to have 13 people staying in our house.

Cooper went to the bathroom and came out to tell us that there was "a whole bunch of toilet paper in the potty". The poor hubs had to fish tons of it out before we could flush. 

Since Cooper has had an interest in the toilet paper lately, I decided to put the toilet paper on a shelf we have in the bathroom instead of on the holder. Problem solved. So I thought. 

Later that day, Cooper came out of the bathroom and said "guess what? That white thing went in the toilet. And then I flushed it down!" That white thing happened to be the toilet paper holder thingie. It was now wedged in the toilet that was full of water. We searched online for tips on how to get it out, only to find people complaining about $800 plumber bills and toilets that had to be cracked open. I was ready to cry since our only downstairs bathroom was unusable when hubs saw someone suggested using a shop vac to suck it out. Hubs was going to go buy one on the way home from work. I called my sis who suggested a wire hanger to fish it out. I dug and dug and literally screamed when I saw that white thing pop up into the bowl. Then I promptly threw it away and called to tell the hubs the good news.

That brings us to Saturday. I went out shopping with my mom and sisters. Apparently while I was gone, Cooper had been playing with one of Callan's bottles. He came out from the bathroom and told the hubs and my bro-in-law (who were deeply engrossed in football) that he poured the pee in the potty. When hubs went in to asses the situation, the bottle was in the sink with pee remains in it. Coop peed in the bottle and poured it in the toilet. What the frick was going through his head? At least we know he's a good aim for when I make him do that on our next road trip. 

And now, I kid you not, as I was typing the previous paragraph, Cooper went in for his after nap potty and filled the toilet with what remained on the toilet paper roll. 

Now, I admit the toilet is pretty fascinating. Swirl, swirl, swirl and then the contents magically disappear. But seriously, how do I put a stop to the toilet fascination when there is no way I can escort him to the bathroom every time? The plunger and toilet snake are working overtime and I'm pretty sure we're creating some serious backup in our pipes. All while Cooper is in the bathroom having the time of his life. 


  1. I don't even know how to begin to help. My son was afraid of the toilet for the longest time. So his reward for going was a Skittle or MM.

    Maybe do the opposite with the little dude...every time he goes like a "big boy" he gets a reward-at least until this phase passes. Stickers and reward charts are great incentives for kids!

  2. Ha ha ha, maybe you could divert his attention elsewhere? Buy those little tabs from wal-mart that turn the bath water different colors and tell him he can choose whatever color he wants and put it in the potty to flush AS LONG AS HE DOESN"T TOUCH THE TOILET PAPER. Just a thought.

  3. I have no words for you.. .That sounds terrible!

  4. Kinda sounds like our Thanksgiving weekend....except it was my 18 year old sister doing the damage. She had 3 bathroom "incidents" this weekend and the hubs had to come to the rescue. Def emailed him your post just now so he knows he's not the only one dealing with bathroom issues! Haha!

  5. Peed in the baby bottle than had the foresight to flush it?! LOL!

    Sorry no helpful tips with toilet bowl fascination. My son is really into tpaper too. Every time he pees he wants to pull paper off & flush it. Once I caught him peeing on an entire roll!

  6. LMBO!!!! Okay after I stopped rolling on my bed laughter I thought about my potty training took me a lot of patience, consistency, and small praises for the little accomplishments. Similar to one of your posts I had every excuse in the book...and being a teacher and a single-mother I had plenty lol! Since your little one is showing interest have your hubby model what you want him to do...tell him what you want to do in the bathroom...not a magic remedy...also focus on what his actions should and should not be in the bathroom. I know it seems like higher level but these kids have been here before...they know especially when you break it down step by step. My consistency unfortunately did not kick in for me until I got tired of buying diapers and pull ups...then potty training mommy mode was ON!!!!! Every child is different...good luck in your endeavor!

  7. Sticker chart! Seriously, they work for everything! When he can go to the bathroom and not make a mess like that, he gets a sticker. Then, when he earns so many stickers (you determine how many) then he can get a special treat or small toy. Good luck! I hope it helps!

  8. Peed in the bottle? That kills me. My husband doesn't have that good of aim. LOL

  9. LOL peeing in a bottle..oh my!!

    I agree with sticker charts and after so many he gets some kind of reward.


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