Stilettos and Diapers: What I'm wearing - 37 weeks pregnant!


What I'm wearing - 37 weeks pregnant!

This is the first week I actually thing my belly looks completely poppable. It's so freakin massive.
But, I LOVE my mustard-y maxi! 
Red lippers. Not sure I'm feeling them, but I had to try! 

These are some of my fave fall shoes. Got them on clearance at the end of the winter last year. Just ignore the fact that I am rocking a leaf and a piece of grass on them.

How far along: 37 weeks...only 2 to go!! 
Size of baby: Same size as a stalk of swiss chard. Weird. I'm measuring 40 weeks, so this man is probably around 8lbs now. 
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs. This is my 3rd week without weight gain. Not sure how my belly is getting bigger, but don't worry, it is. 
Maternity Clothes: Still a mixture. 
Gender: Baby Boy "C"!
Movement: Much less than before. I think he's just getting crowded! I am doing kick counts now.
Sleep: Pretty good. Just waking up TONS to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: Not feeling exhausted. I am first trimester tired, or even worse. I could literally sleep all day.
Cravings: Nacho cheese. You know those little things they give you with the chips at Taco Bell? Heavenly.
Symptoms: Outside of being tired and getting out of breath really easy, I'm doing fine. The achy hips and some swelling isn't so bad and I know I only have 2 more weeks of it! 
What I’m looking forward to: Baby being here. I think that's what everyone is looking forward to at this point! 

Outfit Deets:
Maxi skirt - F21. Actually a maxi dress cuffed at the top and tied. (Non Maternity)
Tank - Liz Lange for Target (Maternity)
Jacket - Kohls (Non Maternity) 
Shoes - Target
Cuff - F21

Happy Weekend Y'all!


  1. I am feeling the same way for sure......ready to pop! Seriously you look so great! Can't wait to see pics of your handsome little dude.

  2. Molly, you're so stinking cute! You look great and I love the red lips!

  3. You look adorable and I love your jacket! I'm getting pretty anxious to "meet" him myself!

  4. Looking great as always! Can't wait to meet baby 'C'!

  5. Size of a stalk of swiss chard. Ha ha, that IS weird. You look great!

  6. You are so close! :) Love the red lips, you can really pull it off. Love the outfit, you look great and I love all your crafting!!

  7. No, you're not huge. Having had the pleasure of actually seeing you in person today, I can vouch for your smallness. Adorbs, really.

  8. lovvvvvvvvve your bump! You look wonderful. Red lips are fantastic. :D

  9. you are not huge at all. I've seen some ladies gain that's a lot.
    Everytime I see these post I feel the urge of to have another baby

  10. I just happened to come across your blog and you are so gorgeous!! Can't wait to keep reading ;)

  11. You look great! I can't believe you only have 2 weeks to go!


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